Watch: Shooting reported at Covenant School in Nashville

A suspected shooter was dead and multiple people were injured in a shooting at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville early Monday, Nashville police and fire officials said.

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Officers "engaged" an active shooter at the Covenant School, a pre-kindergarten through grade six private school, and the shooter is dead, Nashville police said on Twitter. There are "multiple patients," the Nashville Fire Department wrote.

Special agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were on the scene. "Our thoughts are with the families of this school community," Tennessee Rep. John Ray Clemmons said on Twitter. "Praying that all the children are safe."

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  1. How did “she”get inside ??? If there are no cameras down the hallways and there should be, then HOW SAFE ARE THE CHILDREN IN OUR SCHOOLS. .?????????????

    1. I saw a comment on Facebook from someone close to the scene that she shot the lock off of a side door to gain entry but that could be inaccurate. I’m wondering if it’s a she/he too. A female shooter is unheard of, dying for a name before they scrub her socials. If you get a name, post it plz.

  2. Its on the news here in Denmark, the say it was a woman and she had 2 rifles and a gun
    And was shot dead by the police.
    Absolutly heartbreaking, my prayers goes to the families

  3. I’m shocked but it was inevitable that one of these mass shootings would be a girl never was before but

  4. Yee haw! Anything is new happening around America🤔
    Oh! Now bring on the bible again for thumping.😂

  5. Another young man kills again. Prayers don’t do squat if you don’t report the dude who looks like trouble or posts threats online.

    1. I raised 3 children, and now I have 6 grandchildren,,,, So far, none experienced things like this, so the schools are very safe in the USA…. Basically, school shootings is extremely rare,,,, The majority of violence from the Dems & Libs happens in the streets & other places.

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