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    1. @Joe Biden is a Chinese Puppet If a “beta male” could get to such a position of respect and power in the country, maybe it’s fine to be a “beta”.To be honest, “beta” isn’t even an insult. Lots of dominant women preffer a beta, and those women have the most fun. 😉

  1. Note that the 5 members of SCOTUS who supported the TX law on a “shadow docket” did so anonymously. The only reason we know who they are is that the 4 who opposed it, including Chief Justice Roberts, issued powerful statements against the court’s horrible failure to support the rule of law.

    1. The Democrats and their Democrat owned Main Stream Media have brought this country into ruin. Close our businesses down , Arresting worshipers for have outdoor in the car Services. Promoting the George Floyd Lie. Promoting Hatred between the Races. The Constant Censorship and lies. Antifa is just a Myth. 1,000’s of vague accusations and Rumors, Ect <---> and Here is Tim saying Trump is partly responsible for the problem nut noting precise on how he is responsible

    2. @David Cohen Redefine 230 so they can be held liable for their “journalism”. They incited people to cast ballots blinded by hate. THAT’s incitement. Clueless. Can not debate in the field of idea’s.

    3. @Grateful Fredly when they figure out who will take care or adopt them. Most are not blonde, blue eyed kids that will be in high demand. Sad but true.

    4. @David Cohen no coup attempt or stoking the flames between people. 45 never even thought of trying to tamp things down but during the nazi rally he said there were good people on both sides and to people attacking the Capital, we love you and you are very special.Sounds like the Church Lady. Isn’t that special?

  2. Those who obstruct justice by threatening witnesses should immediately be put in jail, preventively, for the duration of the whole inquiry.

  3. We all know McCarthy, Trump, Graham, Cruz, Desantis, Abbott, and the rest of these cult members have obstructed Justice, but again what’s going to be done about it where are the subpoenas?

    1. Here’s a quick story, There was a politician, who decided to go to a Auto dealership, Buy a Car, Once handed the sales contract, “Just Signing it, Before Reading it”, Then, taking that car and driving it “Fast & Furiously” Down to Benghazi, Where they just installed your “Unsecured Private Server” in your private home. (Now, If that doesn’t sound like a Hollywood script, I don’t know what would). Sounds like another term in the White House to me.

    2. @SmarTarDanU are you still crawling around here.the vaccine mandate would help more Republicans live, or is that a big conspiracy?

    1. And let’s not forget Donald Duck with the Mueller Investigation. Is anything going to come of that? I feel we are way behind in administering Justice.

    2. @Carol Shaw
      He wants to Break the Law like his predecessor trump did, lieing to coverup for himself, he must be just as guilty, thinks he has the title to Order America’s Businesses, THEY ARE YOUR BOSSES AND “WE THE PEOPLE” WILL SEE THAT YOU STOP DOING PERSONAL FAVORS FOR PROFIT! YOU WILL BE VOTED OUT.

  4. and the sad thing is that republicans are doing it for political reasons!, and don’t feel sorry until someone in their own family dies!.

    1. @Michael Schneider only a Nazi would see this as pseudo law. You a Nazi? This law was made to stop people like our demented president.

    2. @Anthony Harris NICE DEBUNKING!! The fact that you have to say it at all speaks to the level of common sense that is minimal in these arguments

    3. @imigistx Talk About politicizing it… Did you even really pay attention to what he said before you replied to it? I didn’t think so. SAD.

    1. OSHA – Has never mandated a vaccine. R they gonna ban hamburgers and soft drinks next for your safety? It’ll go to court for first time precedence.

    1. When you tell Trump “do you know who the f### you’re talking to.” You might need to get phone records hidden and get a fork and knife ready to eat crow

    1. Seriously, so tired of hearing about the illegality of these statements and actions, with no repercussions whatsoever.

  5. I heard this will. Up back in Supreme Court where the 5 judges made this happen,so democrats need to add mor justices,please let’s get going

    1. :Yeah, you know that thing, keeps preventing them from you know that thing. Did not quite get last weeks lesson on you know that thing. We will continue constitution education again next week. Thanks for asking questions about that thing. Slow learners will catch on pretty quickly.

  6. At the very least McCarthy is definitely guilty of violating his own oath of office by protecting those he clearly knows are involved in the insurrection and according to Amendment 14 Section 3, he should be removed from office or forced to resign.

    1. You guys are just brainwashed! The fact of the matter is America is over the border is going to remain open America is not a country anymore forget about it live the best you can and God bless! the national anthem is America Swan Song the Democrats have been waiting to gain the hundred-year power grab for a long time and they got it! They got full control now they’re abusing it and now it’s a done deal

    2. Definitely guilty? How can he still be in office if he has been found guilty? Get this evidence to law enforcement and get him off the street before he harms anyone else!

  7. A felony to obstruct a congressional committee!!
    So …how many felonies did 45 commit?!! Why hasn’t he been indicted?!!!

    1. Look up the criminal acts of every president since Kennedy. No president or ex-president has ever been indicted. If you indict one, then you have to indict all of them… Past, present, and future

    2. If 45 commited one then Biden committed 9 the guy can’t tell the truth if he tried.. I’m not even a republican or democrat.. Biden is a huge fascist

    3. Schiff? How many felonies was trump found guilty of? I must have missed the verdicts. Maybe because of you know, that thing. Review last weeks lesson plan on the constitution. More studies coming next week.

  8. As someone who has worked in healthcare since the 90s, testing for tuberculosis and Hep B vaccines have been standard onboarding requirements for decades. I do paperwork and have zero patient interaction and this is still a requirement and nobody has protested it in the 25+ years I’ve been in the industry. The only reason this is an issue is because the right has politicized Covid 19. It’s the exact same principle and almost the same tools.

    1. @Justin B  @Justin B  I tried to reply with a link but it didn’t work, however a very quick Google search took me to a letter from OSHA from 2000 mandating Hep B vaccines for healthcare workers. You are flatly wrong, this very precedented.

    2. @Grateful Fredly Profound, but meaningless as I didn’t mention science at all. I was speaking to precedent for vaccine requirements; that’s policy not science.

    3. @eirene1979 Policy based on the “science” joe (the answer) said, from “real doctors” Cmon man. I agree, he is profound, and meaningless.

  9. Unlike his predecessor, who kept falsely claiming “we’re rounding the corner”, Biden is very publicly acknowledging that we are NOT rounding that corner, the reason we’re not, and what needs to be done to do that. It is 1. honest 2. courageous, and 3. another promise kept which are all things Trump vividly lacked.

    1. @Brett Barnes if it only affected only them that would be great. The kids in school are getting sick and businesses are getting messed up too our state fair was down 30% this year.

  10. “Instead of encouraging people to get vaccinated and mask up, they’re ordering MOBILE MORGUES…”. The new definition of insanity.

    1. Voter bases Heather. The trump train was a sham and now is off a cliff in free fall. Common sense says to trust the science but 2 years of anti-downplay-covid nonsense has drained the voter of their braincells. So they play along to stay in power.

      Here’s a thought, do you think that any of their families or themselves aren’t vaccinated? lol MTG can be shut down with a single question. “Representative are you vaccinated? Y/N?”

  11. The whole reason we have the Patriot Act is so we can obtain information when it comes to the safety of our country. Members of the government should not be excluded from this.

  12. Biden to President of Afganistan: “I need not tell you the perception that things aren’t going well in terms of the fight against the taliban. And there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

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