DOJ To Rep. Brooks: Instigating Insurrection Is Not Your Job; Subpoena Seems Likely 1

DOJ To Rep. Brooks: Instigating Insurrection Is Not Your Job; Subpoena Seems Likely

Ali Velshi reports on the Department of Justice response to Rep. Mo Brooks' attempt to excuse himself from a January 6th lawsuit by claiming his participation in Donald Trump's pre-riot rally was part of his job as a member of Congress, and shares new reporting from Slate that Brooks says he was wearing body armor at that rally. 
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  1. Trump, Brooks and other politicians that participated on January 6 should be held accountable for sedition and insurrection.


    2. @Democracy Lives trump and his cronies instigated the insurrection. If you watched it you heard all the rhetoric about taking names and marching to the Capitol building (trump himself said he would march with the crowd to the Capitol to stop the steal, then ran back to the White House to watch the destruction and chaos he caused)

  2. It’s hard to believe Brooks tried to call his actions Part of his “Job”.
    Ok, Conspired with Others. Seditious Conspiracy should be getting these Idiots 20 yrs.

    1. It will eventually lead to criminal charges. The question is who’s going to be on the receiving end of them

    2. @Edward Riley lmao do you know why more left wing extremists aren’t on the records? Because the DAs in these corrupt cities cut them loose! And FYI boogaloo boys and BLM have teamed up…they’re both anti-government…not for either party

  3. Imagine that, a congressman instigating a terrorist attack on its own government, that’s insane, never in my life would I have imagined something like that. Oh, and, also it’s own president, insanity at its worst

    1. @Ash Roskell Hallelujah, your comments are the most refreshing I’ve seen on here in a while

    2. @Daniel Bruns And, while it is often used to describe certain states of mind, insanity is also not a medical condition. You won’t find a diagnosis for insanity in the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association.

    1. @Lost Pony unfortunately now we got even worse with the authoritarian Communist progressive party started under the great Obluder.

    2. @Ian Dawson education lol, need to stand up you are crushing that small brain that keeps you in the blind herd.

    1. Rep Brookes, Rudy Colludie, Junior, and the failed & disgraced Trump all need to be hauled before a federal judge and charged.

    2. “A person who is found guilty of attempted mutiny, mutiny, sedition, or failure to suppress or report a mutiny or sedition shall be punished by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct.” – 10 U.S. Code § 894 – Art. 94. Mutiny or sedition

  4. Arrest all these GOP traitors and take away ALL of their federal benefits! ALL of them!

    1. @Jordi Carvajal it would be a lot of arrests since 99.9% of the republicans in office all lick trumps boots…

    2. The big lie is the Biden administration ,not trump,Trump, at last 6 months. What a sewer of actions

    3. @Jerry Williford Your parents are obviously ex President trump supporters, what grade are you in?

  5. Do you know what would happen to any other federal employee who instigated an insurrection? They’d be history the very next day!

    1. @G MinK I didn’t know the Black Panthers favoured one party or another? I didn’t know that Barrack Obama had them in the phonebook, you know, on call like personal security?

    1. @Suzanne Trump was in this up to his neck he’s nothing but a lying cheater he even cheats at golf what a quality jerk

    2. @Babba Ganoush a lot of what will happen also revolves around who told mo that there was going to be the kind of danger from the crowd that he should wear protection. whomever that is probably helped plan things in advance…

    1. Didn’t you know that lawmakers are above the law? Relax, I’m being sarcastic. I often use sarcasm to prove a point. I’m not trying to be a troll, honest!

  6. Imagine the president instigating an insurrection on the capital. Wait a second, that did happen.

    1. Capitol is a building in DC. Capital is a letter, a town where area government is seated, wealth in the form of money, etc. But yes it did happen.

    1. @black bird One of he things exposed by Trump’s squeaker election in 2016 is we have too many of the great unwashed existing, angerly here in America. We pour a fortune into education and we’re getting little for our money.

    2. @John Swo Actually we are getting exactly what the TeaOP, minions of morons who think logic is a dirty word. Who think that what the ‘personalities’ on Fox say is actually factual instead of junk designed to rile them up. And it has worked very well. The R voters vote against their own actual interests because they’ve been told by millionaire Fox ‘personalities’ that voting the way they instruct them is somehow going to return this country back to its even more racist and violent past.

