Ida Triggers Flash Flooding Across The Northeast


  1. *SO AT THIS POINT* your housing zone options in the USA are:

    The flooded part, the drought part, the on-fire part, the stupid part [Florida], the 150mph windy part, or the plague pit part with bad electric supply [Texas]…

  2. Extreme weathers, a new challenge for humanity. If you know what 7.9 inches of rain in six hours can damage, then imagine what 8 inches of rain in one hour can do. Well, you do not have to imagine actually. Zhengzhou, China just had it weeks ago.

    1. @Augustine Abram and then they steal his boat for tax evasion reasons cuz he didint own a permit to built it nor a license to sail it

    2. @Jenny Lemon If you read from China and the West, if you live for some time in China, you will be able to see the world out of the box, and you will see how they have twisted your perspective to follow a certain agenda. I can give you a simple example. In China, we have not been attacking capitalism for over four decades. Only recently, I have started reading obviously negative news about the United States government on the Chinese Internet.

    3. @Peter Schancel As a Chinese, I can tell you that since the last few years there have been many changes in the Chinese policies to protect the environment. Of course, there are many more we can do.

    4. @Aron PC I realize that China has improved from ZERO Environmental Protection. FACT No accountability or Regulations in the Totalitarian State.. No Public Reports or Information .. Simple.. You pay to pollute{ corruption} or pollute until caught. China is so BIG the car Industry is bigger than the rest of Asia.They open 2 Coal Fired Generator Plants a Week.. On the other hand The Leadership realizes the Threat pollution poses to the Long Term welfare of China as China thinks in generations

    1. @Point of consciousness we get it, you’re afraid because you don’t understand how global climate change works so it makes you feel better to think we can eventually go and stop people causing these weather events, well I’m sorry to break it to you but h.a.a.r.p. doesn’t control the weather or climate

    2. @Jonathan Yeung buying into their fake narrative… AGAIN! I suppose you fell for the covid bs too, right? And I bet you took the jab that has killed over 2 milion in the states alone. Graphene oxide is in them!!! Good for you,, and good luck with your compromised immune system

    3. @Downhillways So you don’t believe that ‘limited’ (yeah, right), use of the IRI will (or has) altered the ionosphere enough to negatively affect the weather around the world? Tbh I never thought that but power in the hands of humans has not always worked out for the best. Still I honestly hope you’re right.

    1. The gulf stream has changed. Normally this wouldn’t have been pushed up to NY like this. Same thing that cause Texas Snowmageddon

    1. @BC Rat Bikes There is no “proof” that “God” exists at all…
      It’s just a good chunk of the world hates the US.

    1. Scientists have been warning governments for decades, extreme weather patterns and climate emergency, due to man made pollution, will happen and GOP backed by foxy news murdoch have been denying and ridiculing their scientific evidence and proven data. Just like they do with covid19, ‘epiphany of ignorance’ in the name of power.

    1. I grew up near that football field in Ridgewood and fell into a flooded ditch along the Hohokus brook when I was about 10 yr old. A 12 yr old girl pulled me out. Mentioned in this broadcast was flooding in East Rutherford. My grandmother told me, her family sat on their roof in East Rutherford in 1905 when their
      house flooded. My grandfather had to have an affidavit from his mother for his school records from 1905 because his school was flooded in Paterson in 1905. I have a copy of that affidavit.

  3. In 5 years with ice melt the levees in Louisiana will not hold up. Watch this is just a taste to what is to come.

  4. In cities, water is often collected in parks and low empty areas as temporary catch basins. However, not for the water of a flash flood of these proportions.

    1. Funny how they think of solutions to the problem *AFTER* a major catastrophe has occurred!

      Too bad most people never think about preparing for the worst in advance so you won’t loose so many lives!

  5. Why do people try to drive through deep water? It’s going to seep into the upholstery and turn moldy. Park on high ground, call home and explain you will wait this one out sleeping in the car.

    1. I can see why the bus driver chanced it, those sit up higher like SUVs. I try to follow a rule that If I can’t see the curb it’s not worth it. Of course some towns are so old that their curbs can be nearly 2 feet.

    1. @Mugdorna A statement which begs the question “Of what purpose are experts in our society, if nobody listens to them?”

    2. It’s strange that we refer these catastrophes as “acts of God” at times and “acts of Mother Nature” when it suits us!

      If they are acts of God, can believers explain why God would punish us?

    3. @Dev De Silva …It’s not punishing. It’s an attempt to get people’s attention back to their creator, draw people to repentance and, back to his mercy, grace and love. God wants a relationship with human beings but, more humans than not snub at him.

      2 Chronicles 7:14 – “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  6. Get use to it. The energy from rising temperatures are capable of putting a whole lot more water and wind into the air. Extremes will be the norm, and we will have to build massive reenforced infrastructure to deal with it.

  7. Oh, wow, never anything like this–or not for hundreds of years anyway…..I feel so sorry for all those who lost so much.

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