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Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 28th | MSNBC


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  1. Claiming that the January 6th Insurrection was full of hugs, kisses and was nothing more than protesters “walking ” through the Capitol building is like saying that the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima……….was nothing more than a firecracker! The GOP are an embarrassment to our democracy and Constitution!

    1. @Censorship Is real Did Capital officers incite a mob of white supremacists to rampage the Capitol and brutalize them? The difference between Trump sympathizers and the left is that no one on the left has ever suggested that those persons who exploited anti-racist protests to commit violence and property damage, don’t deserve to be arrested, charged, convicted, sentenced and ordered to pay restitution to their victims. You support and exonerate Trump’s army of racists and you will continue to defend them because you identify with them.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas that’s why rioters were set free that night they were arrested without charges. He’ll even Harris set up a fund to bail them out.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas the only difference between the BLM riots and the Capitol riots. Is party affiliation. That’s it.

    4. The liars in the criminal Republican Party need to start being thrown in jail for their frauds. No one has a right to be a liar. Committing felony fraud is not a “political opinion”

    1. @Linda Struckus Yes. And I imagine him thinking of himself as meant for bigger things. Trying to make himself invaluable to a very, very specific, crowd. One that he knows he can speak too. Knowing, feeling no shame.

    1. Reported earlier is that Mo Brooks was also wearing a bulletproof vest. I wonder why, if it was peaceful and going to be peaceful why would he need it?

    2. @Echo The Cat
      It’s more criminal to me , that’s all these things are coming together , to prove that this was long-term planed.
      That puts intent on everybody involved , it invalidates huge quantities of their lies.
      It demonstrates that this was not an error or mistake , or went too far.

      If what they are coming up with as evidence is true , it is definitely traitor grade criminals , not seditionists.
      The founders would say.

    3. @Echo The Cat
      According to the report he was warned that there would be violence. Given the only large group of angry people there that day were the people he was talking to, it is clear that he knew they were planning violence, and he told them to go for it. How open and shut can a case be?


  3. Funny how Jordan answering the question about him and Trump on Jan 6…he sounds like my 8 yo son when he is guilty telling me ‘Porkies’ For instance: Talking fast, gives an answer but not to the question I had asked him, sounds like a rapper and a rap song, answers the question like in a panic as though he is shutting his pants, answering in child-like speech in generalisations.
    My eg.
    “I did speak…I mean I do speak to him a lot…everyday…I speak to him…we always speak…all the time!”

    1. Talks a lot without saying much. Not answering the question and offering more info than asked. Pitch of his voice goes higher.
      You’d think he wouldn’t be such a giveaway.

    2. And if I heard right. At one point in all that fast talking, He did say what seemed to be a one word sentence/answer: He said “YES”.

    3. And he’s talked to him plenty of times, can’t remember all the specific dates, but one he knows for sure is J6.
      Can’t wait to hear why…

  4. Brooks has blood on his hands, those who died that day, on both sides.. but knowing these shameful, uncaring Trump lapdogs, their power are more important than the lives of those people they should be serving.

    1. It’s been Open House at the White House as if to.say “Welcome, the doors are wide open…we’ve.been expecting you…what can we do to help you? Mi Casa, Su Casa….make yourselves at home.

    2. The whole thing at the White House was an obvious setup arranged to make an easy entrance for the planned invaders sent by trump. Not to worry, invading angry killers got in.with no problem whatsoever tremendously pleasing trump gleefully watching the break in going smoothly as planned against the U.S. Of course trump is. Absolutely 100 percent free doing what he loves with no arrest, no interferance free to do more of what he loves.Stay tuned for his next adve ntures in crime,while the powers that be cooperate for easy acess,no arrests for old pal trump.

  5. Same tactics as Stalin’s. The one thing we don’t learn from history is we don’t learn from history. The Republican Party is there a copy of Stalin’s Playbook under Donald Trump. Donald Trump has never had an original thought in his entire life.

