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    1. 😜 I’m sure a friendly group of folk are waiting. We know how Matt likes orange trump, he’ll love the orange jumpsuit

    1. It wasn’t !!…….. I’m sure time will tell who actually wrote it….. I’m sure it wasn’t Gaetz as he’s so arrogant and stupid he would have put his name on the bottom and signed it….

  1. Matt Gaetz looks like an evil Donny Osmond.

    Donny Osmand: “Go away little girl, before I beg you to stay.” (Actual song lyrics!)
    Matt Gaetz: “Come on in! Do you like the Bahamas?” .

  2. Who needs to watch soap operas? This is going to be better than any soap opera, I can not wait for the ending this ought to be good.

    1. I fuckn’ hope there are sequels like: *Mitch’s Meltdown; Graham Gobbles; Trump’s Turkeys;* and the like

  3. Dan Patrick also said 8-9 months ago, older people would rather die than to see TX economy hurt by “lockdowns.” Comment speaks volumes about him..He and Abbott also fought requiring masks….

  4. Marjorie Taylor Greene welcomes Matt Gaetz to the stage of Women For America First this weekend, since keynote speaker Ghislaine Maxwell is no longer available 🤮

    1. Epstein and Maxwell were large contributors to the Clinton’s and the foundation. Stupid leftist paid troll.

    2. @Heritage Karma There are photos of Donald Trump standing with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell too. So shut up.

  5. Oh puh-leez…..Gaetz’s lawyer wrote that letter from the supposedly women staffers from his office. It’s nothing but a sham. Gaetz is nothing but a sham. Dude needs to be locked up!

  6. Wonder if Gaetz is still engaged to Tech’s Boy Wonder Palmer Luckey’s sister ? Gaetz was doing something unethical there in the form of political favors for his future BRO – in – law’s Drone company and government contacts. Gaetz’s is about to crash and burn and all the people he thought loved him not only do they not love him they don’t even hold him in mild esteem — d’oh !

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that rave letter by the women-who-work-for-Matt-Gaetz was penned by Gaetz himself.

    1. Matt the Frat Gaetz: “I did not coerce any of these young women who work in my office and who signed that letter. Ever! Period!”
      “What…no one signed my letter?”
      “Uhhh…Immigrant Squirrel!!!”

  8. When the Feds come for you, even God can’t help you. The Feds are a force to reckon with…merciless and determined, to say the least.

  9. People love it when you lose – give us dirty laundry. Kick them when they are up kick em’ when they are down…….thank you Don Henley.

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