1. WARNING! There are a lot of Proud Boys seeking TRAD wives. For those of you of child bearing age you need to decide if you like following ten steps behind and remaining at home , barefoot and pregnant .

    2. Wake up I keep saying. The laws stink in America. We are now in 2021 and this crapolo is still happening. CHANGE THE LAWS THEN YOU CAN AVOID THIS RUBBISH. The world looks on in amazed.

    3. @B B
      Yeees, we are wondering why you say that the taliban are medieval at the same time you have ban on abotion ? Why is that….?

    4. @maria schultz warning, being a 2 month old troll will get you laughed at. Get a job and move out of your mom’s basement.

    1. Can we stop pretending that it was just poor planning… You don’t accidentally leave $85 billion in equipment… it was done for nefarious reasons and ON PURPOSE!!!

    2. Wake up I keep saying. The laws stink in America. We are now in 2021 and this crapolo is still happening regarding abortions. CHANGE THE LAWS THEN YOU CAN AVOID THIS RUBBISH. The world looks on in amazement. I can’t believe. I lie. I can believe because I know how screwed up American law is. Your country does not and will not abide under one singular law system. Hence your problems

    3. @David Cohen $85 million over 20 years..75% of that equipment is now old n much has been sabatoged to never be usable by the enemy n some was actually bombed to eternity….also, part of that 85 was used for housing, food, necessities..plz research bfor you post crapfuls of misinformation…have a nice day✌

    1. Leaked details of a call between Joe Biden and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani reveal that Biden pressured Ghani to lie and “project a different picture” about what was happening in the fight against the Taliban in the weeks leading up to the collapse of the Afghan government. Democrats suddenly seem uninterested in impeaching a sitting president over a phone call with a foreign leader.

  1. Leningrad Lindsay is only there for the money and power for himself and the rich. He doesn’t care about the ordinary Americans and the country

    1. Lindsey never met a war he didn’t like sending others to die in. Plus his State relies quite a bit on defense contracts.

  2. “Justice” for the Jan 6th insurrectionists would be, at the very least, years in federal prison with felony convictions and no parole.

    1. Wow how about a court date ? Let’s see Pelosi answer some questions for once in her life. But that’s not important is it?

    2. For mostly peaceful protest ?
      Remember that next time the left mostly peacefully protest.
      They should all face long prison sentences

    1. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid why did biden tell president of Afghanistan to lie about the fall of Taliban then?? Lol

    2. @Jeremy Saunders Biden didn’t tell him to lie. LOL He told them to use a different strategy against the Taliban in order to be able to hold onto control of their country. Your question is disingenuous and you’re purposely misleading yourself because you’re more interested in right wing confirmation bias than actually discussing the facts on the ground. I see you, buddy.

    3. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid so your telling me biden didn’t say that??.
      Its kinda weird when Republicans report that aswell as other countries report the same messages. 🤷‍♂️

    1. Not if certain Republicans can stand in the way. They are even voting against healthcare expenditures during a pandemic & infrastructure to fix our dangerous crumbling roads, bridges, etc. wtaf is WRONG with these people? Don’t answer, because the solution is putting ALL the money we would be spending in Afghanistan on EDUCATION & MENTAL HEALTHCARE. 🙄

  3. As for “graph” regarding infectious disease(s) decline in spreading, there’s the fact there are fewer people to get infected due to fatalities. Over 600K reported deaths in U.S. and rate is at a higher level than last year.

  4. The governor’s of Texas and Florida seem to have forgotten about the failure of prohibition which showed what happens when the government tries to legislate morality.

  5. “I disagreed with the conduct of the war, with bombing civilians, categorizing everyone as the enemy or simply as armed men, with the racism and the disregard for those people.”
    ― Joe Glenton, Soldier Box: Why I Won’t Return to the War on Terror

  6. Joyce Vance lmao “Great state of Texas” is now officially an oxymoron & joke. Anywhere that the laws make the 1950’s look progressive is NOT great in ANY way.

  7. If the Proud Boys attack federal officers or federal buildings, this time the officers need to be able to defend themselves for REAL.

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