Watch reporters swarm George Santos as NY GOP leaders call for his resignation

Leaders of the Nassau County Republican Party have called for Rep. George Santos, elected to represent New York's 3rd Congressional District in November, to resign from office over his lies to voters and fabrications about his personal life. #CNN #News


  1. George Santos is the Guinness Book of World Records holder of losing jobs he never had. And the new Speaker of the House is speechless. Priceless.

    1. Repent….believe in and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. John 3:16 KJV For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Luke 13:3 KJV – I tell you nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
      John 3:3 KJV – “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

  2. I have to wonder if his name is even George Santos. He’s lied about everything else how do we know that’s who he is?

    1. @R Wags naw..are you being funny? Because he said he was Jewish and then when fronted about being Catholic he I said I was jew-ish.
      He’s an idiot is what he is.
      Seriously though, I think he has mythomania. He just can’t not pathologically lie. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be in Congress. The people that voted him in didn’t actually vote for the person he is, they voted for the person he made up. I mean he told people he had family that died in the Holocaust! How sick is that? And wasn’t it his mother that supposedly died during the 9/11 disaster? Which also didn’t happen.

    1. @Ronald Lamont 99% of MSM is liberal propaganda, im surprised thats is still a relatively 50/50 split in this country. Hitler had the same luxury and 95% of the German people were duped.

    2. @Ronald Lamont He should resign right after Biden resigns. Biden‘s repeated lies and the millions he made in his corruption with his son, is primarily what I’m referring to. He even lied about being a truck driver. What the hell? He lies almost every time he opens his mouth. When he gets back from Mexico, I guarantee you he’s going to lie about the border. They covered up the border, doing a massive cleanup before he arrived! Why? He didn’t even see any illegals crossing, because they didn’t take him to the areas where they are crossing. It’s so pitiful. What a wasted trip at the expense of taxpayers. He should’ve stayed in his basement in Delaware. He accomplished nothing.

      You Democrats, better wake up before this country is destroyed. The Democrat party is not the party it used to be. It’s now a socialist party, at best, or a one-party communist party, at worst. – Exactly what Obama wanted.

    3. @Mr Pickles No because Biden complied with the government and gave them back as soon as he realized he had them. Trump tried to fight it and threw a temper tantrum. Big difference.

  3. How dare they treat 😤 him, the historic 10 year consecutive Nobel prize winner, this way. It is outrageous.

    1. This guy is going to have reporters all over him every day. He will continue to be a big thorn in Kevin’s side! lol

  4. Good thing the media and the people are not letting this go. Santos probably thought that this would all go away with a couple of news cycles, but his pathological lies, corruption and despicable behavior is an embarrassment to the entire political process.

    1. Congress is infested with insurrectionist and sexual deviants right now. The capitol is still occupied by traitors who want to overthrow the United States government.
      These elected officials are not doing anything for America but using the office to protect themselves from accountability and their crimes.

    2. I agree, and the lying Adam Schiff, and the snake who sleeps with the enemy, Eric Swallows Well, and “Oh brother” Omar are gonna get the boot too! Keep draining the swamp! Get the popcorn ready, for we got the old Twitter Files to reveal the corrupt Left…plus, Biden’s Laptop Matters, and that’s gonna reveal what a bad boy Sleepy Joe has been!

    3. @MT MF Guess who else is gonna get the boot, finally?! Your lying Adam Schiff, your snake who sleeps with the enemy, Eric Swallows Well, and “Oh brother” Ilhan Omar! Get the popcorn ready…we still got the old Twitter files to reveal…and Biden’s Laptop Matters too!

    1. @Norris Fong No they’re not!, just watch!, and make sure you have some popcorn on hand!, this is gonna be great!

    2. How on earth did Robert Zimmerman not do even the most basic of research to realize the person he was running against was an utter liar? Seriously, more than anyone else, I blame Zimmerman. If they had uncovered these outrageous lies a week or two before voting, they would have destroyed him in the voting. They didn’t do the most basic of research.

  5. The Republicans in the House “handling it internally” will mean breaking out the champagne and cheering all around. Santos is the perfect embodiment of the modern GOP.

  6. “They are going to handle it internally, with the ethics dept”… You mean, the ethics dept that they are trying to abolish??? Right, okay.

    1. yes the ethics committee of the last 4 yrs was under the leadership of the house speaker (pelosi) the person who lied and kept quiet the WMD lies to invade Iraq! All those in on the WMD lies all held positions of power or re-elected after admitting they lied… So if the leader of house that is in charge of any ethics committee who has no ethics herself..and said nothing as US servicemen died while those that lied gained more power and more dollars

  7. It’s funny that they say he should resign and think that Santos is going to do the right thing, what makes them think that a man who has no scruples and a chronic liar is going to do the right thing? If he is still in office right now after all of this has gone on that it’s obvious he doesn’t care and he will continue to serve out his term. I will be shocked and amazed if Santos resigned

    1. so wud i, i mean the last house speaker knew and lied and said nothing about the WMD lies of Iraq. Bush and Cheeny and the intelligence chiefs that lied to the nation to invade another..all were rewarded with (bush) another term in office same as cheeny… Pelosi a speaker job. All those lies far out-weigh Santos lies… yet he has faced more out-cry to resign than the liars of WMDs. Most people in powerful positions are the biggest criminals.. and its the lowest scum-bags that get the worst pressure to resign

    2. Look at how much money he will make and doesn’t even have to show up as they already have another republican taking over all assignments etc so he has nothing to do but line his dirty little pockets just like old rumpy dumpy did….

