Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: November 16 | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: November 16 | MSNBC


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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: November 16 | MSNBC


  1. You can always be sure that anything coming out of this administration is a lie.i heard someone accidentally say something true once. He got fired.

  2. Scott Atlas’s public call to arms.. makes him a possible co-conspirator in any violent acts that occur as a result of this request for action. If nothing else it sets himself up to civil lawsuits.

  3. These people need to be held accountable. They are making terroristic threats and need to be held legally accountable.

    1. The problem is that you can also interpret “rise up” to encouraging people to peacefully protest. It is still ridiculous that he wants to do that and honestly I believe myself that he tried to incite violence but it can be interpreted in both ways.

    2. @Okkie Trooy Always assume that any partner- in -crime of Trump is using mob code to mean something violent or criminal. Why would ANYONE encourage even “peaceful protests” or to “stand up” to a medical public mandate? It reeks of Trumpism and that means it reeks of criminality and incitement of violence, things Trump is The Best at.

    3. @Julie B Oh I am sure about the user of a code. I was just wondering If his statement can be used in court. It could just mean: go protest. And protesting is legal.

  4. Republican in Georgia vote out the Republican out of Georgia Senate the for them self to get rich and the poor people get poor it is time for a change of government vote Blue

  5. Look at the facts: D.T. denied it, ignored it, spread it, lied about it, why? Is someone named vladdi telling him to do this that?? Seems that way. He is a Failure & failed

  6. It looks to me that Trump wants people to die. A perfect example. a lady voted early. Died and then they tossed out her ballot. There is a problem with this. They are criminal activities. We are watching.

  7. We have legislature here in Michigan speaking against our Governor. Not only state but local. we have law enforcement that speaks out against wearing masks. It’s ridiculous how ignorant they all are and selfish

    1. Trump is a cheater. He has become mean and nasty. If he steals the election god help us all. He is acting like Authoritarian Leader. Get him out

    2. At this moment, Joe hasn’t done anything but talk. I am not a Republican I’m an independent and we independents look at both sides of the coin.

    3. Don’t forget: All of the Republicans in the Senate agree with him on not doing anything to stop the virus; so they’re just as complicit as he is….

    1. Yes they do! They will stop only if their family member is killed by Covid, wicked mean horrible disgusting lot of half humans. Don’t deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us.

    2. @Thats not funny Trump wants to do what he calls Herd immunity(he heard about it on Moscow(Fox) News which allows everyone to get the virus and that will build up immunity. The only problem with that is thousands more will die from catching the virus from Trump’s Republican Covid-19 spreaders. That is the reason why Trump and his Republican pettifoggers are doing nothing and encouraging his whacked base to go forth and infect as many as possible.

    3. @WECAN OVERCOM Based off the WHO data heard immunity would need between 65% and 70% od the us population infected which leads based off the current death to case ratio of 3% which translates to 1,385,800 deaths at 65% infected. over 2 million at 75%. The facts are it may be as high at 5% which is nearly 5 million. It’s not a viable scenario for a few reason, we don’t know the length of immunity, no vaccine yet, it’s a theory that has never been tested. And yet Trump and Atlas are still willing to try it, what a hero.


    4. Actually, they Do, and they’ve said so. Trump originally asked Fauci, “why don’t we just let it wash over us?”
      Scott Atlas referred to developing “herd immunity” multiple times, as a way to combat the virus, which would cause over two million deaths.

      The weasel Rand Paul lied, and said that we already Have herd immunity, which Dr. Fauci called him out on during a Congressional hearing. Then Rand Paul just sent out an idiotic tweet saying that because 11 million people have caught the virus, we now have herd immunity (which is a knowing lie), and that Americans should “take off your masks, go to a restaurant, and celebrate!” This is from the cretin who went swimming in the Senate pool and worked out in their gym, while he was waiting to get his test results back, which were positive.
      And Kentucky will reelect him again, because….Kentucky.

      So yes, the Republicans want people to get sick with the virus; that’s their solution.

      What I don’t understand is, why is half of the country willing to vote for that?

    1. It looks to me that Trump wants people to die. A perfect example. a lady voted early. Died and then they tossed out her ballot. There is a problem with this. They are criminal activities. We are watching.

  8. Toxic Trump: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest loser of them all; who’s the hypocrite with shameless gall; who’s the reprobate that can’t stand tall; who’s the miscreant fumbling the ball; who’s the known grifter scamming that stall; who’s the crook most fears getting that call?”

    1. Same politics some German ruler applied to his own population nearly 100 years ago as he thought the Germans “weak and unfit for life”. Trump just does the same terrible politic. This sort of politics has a name: Genocide.

    1. He’s never been mentally healthy, but now he’s getting desperate and doing things to harm America. He don’t care.

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