    3. Breathtaking is right. I keep saying, how stupid do you have to BE to think you are heroes _’SAVING’_ democracy when in reality you are destroying democracy and breaking federal laws. That is setting the stupidity bar *extra* high.

    1. I don’t believe Mo Brooks is going to have a chance to talk about Trump & the people (in & outside of the USA) who organized this Capitol building riot & overthrow the USA government to try & get out of USA jail. I suspect there will be a contract put on him & others also immediately to eliminate them before they have a chance to say anything. I believe the organizer’s of the Capitol building riot & overthrow the USA government are the people who give a lot of money to the Trump Republican party – the billionaires club in the Trump private IRS that include other countries also so that Trump & his children can carry out those orders which also help them get more money & power.

    2. They had a meeting that he organized with Trump and had meatballs and hotdogs . That must had bern Trumps choice of food .

    3. @William Smyth it will be since many of his supporters dont recognize our laws or judges etc . They want to end our democracy and start a communist country.

    1. It”s coming. Be patient. They have so much evidence now, that they can’t wiggle out of it and that is why there rhetoric is getting more and more intense. This DOJ ruling is important!

    2. @Gold Geologist I can accept that… “conservative privilege”…despite every generation pulling to the left , the USA has by and large always been a conservative nation. Even our so called ” radical leftists” would be called centerists in any other developed country.

    3. @PrYme the Messenger thank you. Do not throw the word white privileged around branding those of us that are white as part of this group that abuses the rights of all people that do not support their agenda of tyranny. I am white, I served, as my father, his brothers, and all my uncles. I may not agree with you, but I will fight and die for your Constitutional rights and freedom. No person should be judged by race, skin color, religious beliefs and etc. They should be judged by their action toward their fellow man and our nation’s principles.

      I know seditious traitors when I see and hear them. Not even a current president is above the law.

      This party loyalty is destroying the fundamental fabric of the nation and hence allowing the enemies weaken us so they make gains to their ultimate goals.

      I too have unjustly abused by the police. My “people” were enslaved thousands of years ago.

      Privilege can be abused by any group to another. But judge each individual, not lumping a group.

    1. Brain washing regular people to go out and cause harm in the name of patriotism? Remember that if the unvaccinated ever start being rounded up and put into “hospitals.”

      Such a shame. I wish we’d all just leave each other alone and never have to risk sliding one way or the other toward authoritarianism.

      On the topic of authoritarianism, why are we still following instructions on how to react to a pandemic from people/organizations that had a hand in starting the pandemic?

      There are a lot of good people on the left and the right, I find it incomprehensible that we cannot come together on that.

    2. @Jay Lockwood How is he not? Lies, rallies, cult, supremacist behaviors, only he can fix everything == baby Hitler, wannabe dictator in love with other authoritarian leaders. You might have to not succumb to Fox and lies to understand.

    3. @Ryan Miller Given that Delta has an R0 of 6-8, we don’t have to round up the unvaccinated, they’ll find their own way to the hospitals in their own due time.

    4. @Nobody Knows but in the mean time, trust your government to provide the only answer to ensuring that doesn’t happen. Free of charge. In the form of an experimental vaccine produced by companies that have already paid out billions in lawsuits over problems caused by their products. Never mind the ongoing debate of the origins of the virus, and the potentiality for it being born out of a lab, and the guy who now tells all of us how to handle it was in the exact right place doing the right type of research to create such a virus.

      I’m not saying I have all the answers or that covid isn’t a public health crisis, but I don’t think anyone should be expected to follow any of these orders until an honest investigation into Fauci, the nih, the lab in wuhan, and everyone else potentially involved is conducted with a fine tooth comb.

      If the federal government wants to stop a pandemic they can start by making themselves more trustworthy.

  7. Why aren’t these bunch of traitors called “domestic terrorists” is beyond understanding.

  8. Everyone who spoke in that rally has a piece of insurrection attached to them and they must be held accountable.

    1. Even ‘Crackpot’ Rudy has a bit of skin in the game!!!!
      And don’t forget about Linda Graham,
      he is still on Trump’s staff!!!!

  9. No justice until Don the Con, his cronies, his accomplices, and the insurrectionists who support him are held accountable

    1. Not going to happen dream on.
      First, have the criminal dems held accountable then we could talk. But if not… shut up hypocrite.

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