Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: December 1 | MSNBC 1

Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: December 1 | MSNBC


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Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: December 1 | MSNBC


  1. Too hilarious “Pardon Palooza” .. All of Trump’s past and future potential pardons now will be under enhanced scrutiny. He’s such an imbecile...

    1. I went from being 100% Democrats, in May 2020
      To being 100% against Democrats,
      Because of the Truth below

      In late May police risked their lives to protect CNN station.
      One policeman was even dragged away unconscious.
      Yet just a few days later CNN
      Chris Cuomo encouraged the violent protests

      And MSM has insisted on calling the Riots
      Mostly Peaceful Protests

      Below is Factual information regarding the Riots

      Please see and decide for yourself

      If your heart doesn’t ache some by the end of these,
      Then America’s heart is already dead

      police protect CNN from rioters
      – YouTube
      May 29

      Chris Cuomo
      ENCOURAGES VIOLENT protest and riots to continue!
      – YouTube

      Police chief condemns shooting of 4 officers in St. Louis
      – YouTube

      8 year old shot and Killed by Protesters

      Police chief breaks down after fire crews blocked from burning Richmond home with child inside
      – YouTube

      Philadelphia Supermarket Looted for 15 Hours
      – YouTube
      July 3rd

      Black firefighter who spent life savings on new bar loses it to Minneapolis looters
      | The Post Millennial – News, Politics, Culture, and Lifestyle

      Press Sec. Forces Media to Watch the Violence in Portland They Refuse to Report On
      – YouTube

    1. Clock is not moving fast enough! God be with us all for Trump is willing to do what ever it takes to burn things down with him!

    2. That is a great ideology, it just won’t work. Think like Trump! 30K are dead by that time! That is a very “light” possibility on deaths.

    1. Have to start voting for progressives consistently from the local level to the houses of Congress and WH. It’s way past time to abandon the centrist ideologies of the two party system.

    2. Agree 100 percent….the USA is a corrupt capitalist country. All other countries in the first world have free health care….so much for a rich country

    3. @Ken Howard the extreme capitalism was brought to you by Obama/Biden, remember? Obama saved the economy, had 8 years of further wage gaps, then trump “inherited” Obama’s economy

  2. Wow what a huge mistake, Trump. That level of disrespect if the office of the presidency, Joe Biden, the country; should be severely punished by the American people. Severely.

    1. Yeah. Trump probably wishes he could use a wildcard for who the pardon is targeted at. He probably looked into having everyone in a spreadsheet pardoned without him putting any manual effort into each individual.

    1. Genocide is the wrong charge as this is hitting all races, ages, and gender….the charge should be negligent.homicide…and he should be made to read out every name, age , and race one by one as part of his sentence…just before he goes before the firing squad

    1. Just like what happened a month ago. The more Trump stinks it up the more people he turns away. He will never see or smell this like most do.

  3. Get out of jail free cards for him and his fraudulent family and friends. Should tell you everything….. but Trumpists will be told lies and again they will believe it. Disgusting.

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