Chris Hayes: We Failed To Protect The Most Vulnerable Americans From Covid | All In | MSNBC 1

Chris Hayes: We Failed To Protect The Most Vulnerable Americans From Covid | All In | MSNBC


“Covid has been a real test of us morally as a society about who we value and what we value and how we value that. And we're failing that test. We're failing it,” says Chris Hayes, discussing long-term care facilities. Aired on 12/2/2020.
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Chris Hayes delivers the biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold the nation's leaders accountable for their actions. Drawing from his background as a reporter, Hayes at times reports directly from the scene of a news event as it occurs to provide a firsthand account, digging deep and speaking with people who represent different points of view. Hayes brings the nation's officials, legislators, policymakers, and local activists to the table to address key issues affecting communities across America.

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Chris Hayes: We Failed To Protect The Most Vulnerable Americans From Covid | All In | MSNBC


  1. If Trump wasn’t president,
    and received the latest restricted, most expensive COVID care,
    he would be dead.

    1. @Alex Plemmons do you not see the numbers? Of course you wouldn’t believe them because you live in a differently world, with the rest of you brainwashed idiots. I’m sorry bud, but I and every rational human being believes in science.

    2. No he wouldn’t. People who are otherwise healthy are at low risk. Even older people. There was a story in our local paper about a parade they had at a nursing home to celebrate all the old folks there who had Covid and recovered

    3. Assuming that he didn’t lie about having THE TRUMP VIRUS, you actually believe ANYTHING he says or tweets ——I DON”T.

    1. Trump is pro life because it is politically expedient, nothing more. He has no moral compass whatsoever…

    2. @Mrs. Fighter I agree with pro-life. God instituted the death penalty for those who commit murder. I consider abortion murder.

    3. @1217pappy W/e. Are you going to adopt all the children that will be put in foster care, or orphanages? I knew kids growing up who were in foster care. Lived near me. Horrible life to live, and they were lucky. It was only recently that here in Florida that foster kids were allowed to go to school functions, because now their foster parents can sign for them. Before, they couldn’t. They had to go through the government channels. Adoption is extremely expensive. Making it hard to do. Overflow the system. Go ahead. As I said beforehand, I personally won’t, but, I will not stop another woman from choosing a different path. That is her right.

    4. @1217pappy Numbers 5:27-28

      27 If she has made herself impure and been unfaithful to her husband, this will be the result: When she is made to drink the water that brings a curse and causes bitter suffering, it will enter her, her abdomen will swell and her womb will miscarry, and she will become a curse. 28 If, however, the woman has not made herself impure, but is clean, she will be cleared of guilt and will be able to have children.

      There are other passages about killing babies, but, this one was unborn, so I felt it relevant. Baby did nothing wrong…

  2. It’s painful to watch. The way we treat the elder today will be the way our children treat us in the future. Karma goes around.

    1. This is why we should not put out parents in this places. Yes they maybe care but they are alot ppl there and they cant give the attention they need. They took care us when we were little so now its time that we do the same w them.

  3. “WE”??? Nah, this isn’t on all of us. Trumpers, GOP, anti-maskers, Covid deniers, it’s on THEM. It’s Trumps legacy.

    1. @srgreeniii he most definitely was NOT ELECTED by us, The American People!!! Very, very far from it!!! WE elected Mrs. Clinton. Thank you for pointing that out!!! It is very important to remember, imo.

    2. @Suzanne Santos you are wrong. How dare you judge. The major of Americans are good and morale people. The cult of trump unfortunately swept up some, tho I cannot understand it. I’m sure you have similar people in whatever country you live in. Most of the planet has become corporatized and greedy. It’s not just America.

    3. @Suzanne Santos unfortunately America’s response to the pandemic was politicized by a stupid government leadership. Other countries put public health as a priority without making it political.

    4. @Sue Zbell I am hoping that Richard Painter of the University Of Minnesota Law School Ethics Department becomes the AG, he really is disgusted by trumps actions.

  4. They want to disenfranchise Elders and do away with Medicare and social security. They want to throw grandma under the bus.

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