Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 20th | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 20th | MSNBC


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  1. Maybe electing a reality TV host who dodged the draft,
    is a compulsive liar,
    and cheats at golf
    was a bad idea.

    1. @reality lololololll…wow…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Your handle alone is an oxymoron.

    2. @Gary Campbell Lol Trumps crimes before and during his presidency… falls on trump.. not Biden

    1. @Joe Biden is a senile child molester 1 the level of troll/bot farm damage control is pathetic. I wonder if the Trump Org is actually paying you folks on time?

    2. @サミュエル what dose that matter? So I have to wait A certain amount of time to have an opinion?

    3. Hey Foreign Nosepicker, Rational American adults don’t punctuate English with emoji. I’m guessing China is where you learned your English.
      Or, is this your second childhood?

      @Joe Biden is a senile child molester 1

  2. Tom Barrack threw a party and got Trump to sell out our country. The law that was violated was designed in the 30s to protect us from the Nazis. What could be more fitting?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕

    1. @Rhetoric The sky is falling; the sky is falling. Haven’t you noticed how the trolls and Republicans keep saying MSNBS and CNN are fake news? Have you also noticed that the Ex-president Donald J. Dump invited journalists from these stations to Mara-log-go to sit down and interview him for hours upon hours to write a book about him? So who’s actually being fake?

    2. @Kirsten Grau DJT only made a ridiculous offer to buy Greenland from Denmark. Their PM called it a silly offer and Trump immediately called her a “rude” woman.

    1. @Larry Stevens You mean you don’t want me telling Jim Jordan to his face it was RTV Moscow that saved Trump’s Advisor Jerome Corsi in 2008, from publishing a Book about GWB blowing up the twin towers?
      That I knew violence by Ron Paul’s Waco Wackos was going to happen on the sixth, because of Trumpsters big lie, before it happened?

    2. @Carroll Sanders
      I recognize that you are typing words. And I promise you, I am an intelligent and educated man, but Carroll, I have no idea what you are talking about?

      I can’t even tell which side you are on, but it really doesn’t matter.
      RTV Moscow?
      GWB? Bush brought down the Twin Towers?

      This is the exact criminal stupidity that has people twisting in the wind while they prepare for Civil War 2.

      I don’t understand conspiracy theories, I really don’t. It is like things aren’t bad enough?

      And finally, so what?
      Kennedy was killed by the CIA, Russia, or the Illuminati. Or maybe an insane fool with a lucky shot took him out.
      Who knows, who cares 60 years later.

      There are strange things that happened on 911, no doubt about it.
      Know why?

      But no, let’s base our lives and our futures on insane clown theories, no thanks Carroll.

    3. Why put those you intend to investigate on the committee that will be doing the investigation? That’s stupid!! I see nothing but obstructing antics ahead. Jordan suffers from diarrhea of the mouth & can’t STFU if his life depended on it. Yes get him and others like him off the committee.

    4. @Larry Stevens What Strange happened on 9/11/2001?
      I am a debunker not a conspiracy theorist I never thought the United States Navy fired a Cruise Missle into the Navy Annex or the Pentagon , that was Trumpsters 9/11No Planer advisor Jerome Corsi.

    5. @Lennie Watson Banks is a Navy Veteran he isn’t going to like going home and telling people Trump has an advisor that said the United States Navy fired a Cruise Missle on theNavy annex of the Pentagon on 9/11/2001!

    1. @Carroll Sanders so you support the capital riots then. Good to know. I’m am convinced Republicans want democracy ended.

  3. you cant be a member of an investigation if you are a potential witness and subpoenaed to testify

  4. Wasn’t Trump crying about not getting the Nobel Peace Prize for his so-called work in the Middle East? Holy cow.

    1. LOL, anyone that is in a government could nominate him for the prize. So when you heard he had been nominated twice, it could have been Gaetz and MTG

    2. Trump couldn’t stand the fact that Obama got the Nobel Prize and he did not. He can’t stand the fact that he lost to old Papi Biden. Trump is a sore loser but still a loser.

  5. And this what Republicans back and still back the most criminal government in American modern times , show’s the character , morals and integrity of Repugnant party

    1. They’ve been there for years, Trump let them lose any pretense of being otherwise. Their blatant anti-democratic behavior is supported by most Repugs. That’s even worse.

  6. Remember Trump wanted Barrack Obama locked up? Lol. It was just the wrong Barrack. It was his Barrack. 😂

    1. @MamyLove; No not at all I’m freaking angry with the gd seditious durmpf freaks, they all need to be held accountable.

  7. All these horrible corruption entanglement yet Trump & Republicans trying for influence & power….free & above the law🙈

  8. How can we expect the wrestler to protect our Constitution when he either participated in or at least did nothing to help shield his students from a perverted team doctor?

  9. This is why real Americans spell Republikkklans this way and they now consider the Republikkklan party to be the Russian government.

    1. I am most serious about finding out what the connection is, and how deep it goes. Almost two dozen GOP Senators ran to kiss Putin’s ring, and nothing was ever say of it, in fact the press was told it was none of their business. Helsinki speaks for itself, how could our (so-called) president betray us.

    2. @Guy North Republikkklans have been traitors for atleast 40 years.
      Nixon undermined the peace deal in order to keep the war going so he could get elected.
      Reagan told Iran to keep the hostages until he gets elected and he would give the terrorists weapons as payment for helping him get elected.
      Traitor Trump is a Puppet of UAE and Russia.

  10. Every tweet he put out was a projection of himself. What makes this worse is the citizens who support him. He is treasonous.

    1. @Chino T. the least you could do is not use your ethnicity for your alias, Frenchy , oh sorry Roman. Sorry what race are you again ,Chino?

    2. @John Ruiz in your trumpian dreams. So let’s see what those red white and blues mean in a prison cell. Red: High Risk, White: Segregation unit and Blue non-violent crime. Yeah I think Trump would great in a Red, White and Blue cell.

    3. The atrosities of the past & current politicians is absolutely disgusting 🤨no integrity no major concerns about the state of thier constituents in the states that voted them into office,SO SAD🤨 it’s obvious they have no moral compass & care only about being in power to continue their destructive movements. I pray that all they are doing will backfire when election time comes 🤔

    4. @Chino T.; Overture, curtain, lights
      This is it, the night of nights 
      No more rehearsing and             nursing a part 
      We know every part by heart 
      Overture, curtain, lights 
      This is it, we’ll hit the heights 
      And oh what heights we’ll hit 
      On with the show this is it.

    5. @Keisha White you think it really is about Trump ? We rise and fall with America , Trump is like a great general is all !

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