Watch: San Francisco police give update after attack on Paul Pelosi | USA TODAY


    1. Exactly…if we knew NUTJOBS would only attack liberal Demoncrats I would support DEFUNDING Police! ❤️🙏

    1. Same way the Jan 6th people got into the Capitol. Same way Jussie Smolett got jumped. Are you really going to still trust anything these people claim? 🤭 Pee Pee Tapes? Hunter’s laptop is Russian disinformation? The jab is 98% safe and effective? Really dude?

    2. @Mr.Burns-On_Acid The dude is doing 100mil+/year from insidertrading.
      Maybe he can hire some security or is he saving the money for when he gets old?

  1. What is this an A.R. 15 style hammer? Was the hammer made by smith and Wesson? Or was it a 9 mm hammer?

    1. It was a muzzle loader bolt action fully semi automatic with a belt fed grenade flamethrower with a bump stock Hammer

  2. I don’t feel sad for the pelosi’s after all of the hell they put people through, that’s karma right there.

  3. HMMMM all of a sudden there are police, gov’t agencies all over ‘looking for justice’ Hmmmm Nancy I thought you had a good local police force…LMAOOO Cant you just go down to the local cop shop?????LMAOOO Like the rest of us have too??????? K A R M A , lmaoooo

  4. This is whole thing is weird. Someone obviously didn’t like Paul when he was drunk or it was a deal gone bad.

  5. Join the rest of us in the SF Bay Area where crime and lawlessness is rampant, and we don’t have the FBI, Capitol Police, the FBI, or the rights to arm ourselves for protection. Happens to us regular people everyday. .

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