Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 21st | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 21st | MSNBC


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    1. @cervellone @reality is the same asshat as “@William H. Music” “Timmy Truth” and “Tweetles” He comes up with a new name every week after getting reported for spam and lies on every other channel.

    2. @LornaDooneFash Oh, thanks for correcting me. My day wouldn’t have been complete had you not.

    3. @Conservative, Interrupted You must have had your head stuck in the sand this past year and a half. And, Dr. Fauci never claimed masks didn’t work. That’s 100% false.

    1. @Jim Jim Go the distance and change your name to Jim Jones. What’s holding you back?

    1. @Jeff Spicoli
      Respect and be respected Jeff. Honestly if you think that Dr Fauci is bad, then I have no idea of your thinking son. Best wishes

  1. Fantastic interview and video with Fauci. He was shaking yelling at Paul. Freaking so mad. That is the kind of mad you get when you’re looking and screaming at a threat or enemy. Best video I’ve seen with him in a while. Sad it is all about this though. Thanks for not lying like the killers and traitors at Fox, Ari. Two honest men in this video.

  2. Maybe electing a reality TV host who dodged the draft,
    is a compulsive liar,
    and cheats at golf
    was a bad idea.

    1. @Button Wizard i wanna tell you to shut it, but you make more sense than trump supporters sooo…

  3. What does Rand Paul and a bottle of beer have in common?
    They’re both empty from the neck up.

    1. he might be under Blackmail to do the awful things he does…. not fully human anyway. : /

  4. I love Dr. Fauci , I need a T-shirt with him saying “You Senator R. Paul are the F. liar…!” . ….
    And another One saying.
    “Your do not know what you are talking about it..!” .

  5. I think of Ari as a lawyer, not a scientist, but very good questions. Or cross-examination maybe?

    1. Yes, he’s trained as a lawyer, so he is capable of keeping his eye on the ball, and also spelling out play-by-play nicely.

    2. Ari’s always thinking ahead. They dig out morsels for us. That’s how you can tell a true professional.

    3. He is able to, as dr fauci said, hit the head on the nail, when he clarify things in plain english.

  6. I just am amazed that Dr. Fauci didn’t loose it earlier. He has amazing Patience even, up until now, with the GOP. Thank You Dr. Fauci.

    1. @Drought Tolerant Pray tell – please share with us ignorant people your brilliant insight into why we should never trust a guy who has ever made a mistake…..and please share your equally brilliant logic on who you do trust. Trump?

    2. @Drought Tolerant I guess you think he also responsible for leprosy, mumps, measle and rubella, chickenpox, smallpox, meningitis, yellow fever, scarlett fever, typhoid fever, swine flu, bird flu, Spanish Flu, SARS, MERS, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, polio, whooping cough and etc…QUIT BLAMING DR. FAUCI for these freaken inevitable viruses. They have been around for centuries and they will continue until the end of time. This Dr. and so many other have devoted their entire lives on research and finding cures to save lives. He has been an instrumental figure in developing treatments that has enable people with HIV to live longer and active lives.
      Science changes periodically, the method of science is to observe, measure, and experiment and formulation, testing and then modify. That’s how it works period.

  7. “Socialism has not made anyone healthier or less poor..” American politician, inform yourself that “socialist” China has lifted 300 million people out of poverty in just a few decades. Today, roughly the same number of people in the US “could not pay 400 dollars in case of an emergency” . Those are the numbers, come to your own conclusions

    1. China may call itself Communist, but with a capital-based economy and an authoritarian government, they would be more correctly termed a fascist state. Mao would be rolling over in his grave.

    2. @Jesse Bianchi I speak Zhong Wen ( Mandarin Chinese) and I talk to friends in China and here in Germany on a daily basis. It is true that for a generation or so, kids have been raised by the grandparents. It is part of their family-based value system and apparently it works. Old folks relying on hand-outs and bread crumbs? Really. . What my friends tell me , the elderly spend a lot of their free time looking at their share prices rising at the Shanghai stock exchange. I guess everyone has their own experience and perspective .

    3. @erik schaepers did you miss the part about “rural” where the vast majority live? it’s my understanding that Mao himself spoke only an obscure dialect and relied on translators to convey his thoughts to his followers.
      i’ve been wrong before but i suspect your friends may not know everything in or about China.
      of course my own knowledge of China and it’s affairs wouldn’t fill a thimble.