    1. @tommy lucas
      Who’s ever going to do a thesis on Trump’s policy document? They’d never reach the word count!
      ‘Please refer to the works of Adolf Hitler’ just won’t cut it, not that Trump was ever in danger of making the cut, not at least without cheating!

      When Trump handed in his thesis, his submission was full of faeces!

    2. @Tommy Lucas Like republicans have even an iota of patriotism left in the entire group. Keep trying ” short bus”

    3. @Tommy Lucas The agenda of democracy? they do believe that republican is now synonymous with nazism. Sorry for the big words, know you struggle.

    4. @tommy lucas
      A democrat is someone who believes in government through agency; abstract agency! An autocrat governs by diktat! ‘It stops here and it stops now’ is the utterance of a dictator (Trump’s inaugural speech!) Your man, by his nature is a dictator!
      Trump is incapable of thinking like a democratic agent and so, at least at the moment, are you. He imagined the office of President only in terms of power, but in a Democracy he can only govern through agency! In the 19th century people would go around claiming to be Napoleon; didn’t mean they were and like Trump in his last days, their ‘orders’ went unanswered! When faced with this reality, Trump became consumed with mental confusion; it was outside of his frame of reference.
      You enable this nutcase because you lack the necessary sophistication of thought to realise what you’re doing; freedom, consensus, self interest, these are all abstract agencies in a democracy; they ARE the power of the office! Not the guns or the military; those are the instruments of the autocrat! Just look at Myanmar or Belarus or Hong Kong; is that what you want? For your children? Your choice; don’t be on the wrong side through ignorance.

  6. Sedition:
    “CONDUCT or Speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a State or Monarch”
    If that’s NOT what that Traitor was commiting with his “Take Down The Capital Building” rant, what was it?

    1. It was just a loving message to a loving crowd all holding hands and singing Kumbaya. I am sure they all went straight to church after this. It must have been BLM, Antifa, the FBI, the Lizard People, George Soros and the Illuminati who attacked the Capitol. I bet Jane Fonda and Tom Hanks were there too. They’re probably hiding the video of Hillary using the Kung Fu skills she learned in the Chinese Communist Party to take out at least 100 cops.

  7. Let us hope, wish and pray that all who participated and denied will be held accountable and appropriately incarcerated for life for crimes against the United States.

    1. Amen. Let us bow our heads in prayer and sarrow, then let’s round them up and justice is blind. God rest their treasonous souls.

    2. @mike briganti ok Eric now go kick Daddy’s tiny mushroom out of Ivanka’s mouth and tell her it’s your turn

    3. @mike briganti
      Yes, all citizens are United under Biden, all US citizens as you say!

      ……maybe you are right, those who are not United under Biden should not be considered Citizens! But I guess that’s what prison is, isn’t it; it takes away a Citizen’s rights!

  8. Jim Jordan would have been dangerous as a member of the committee
    He s totally compromised. Almost any Republican ( exception included ) would have been more reliable.
    Pelosi did the right thing.
    it’s painful but that is how facts bare out.

    1. It’s not painful. Anyone still bearing the Republican name are traitors in my book. Walk away from the party, don’t make excuses.

    2. This would have been just like the impeachment went if Jim Jordon testis Nance did the right thing

  9. A direct invitation to violence at the Capitol from him Trump & Giuliani is clear what should be clear is a direct path to jail

  10. GOP: “…too busy to watch” because I was trying to bury my head deep, deep in the sand, you hear?

  11. That rally was called “Stop The Steal”… the name says it all. The speeches are cream and cherries on the top.

  12. Why tf is nobody mentioning Louie Gohmert? He went in Newsmax and word for word said ” we need you Trump supporters to come out on January 6th and get violent like blm “.

    Wtf? Do I have to send the footage in myself?

  13. It is very difficult to not get emotional when faced with the possibility of death from an angry mob. Fks News is a disgrace. It is not news for Fks it is a network that Fks News.

  14. In Europe we cannot understand how there is any doubt regarding incitement.
    Trump encouraged people to attend his rally.
    Be there it will be wild.

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