    3. @Debbie Sidebottom more out-raged about a house member that lied about his past to get elected.. while former house speaker pelosi lied and covered up WMD lies and instead of being held to account for the lives lost both USA and Iraqi Kids/women Pelosi was rewarded with powerful positions and a bank account worth in the 10s of millions

      But yes Santos lie should be made to resign… But in the real world… his lie dosent even come close to those WMD liars..all of which FROM BOTH PARTIES all got rewarded for there lies!!! yet people more concerned going after a lair who lie dosent come near theirs!

      Dont you ever ask urself why Santos lies make you comment on them..while you are/were ok that PELOSI ws elected house speaker after her dirty lies?

  8. This whole “not answering questions” from the media bugs me. These people work for US. The media, the news, they are OUR voice. They are asking the tough questions for US. I WANT the answers that they’re not giving. McCarthy is answerable to the people, whether he likes that idea or not. You are not allowed to not answer questions FROM THE PEOPLE.


  9. The question from anyone that interviews this guy should be…” what other lies should we expect to be revealed “.

    1. lol no lie equals Pelosis wmd ones and cover up

      if u were ok having her as speaker….u sud be ok with anything

  10. It’s frightening when someone lies like that. Lies have consequences and you can’t always see them right away. Back up, turn around and run, run, run as fast as you can! Parents throughout time have always warned, “be careful of the company you keep”.

    1. Lies have Consequences? yes they do! However the last house speaker knew and kept quiet about the WMD lies to invade IraQ! US servicemen died.. and 300mill Americans lied too. its only the small time liars like Santos that seem to have to pay for there dirty lies! and others like Pelosi Bush and Cheeny etc were rewarded with powerful positions and wads of money for there lies… So yes santos should resign! but voters of both parties should wonder why the big liars that lie to invade other nations arnt held to the same account

    2. Congress is infested with insurrectionist and sexual deviants right now. The capitol is still occupied by traitors who want to overthrow the United States government.
      These elected officials are not doing anything for America but using the office to protect themselves from accountability and their crimes.

    3. Just like trump and over 200 more of the tax paid salaries that need to be ousted , Democrats do Not want this low life liar.. plus Mccarthy and and and wow some of these men are so ridiculous🙄

    4. @Video et TaceoGuess who else is gonna get the boot, finally?! Your lying Adam Schiff, your snake who sleeps with the enemy, Eric Swallows Well, and “Oh brother” Ilhan Omar! Get the popcorn ready, for we got the old Twitter files to reveal, and Biden’s Laptop Matters too! Don’t whine too much! 🍿

    5. @becky doesit You do know they have evidence he lied right? You do know that’s why they keep at it because everything has been proven a lie. Beyond me how people can see a lie and still say it’s the truth….

  11. I met Santos when we were both serving as Navy SEALs in Vietnam, we spent hours talking about his super bowl rings and how he had earned his phd from MIT in astrophysics. Many fond memories of my time with him and his wife, Christie Brinkley, raising money for children orphaned during the great pandemic of 1918. He’s a man of honor and principle through and through, as many people of Tibetan ancestry are.

    1. @Dy no mite Nash It’s just so loud and obvious. It might be a problem with my contact prescription, but I know I saw him wearing pink lipstick on his first day in Congress when the press wouldn’t let him use the urinal in peace.

    2. @RiteMo LawBks I wish you could see me 😭 from your comments…you are hilarious! We probably shouldn’t pick at the poor dude so badly…naw! He stepped into the ring so he should’ve known somebody was gonna clown him.

    3. @Brian Heraldhe is faking republican now you blaming Biden typical Republican blame everyone else for your lies and lying representatives lol .

  12. I thought lying on a federal job application was grounds for dismissal. Saying “I got away with it” wouldn’t stand in any public sector posting that wasn’t political.

    1. @A H / They refuse to hold themselves and each other accountable. Meanwhile we’re at the mercy of their incompetent stupidity.

    2. LOL, Joe Biden has a long, documented history of lying! He had to end his presidential campaign in 1988 because he’s a liar. Some things never change!

    3. @Patrick Mowatt  that’s your reply? Why not, you are right he did have to end his campaign. He actually stole someone else’s material and tried to pass it off as his!

  13. I can’t believe there’s no system to boot someone out if they lied about their accolades like this

    1. @Tomas Pita It is not necessary to have a 2/3 vote in the Senate to expel Santos. Since he is a member of the House, they need to have a 2/3 or more vote to expel in the House. That’s all. The media is too soft on Santos, and they need to force McCarthy to answer some questions. Kevin McCarthy is working for the American people, right?

    2. was you so wanting a power to remove the former house speaker pelosi? after all she knew and said nothing of the WMD lies to invade Iraq. which for any sane person is a bigger lie/scumbag than Santos.. not defending Santos he should resign..but when those on record liars in power right now keep there jobs

    3. @Nadia Silvershine Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be corrected and take the knowledge on board.

      Article I, Section 5, Clause 2:

      Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.

      Article I, Section 5, Clause 2, expressly grants each house of Congress the power to discipline its own Members for misconduct, including through expulsion.

  14. Normally a job application requires several references and a vigorous back round check depending on what you do, but Santos gets to just stroll into congress? This is truly embarrassing for our country.

    1. They needed his vote for speaker of the house. It’s beyond me too bc he most definitely shouldn’t be in that position…. A simple background check would’ve sufficed.

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