Watch the Alberta government’s entire budget speech

Watch the Alberta government's entire budget speech 1


Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews unveils the UCP government's first provincial budget.

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8 Comments on "Watch the Alberta government’s entire budget speech"

  1. An interesting comparison: Alberta’s 2017 per capita deficit was the highest in Canada at about $3000 per person. Interestingly, the total population of the “have” provinces, which include Alberta, is about 10 million. The total equalization transfer out of the “have” provinces in 2019 is about $20 Billion. So the equalization transfer per capita is approximately $2000 per Alberta resident. So stop the equalization transfer and, voila, most of the deficit is taken care of. Taken care of in AB, at least. The “have not” provinces of PQ, NS, NB, MB, and PEI would have to deal with the new found deficit in their provinces, having lost the transfers. Not that that is going to happen, but I think it helps put in perspective the state of the current imbalance that exists in Canada.

  2. Doo doo Twitch | October 25, 2019 at 10:15 AM | Reply

    I truly regret voting conservatives both provincially and federally. This budget summarized how sneaky and untrustworthy they are. Not only will it eat off the vulnerable disabled kids and students but also the middle class will see a hike in income tax but thats okay because there will be CUTS to rich corporations 🤬

  3. Tough but it had to be done

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