Supreme Court Won’t Block Texas Abortion Law

The Supreme Court declined to block a Texas law banning abortions after a fetal cardiac activity can be detected, or as early as six weeks into pregnancy, and allowing anyone in the U.S. to sue abortion providers or others who help women get the procedure after that time frame.

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Supreme Court Won't Block Texas Abortion Law


  1. And yet THIS same court took up every single “emergency” filing from Conservative Groups since they got Kavanaugh on the bench!

    1. Victor Pradha: Well, of course they did. The Left was warned that a Trump election could lead to the end of Roe v. Wade, but they thought they knew better. They insisted that Trump was better than Hillary. Elections have consequences that often reverberate for decades.

    1. They are supposed to be non partisan. And if you read the ruling and knew anything about the way the court operates you would see that this is entirely expected. When the first case of somebody using this law hits the courts then the Supreme court will actually adress the Merritt of the case. At this point there is no standing as nobody has yet been affected by the law

    2. wtf: Sure, what’s the point of a court system. Don’t bother with trials. Just assume everyone accused is guilty & hang them. —- As if everyone with eyes hasn’t already figured out that what the Left REALLY wants is a dictatorship with them in charge. You hate democracy as much as the Right does.

    3. @Jim Bob That makes them corrupt. For example.. This Texas law has no signature nor credit on it and forces no one to hold of on having an abortion.
      Meaning… 1)THERE IS NO ONE TO CHALLENDGE. (no governor, no AG, no legislator)
      2) It does not prohibit abortion nor changes the current existing laws. It simply adds this new provision.
      The law/provision makes it so if the mother learns that the child had a heartbeat and was not informed by her doctor… she may sue for loss of life.

  2. what they don’t get or care about is that this law will not stop abortions. It will just drive them to the back streets, desperation, infections, and death. So much for the pro-life party.

    1. The prospect of hefty bounties will breed a system of profit-seeking, Soviet-style informing on friends and neighbors. These vigilantes will sue medical distributors of IUDs and morning-after pills, as well as insurance companies. These companies, in turn, will stop offering reproductive healthcare in Texas.
      Great article by Laurence Tribe renown legal expert.
      In the Guardian.

    1. @Allan BurnsThe IGNORANT calling someone ignorant .. O M G .. And the Taliban doesn’t murder babies? Really, dude.. I would love to think that you’re really not that BRAINWASHED.. Are you???

    2. @Allan Burns MURDERERS don’t care what science says .. They just try to justify their insatiable appetite for spilled blood by using it as a cover.. SICKOS..

    1. @Family53511 It takes a man and a woman to bring a baby into the world and provide a happy and loving home for that baby to become a caring human being…if a woman is to confront motherhood by herself….her life must not be easy…So a man and a woman are RESPONSIBLE TOGETHER if they want to have a child and provide a happy home…

    2. @Family53511 I’m assuming this was while she was being artificially inseminated? You could not possibly think a man could be responsible also?

    1. No one ever learns from history. Each new generation thinks they will be different. The Left wanted to make Trump President to punish the Democrats. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. Now they want to personally repeat every screw up in history, including turning the U.S. into a socialist dictatorship like the old USSR was as an experiment.

    2. @GbombMr I dont watch FOX news… Im a responsable American that does independent research and actually puts in the time to read government documenta and bills, I watch full videos and not just clips…. that doesnt let the media,, Fox, Cnn or any of those influence my opinion. You should start doing the same, instead posting comments like that without facts. Because I actually hate ALL NEWS CHANNELS.

    3. @Boomstheory “My body my choice.” — anti-vaxxer

      I guess we get to force vaccines on everyone who is medically eligible since that is no longer the case. Soooo many lives would’ve been saved at the expense of a little “freedom.”

    1. The last 3 have been a crazy clown show pick. We are feeling the results of that clown show. They were picked to back up the orange clown. Not for the country. Sadly .

    2. sambamankanelua: Keep screaming into the wind. You were all too busy punishing the Democrats when you could have prevented this, because they weren’t perfect enough for you. The consequences of the 2016 election still continue to reverberate.

    1. @Mr. Peanutbutter The government is literally taking control over women’s lives. Doesn’t get much bigger than that.

    2. @SR FH awww come on, cruising for a bruising Cruz? He’s just busy writing another boring book 💤💤💤🥱 that he’ll buy up himself since NO one wants to read such dribble. Then he’s off to Cancun to rest up. 😴💤💤😆😆😆😆😆

  3. In East Germany people were encouraged to report people that “could be” against government policies.
    Is this kind of thing legal in US?
    Third world country.

    1. @Family53511
      Germany 27. Italy 59. France 86. Spain 132. Those are the numbers of people who died of Covid19 yesterday. All in all, fewer than 500 in Western Europe. In the U.S., it was THREE TIMES that many. All just because Trump kept tying vaccines and masks to the “commie libs”. The blood of these victims is on your hands, too.

    2. We have always done that. Guess what, if you see someone commit a crime, you should report them to the police.

    1. @Michael Collins They did not. It was passed as soon as the Dems got back from running away to Washington. Why do you make up lies. Everyone knew this vote was coming for weeks. Sad you LIE!

  4. This is one more reason why we needed to leave Afghanistan. How can we help a country implement a democracy when our own is collapsing? It seems hypocritical.

    1. @Sakka Suflé Nope. Not in the slightest. Forcing a woman to have a child that can’t be looked after and will be left to die, or that will result in the death of mother and child, most definitely is.

    2. First, 96% of hard scientists agree that life begins at fertilization. I guess you’re anti-science. Second, no one is forcing them to do that. There are over a dozen programs available for single parents and their children. If those options aren’t enough then there is always adoption.

    3. You shouldn’t complain about democracy instead you should learn more Texas is one of the most backwoods states in America come to California will abort your babies for you free of charge at planned Parenthood

    1. @Johnathan Davis hope your right but I have lost faith in many of my fellow Americans they seem not to care what Trump or republicans do.

    2. Yeah right! that would make all of the supremes court justices Republican or Democrat depending on the president and I think that would cause some issues to put it lightly!

  5. The only rule that matters is treat others as you would like to be treated. So I suppose pro-choice people should start chaining anti-abortion zealots to radiators for nine months hoping it changes them into something they like better, then altering the entire course of their life thereafter in a way where they are responsible to something they did not want.

    1. Really? How narrow minded. This bill isn’t about forcing women to be pregnant. It’s about stopping them from killing people. Simple as that.

      If you see a murder being committed, you should try to stop it.

  6. The people keeping this pandemic going are the same ones tell other people they don’t have rights over there own body! Nice one.

    1. It ain’t your life it’s another person’s life and if you are so immature and worthless a person to take responsibility then you need to be permanently sterilized and made to never have children ever.

    2. ‘A woman which shows no discretion is that of a Golden Ring…thru the snout of a pig’

      Tell us Cecelia, what VIRTUE(S) does the 21st Century posses?

    3. @Rolex & Omega Specialist Whenever a woman is pregnant, there was a man with as little virtue as her. I see you make no comment of than mans virtue? Because you are a brainwashed ignorant person.

  7. If RBG somehow is bothered by this in whatever afterlife she’s in, it would be well deserved. This is partly her legacy.

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