Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 25 | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 25 | MSNBC


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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 25 | MSNBC


    1. LOLOL YOU LOST MAGA TEARS ARE 8 more yrs lol Stop the steal 0 PROOF make you pay 1.6 billon being Dominion Sued FART GATES OVER MAGAS Fox and friends all you lost hug Trump Commander of BS bone spurs is next .KIL THE FILLIBUSTER

    1. @Freedom Bow-ner says the guy who joined the conversation on march 23, 2021…and the dems didn’t cheat at all. But there is plenty evidence the republicans did. They just didn’t cheat enough, which is why they were so surprised they lost.

    2. @CJ K what arrests? where is the footage? better yet, where are the court docs? I didn’t see any about that, but I saw plenty court docs about Trump complaints being thrown out with comments about how stupid they were.

    1. People have been protesting at the Capitol everyday. There’s been calling, emails, etc. but GA Repuglicon Insurrectionists wanna have their way.

    2. Every voter in every state that supports democracy, including Georgia, needs to vote out all Republicans at every opportunity until the Jim Crow fascist party — the GOP — as a viable political party is dead.

    3. @Thomas Thompson “The courts will invalidate this new law. I think.” They never have before.

    4. @Egged On The left stole the election in 2020. The NYT published an article proving it. This is the “market correction”. Get used to it.

  1. We should stop just complaining, texting about what happen in Georgia we need to act and march on the Georgia capital .
    Act on it !!!!!! March protest peacefully.

    1. In every state, contact your Members of Congress and make it known that these voter suppression efforts cannot be permitted to stand. Federal voter protections must become law.

    2. @Carlos Saenz what do you mean by “peacefully”? Remember what happened in DC when the other one was in the peoples house…

    3. @Thomas Thompson lol, breathe friend, Inhale… Exhale… Woooooooosaaaaahhhhhh. lol, I know, Its not a disability — Its a superpower! #ocd #grammarly

    4. @Thomas Thompson He also may have meant the city. The last time someone “marched” on the “Capitol” It didn’t end well.

    5. @Sue Zbell and bring a lunch, water, and two forms of I.D. and a utility bill with the same address.

    1. @TheHopetown There isn’t a crisis. The numbers rise every year at this time largely due to the climate. It is easier or safer to cross the countryside to the border in the cooler months of the year. It happened under Trump too. I realise that facts won’t change your mind but hopefully it will inform those who prefer to see the real world rather than their partisan coloured view.

    1. @Carmen Nurse since when does showing voter identification and requiring signature verification become voter suppression?

      I’ll wait

      Everyone knows it’s because it will stop you communist Democrats from cheating again like you did the last election

    2. @Facts First “communist Democrats” PMSL, you Q types never cease to raise a laugh. Just how far did you get in school?

    1. @Jaques Studly found the insurrectionist. you’re late for your daily assaulting of a police officer while waving a blue lives mater flag

    2. @Jaques Studly better to turn the nation into a dictatorship than let democrats have some power huh?

    3. You liberals are losing both houses in 2022 and senile Joey probably will Not remember his name by then … LOL

  2. The angry, racist republican party at its best to return the country to the Jim Crow era. And they are soooo christian!

    1. THAT is a lot of the problem — they’ve been taught the willful ignorance of accepting information and instruction with unquestioning blind faith for far too long.

    1. @purple dinosaurs “sighted”??? Your translator is not working correctly Sergei, ask Boris to have a look at it.

    2. That question is enough to attract accusations of victimization, libel and misunderstanding from the GQP ers.
      Its not in their DNA to discuss, negotiate or respect the people. They HAVE to go.

  3. If I were American I would be filling the streets in protest until the Government reverses this act which in fact is assuring a DICTATORSHIP.

    1. @Based Neocon nearly 70 court cases all thrown out, because NOT ONE could provide proof of fraud! Mail in voting isnt the problem…..right wing politics is the problem. They change the rules every time they lose. And Canadians are dealing with the same right wing crap we are, so maybe you should focus on your own country.

    2. @Cat Castaneda you didn’t read the cases have you.
      Those cases were thrown out on standing , not lack of evidence.
      Your just not informed.
      The beauty about eliminating voter id and voter verification in Pennsylvannia is that it will make proving election (eff word) next to impossible.
      That’s why voter ID is indespensible.
      People have been caught last election cycle but they are the unusually stupid fraudsters

    3. @Cat Castaneda and from what i’ve seen, it’s almost entirely the american leftwing attacking the integrity of your democracy by calling normal first world requirements to vote “voter suppression “ and often revealing their own racial bigotry’s in the process

    4. If the Internet is good enough for banking and submitting taxes, it should be good enough for voting.

    5. @Mike Collins as long as it’s got the same security measures of a bank, like having to do everything through an account. I can get behind that.

  4. It’s extremely unnerving that there was an actual percentage of people who were FOR those parts of the bill

    1. @Kevin Offutt again, you haven’t read the papers.
      The lawsuits were all constitutional challenges. There has been no federal investigation of the conduct of these polling stations, yet every year except this one you had a federal inquiry into voter fraud. That’s fishy. Please present me with it and i’ll recant, because it doesn’t exist from what i could.

      There have been smaller local investigations that did hammer voter fraudsters but didn’t addres the main claims

    2. @Kevin Offutt your just wrong. There is always voter fraud, whether it is enough to overturn the election is the point of contention.

      From the ones Trump actually filed (5 to my knowledge) there were 3 where the reason for rejection was “that if this county was overturned, it alone wouldn’t affect the election “.
      The problem with that reasoning is that if each individual county alone isn’t enough to overturn an election but enough counties to overturn the election used this reasoning toreject the case, then there doesn’t exist a system to redress fraud or impropriety in an election.

      It’s very flawed reasoning and that’s why the reasons for rejecting these cases were troubling.
      If you were told it was due to lack of evidence, your just being lied to . The cases are publicly viewable, you should look these up if you are interested in knowing why exactly they were rejected

    3. @Based Neocon I understand & agree with most of what you’re saying, I’m still a little fuzzy on the 2 forms of ID to vote in person. I’m not trying to be difficult, I just like having the knowledge. My driver license is my only form of ID with my picture on it as I don’t have a passport.

    4. @Kevin Offutt i think it has something to do with being certain that neither ID is forged ?Just guessing, I honestly don’t know.
      I’m just used to it. Whenever you are asked for ID, they always want two pieces of ID, that’s just the norm up here

    1. @Egged On yet this bill allows officials to change the results of the general election, which would secure control of GA electoral votes strictly for the GQP. So youre wrong.

    1. @G W. III My apologies, glad you feel I am Special, sadly, now I ponder — if I am special, then is anybody else?

  5. America is changing…And changing fast….Too fast…This all scares me, I don’t mind telling you ….

    1. They don’t care. They don’t get elected any more. They bully, gerrymander, bribe & threaten their way into office.

  6. so am free to ask for water, but it would be criminal for you to give me water?! resign right now, gop gov!

    1. Wonder if paramedics EMT could give water to someone passing out from heat exhaustion and dehydration — waiting for the scandal on that.

    2. @tasha thayer I was wondering along those same lines. If you set up a business and charged for water, food, and maybe rented out chairs by the hour, would you be breaking the law? Also, if voters brought their own snacks and chairs would that be legal? To think it has come to this.

  7. So this is the issue: laws can be unethical, and using law to change the law is very slow. Facists see destroying democracy as ‘politics’

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