1. First Matt Gaetz calls it an “extortion” (or blackmail) demand, but *THEN* he later describes the $4.5 million “down-payment” as a “bribe”. Lying liars usually can’t keep all of their lies straight…

    1. About 70 years late on that.
      Of course, 70 years ago we had Strom Thurmond, who filibustered a basic civil rights bill for black people, and crowed about it later….

  2. I bet more names come out.this is what trumpty had on him.i can’t wait to see more name’s.cruz. Hawley miss lindsey.

    1. That is all police wayes of life when they sea a black man takeing there sins out on them looking at the blacks as slaves with no god in them by the outer arepearance and not by the love of the lord and if the black man is stronger than them in sprite of the lord they discrimenate them or do them any thing because they have a gun and a bage to proteck them self in case of reataleashan and get are way with it because they is the law commitings in all walks of life aremong the people of the country and the judge and proseaquter is not there and water cant wash the inocent person

  3. Gaetz to Tucker: you recall our double dates.
    Tucker: I…I…I don’t remember. I’m sorry (read: speak for yourself)

    1. Gaetz is looking for Tucker to be his alibi… After Tucker’s response Gaetz stained his underwear. Lol.

    1. Don’t give Barr credit for something he doesn’t deserve.
      Barr should be dis-Barred, and charged with multiple counts of criminal abuse of power…..

  4. The old saying says, “the truth. If it don’t come out in the wash, it comes out in the rinse”

  5. “She was just, seventeen,
    If you know, what I mean….” – The Beatles.

    Gaetz: “They say I took a seventeen year-old woman across state lines”.

    Apparently Gaetz doesn’t know what the Beatles meant.
    Did you get that when Gaetz first said it? “Seventeen year-old WOMAN”?

    Seventeen year-olds aren’t women, Gaetz. They’re minors. Which you know.
    Right now Gaetz is having a conversation with his father: “Come on, dad! You bailed me out on my drunk driving charge, bail me out now!”

    If Trump was reelected, the investigation into Gaetz would have already been quashed, just like Trump did all the other investigations of his corrupt cronies….

  6. Progress in the area of transparency but we have a long way to go to uncover those elite that feel thier money protects them. You sworn officials beware we the people know what you’re hiding and we are just beginning.

  7. This is the reason Matt Gaetz should have spent more time Lawyering instead of trying to throw the host under the bus by trying to infer that they were both one and the same.

  8. The more that Matt Gartz keeps talking He dig his hole deeper and deeper. It’s like falling in quick sand. He is in panic mode.

  9. We see now why TRUMP liked him but no doubt we’ii soon hear ” I don’t really know the guy “………
    Zoe , Canadian

  10. This George Floyd trial is deeply moving becuase of the footage and the witnesses speaking moment by moment of their experience as it happen. It must be painful to relive that tragedy for each one of them. I really hope it leaves a lasting impression on everyone around the globe. The people that dismiss his death as consequential must be made of stone.

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