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Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: March 24 | MSNBC


  1. Cruz you are so smart. The ironic of life five years ago you were insulting Trump and now you can have enough of him. Sooo you drank the kool aid too you can no longer think for your self. mmmm

    1. I wrote another word to described Ted Cruz but they censor me so have to described him as smart but is really the contrary of smart. I am glad that some people understood what l meant.

  2. Hey Ted, you didn’t follow quarantine procedures coming back from your vacation, don’t start claiming obediance to policy now.

    1. With all these clips of people STANDING AT THE PODIUM, talking without a mask, standing in the vicinity to others, that don’t live in their household….but we only take issue with Ted. This past year, the Governor of NY, has completed regularly scheduled press conferences, in the vicinity of others, not living in the same household….without a mask. Like I wrote before, we only take issue with Ted. If these reporters are really concerned about their safety, the can wear a face shield, gloves & remain 18 feet away. 18 feet is even greater distance than current minimal guidelines. 😆

  3. As an Australian I could jump through his videos & give him a good kick in the bum. Don’t understand why he doesn’t just leave knowing he’s NOT LIKED. God bless, stay safe & PLEASE take the VACCINE.😷🙏

  4. Why would Ted Cruz care… he literally left TX in a frozen tundra so he can bask in the warm sun of Cancun.

  5. People in the U.S. might see it differently but border integrity is probably seen as a type of indicator by some.

  6. Why even allow Senator Graham any time on your program?!? When was the last time he said anything worthy of airing on your program?

    1. Brian Williams the liar who claimed that he was shot in Iraq.Corporate News Media loves violence they cheerlead attacks that destroy Iraq , Syria and Afghanistan let’s not forget Yemen and Libya too.

  7. Why didn’t Creepy Joe have any young girls on stage with him to sniff their hair and grope them? Like he did when he was campaigning?
    America? 💩

  8. I’m gonna write an essay. ‘The Week that Women didn’t work.’ A few hours of research, and that short story will explain what would happen if we decided that a particular day was “Women’s Week Off. Male managers not allowed to fire or discipline the women who said, ‘I deserve these hours of ME time.’ I can see husbands scrambling to figure out how to pay the sitters and take care of what wives usually do, male coworkers struggling to figure out how to look at FILES online they should recognize but they let the least-pain person manage them, What a story. I’ll have to get some male input, though. It’s possible there are men out there that will actually have thought about what would happen if women were not working. For less.

  9. When you think about it that’s just the average of everybody… So that includes people doing the right thing by paying all genders equally… Which means the average isn’t the full picture… If you took the average of all the people underpaying women it would be even worse.

  10. Remember after 45 claimed covid was a liberal hoax, then changed his tune, but said kids aren’t at risk??

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