    4. @Jesse Bianchi Since 2012, the majority ( 51%) of Chinese people live and work in cities . And every kid goes to school. That is significant progress, I think we can agree on that.

    5. @erik schaepers yes. we agree on that much BUT
      49% is half a billion of a gender imbalanced population composed largely of “little princes”, basically mini trumps.
      so there’s that.
      what could go wrong?

  8. 99.5% of deaths are unvaccinated. I’m fine with that. The quicker they express their freedom this way the better.

    1. @FLASHBACKS INTO do what you do to avoid a cold. And then maybe check your attitude in the mirror

    2. @JanetGoesGoogle
      But Americans had to wear masks during the Spanish Flu pandemic also. So it’s actually not new.

    3. @S J we’ve already jumped past Delta to Lambda which is coming up from S. America. Sooner or later we’re going to be faced with a variant that we are not protected from, and then our quest to vaccinate will go back to square one.

    4. @FLASHBACKS INTO If you are vaccinated, you aren’t given a 100% chance of having been given immunity. That’s what ‘breakthrough’ cases are, and if you have been paying attention to any of the data, breakthrough cases took a sharp jump when Delta arrived. And now, we are already four variants beyond Delta, as the Lambda variant has now come up from South America. Nobody is being hysterical, except maybe you.

    5. We wouldn’t possibly consider depriving them their personal freedoms. What I don’t get is why we are still paying for their medical treatments for this preventable infection. Besides, isn’t it violating their HIPAA rights for us taxpayers to be acknowledging them in the first place? Let’s not do that any more – their health and their hospital bills are surely their private business….

  9. Rand Paul, the eyeglass doctor, wants to lecture the foremost expert in transmissible diseases. I know when I get sick, I’d seek out my eye doctor for advice it’s an absolute clown show of bad actors in the GOP.

    1. Just remember that Jim Jim is probably in a sad troll farm somewhere trying to fill his quota. Some random, incoherent babble from him is absolutely meaningless.

    2. Paul is supposed to be a Libertarian. I thought their thing was personal responsibility. Yet he pushes people to behave irrisponsably ( sp). President George W. Bush awarded Dr. Fauci the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work on H.I.V./ A.I.Ds.

    3. @Jim Jim Jill Biden is a PhD. She has every right to be called Dr. That doesn’t mean she’s a Medical Doctor, and she’s never said she was an M.D.. it’s always so good to hear from graduates of trump University.

  10. I appreciate and respect Dr. Fauci’s dedication to the truth, to science, and to helping this country.
    There are ingrates who have the gall to attack him. None of these yahoos know what they’re talking about. All of the respected and august members of the medical society respect and agree with Dr. Fauci.

  11. How refreshing Dr. Fouci must feel to actually be able to tell the people everything straight and not restricted from discussing certain aspects as in the previous administration. Many thanks for your expertise and truthfulness.

    1. Previous administration of lies, ignorance, corruption. In the face of the most corrupt and incompetent executive branch in the history of this nation – Fauci prevailed with the highest level of integrity.

  12. I really like how Ari takes a segment of info and re-states it in a way that more people in the audience will understand it. The goal of any NEWS source is to increase the communicability of sets of ideas. For example, some will align with Fauci’s explanation, and others will feel more comfortable both hearing it again AND/OR hearing it in a different way.

  13. The unvaccinated people are keeping this pandemic going and in the end they will lose… all of this could have been avoided IF we had a real president in office when COVID hit.

    1. Jajaja
      Go do some research and find out that all those vaccinated are the ones ending up in a hospital after the CovidShot a.k.a Delta.
      Why are the vaccinated tripping or bothered by the ones who aren’t..? What you don’t trust your doctor..?

      WE did research but WE use reliable sources and listen to scientists and data. Not interested in Facebook, QAnon or any other fake stories. So should you.

  14. Thanks Ari, for proving the GOP don’t know what they’re talking about when calling Biden a socialist.

    1. All these isms are synonymous!
      Communism, socialism, fascism, capitalism, priapism… just a bunch of isms that all mean the same thing!

    2. @Just a thought! one can be educated without the slightest idea of politics
      although Aristotle could be a starting point ,I wouldn’t take up with modern America

  15. it’s infuriating to see this highly esteemed doctor and scientist having to take hits from gop clown car.

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