1. Did you respect the fact they were (and still) mercilessly bombing and killing their own Donbass civilians from 2014 to 2022 out of pure hate?

  1. Fani willis tells employees to stay home aug 7-21 and only armed guards allowed near courthouse. Sounds like the perfect phone call 😁

  2. I got attacked twice then charged with assault, battery and brandishing a deadly weapon. I called the police, emailed and spoke to them in person explaining I was attacked and somehow you mixed it up. They said I’m getting what I deserve because I held a knife to someone. All I did was drive away after someone tried to open my door and reach through the window. I had a NEON orange knife that looks like a toy which I held up to the window AS I DROVE AWAY SAYING STAY BACK IM CALLING THE POLICE. I thought i saw the same guy who attacked me at my favorite hotel cleaning windows. I asked the hotel owner for advice for people startling me while playing music even silently. He said I was insane strangely so I tried to leave and get a refund because I just arrived. He wouldn’t give me my money and upon exiting and reentering he put me in two headlocks and slammed me into the wall twice. He gave my money back and told me to get lost. They charged me with assault again even though it was on camera and I called the police on him. C19 delayed my 6 charge arraignment and I had a clean record so I blew it off. I live in my car and the police tricked me out of my car at 3 am then tackled me with 3 guys half awake after asking if I could move my car. They faked an injury and put me in jail 3 days. My public defender rescheduled my court 6 times with levity then gave me a 2 day notice right when my transmission died. He offered to reschedule but didn’t mysteriously. The police arrested me randomly. I had to go to jail for 2 weeks or 30 days if I didn’t plea guilty to 2 misdemeanors. Somehow I got covid 19 in jail and they wouldn’t let me attend court. They put me on probation. The police have cuffed me and searched my car 2 times over headlight bulbs and using ATMs legally. They grab my nuts, strip my sex doll, spill piss on things and then ask me not to be begrudging. They are blasting me with high beams. They find me in seconds anytime something happens. If i play SWTOR on my laptop they park right near me. The feds say im just a stoner.

  3. PMC Wagner Group. They aren’t subordinate to the Department of Defense. They have very strict discipline and training. They have vast military experience. They haven’t lost a single battle. The Ukrainian army fears them the most

    1. I think they’re feared because they’re combat experienced when they join Wagner. The Ukrainians mostly conscripts in experienced only trained.

  4. Лартака сток бунданка рок 👍фияркута бонза бугазотка фиюрка тутка сияние бухта

  5. There are no “residents” in Bakhmut. If those are Russian shells, they are hitting Ukrainian soldiers.

    1. They are up there in those buildings for the vantage point and solid construction. Any sane soldiers from any other military would go up there too.

    1. @GreatWhiteBuckwheat IT’s over i’m glad now to the next one epaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Saludozzzzzzzzzzz From Mexico ajuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Thank you CNN,

    Bull Pen (B-E-A-D-G-C-C#)-

    6 musical keys manifest: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 [used in reference to the following two (2) items: 1). The # of BLACK keys struck when using a piano keyboard to play each scale, and 2). The frequency parameter/range used in defining the scale.
    In addition to the 6 scales I play “at 12 O’CLOCK” (my slang) for the last minute or so – This is otherwise known as the C# (sharp) Major scale [The C-sharp major is a major scale based on C♯, consisting of the pitches C♯, D♯, E♯, F♯, G♯, A♯, and B♯. It is enharmonically equivalent to D-flat major. Its key signature has seven sharps. The C-sharp major scale]: With all notes being # (or all just “black keys” on a piano keyboard), the C# major scale is not possible to be played using piano; on the guitar however, voila ~TIME TRAVEL (!!!!).

    all –
    [29 original guitar instrumentals]

    A guitar fretboard, and the scientific application of frequency manipulation for Time Travel:

    ~ zzzTIME TRAVEL…~

    Guitar playing = Time Travel: scientifically, the proof is simplified on my napkin (and explained in the Video):

    The guitar’s fretboard enable’s removal of all “written” representation of said “music” – including the “measure” portion of written music. 4/4; 5/4 etc.. or the beat. When the TIME SIGNATURE is removed, BOOM – time travel. Voila.

    The guitar: On each string the following occurs along the fretboard [Whole tone = 2 spaces on the fretboard. Half tone = a single space on the fretboard]: Whole tone – Whole tone – Half tone – Whole tone – Whole tone – Whole tone – Half tone (repeat) = THE MAJOR SCALE.

    Guitar is all together the coolest thing.

    Ahmed Foster (The What)

  7. in a shooting battle , the APU is stronger than Russian soldiers ! but they first hit the buildings with rockets and kill the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and only then go forward and seize the already dead places

  8. The long play Russians made on insecure American conservatives was truly impressive. You can sell anything to a Republican bro.

  9. The Brits are teaching the Ukrainian Infantry training over there in the UK to use buildings as cover and engage the Russians in urban warfare. Tall structures looking down on avenues of approach are advantageous positions in Urban warfare. So the Russians, predictably counter that, and clear out their Infantry from contested urban zones (tactical withdrawal) and then pound the zones with massed artillery fire. Those Ukrainian prepared urban fighting positions become coffins for the Ukrainian boys. The Russian drones go up to do damage assessment and coordinate and direct the artillery fires to ensure maximum lethality.

    1. I cantfeel for the structures knowing the possible amount of ppl I just seen slaughtered. This is just stupid and unnecessary

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