‘We Are Looking At A Third Surge’: St. Louis Mayor Fighting To Protect Her Constituents

Mayor Tishaura Joes of St. Louis, Missouri discusses the challenges of implementing policies to protect people from Covid in the face of misinformation and Republican political stunts, and efforts to improve vaccination numbers in minority communities. 
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    1. They should! Covid is running rampant in FL and DeSatan is doing nothing about it! It’s about time to force people to do the right thing!

  1. The British public has responded to the END of mask mandates: :” In the busy retail area of Broadmead, the majority of shoppers are wearing face coverings. They won’t need to next week – but most we spoke to don’t feel it’s the right time lose the mask.

    “I think it’s far too soon. The infections are going up, the deaths are going up, it just seems like the wrong time altogether. I’m not happy about it at all to be honest. Rose Nelmes says she’ll definitely be keeping her mask on: “I’m thinking, even if I wear a mask and other people don’t, I’m protecting them but they’re not protecting me. I’m not happy about it at all.” I am keeping mine on in public too.

    1. Only in England has the mask mandate has ended. In the other nations of the UK still have it place.

    2. England’s rates have just dropped significantly yesterday and today (not that I disagree with wearing face masks after being vaccinated). I believe they are at the rate of over 80% of receiving 1 of two or two of two (not sure how J&J fits into this percentage). I’m in agreement with you though. It hasn’t been politicized there as it has here

    1. @John Brown If the GOP were capable of controlling the minds of its voters, we’d be a nation of republicans.

    2. @Star Observers ‘ this has nothing to do with GOP. ‘ Trump ‘flu has nothing to do with GQP? Only a Republican could believe such a thing.

  2. The answer to that question is obvious: Provide vaccinations and support for the smart people and natural selection will handle the rest.

    1. ​@Timothy E Not all choose their own brainwashing. If only it were so! Best option for the rest of us is take the jab and worry less. As long as everyone we care about has been inoculated that is all we can hope to achieve. And, well, if someone we love refuses the vac, then they are already ‘in the cult’. Short of some rather harsh deprogramming I see no way to dissuade them otherwise. It may take every refusnik witnessing someone they care about getting covid to change their minds. But seriously even then they can still claim hospitals and doctors are in a conspiracy to lie and say it’s covid when it’s really something else, like the flu.

    2. @Jeffrey Adams The main point and reason I do not feel pity is that they represent a continuing threat to even the vaccinated by providing breeding pools for mutation. That is why I feel there should be mandatory vaccines and ending this stupidity.
      I can see your point, BUT if someone is threatening me, or my family or my grandchildren with their stupidity I will not feel pity, I will feel anger. That is why there is no true freedom of choice with this. It is not just about YOU, and your rights end when they affect and threaten others. period
      You have a good one.

    3. ​@Dale Hartley That’s the major concern, mutation of this bug, which recall is one of the “common cold” bugs. Add in the possibility this may have been a genetic isolate selected for it’s virulence and novelty to the human population, if not outright resequenced. I mean, the Spanish Flu was a real pandemic long before conspiracy theories were a thing. Biopocalypses really do happen in nature on a fairly regular basis.

    4. @Jeffrey Adams I do not add in the possibility it was created as you do. The worlds leading geneticist have all agreed that it is NOT man made. I do allow for its release from a lab…but that would be an accident, not deliberate. IE it was not weaponized by man.

  3. An operational description of a vaccine is an agent designed to activate the body’s immune system to create specific antibodies to fight off a given virus. The mRNA vaccines designed against the alpha strain are ~ 95% effective. Although remarkably high, that still means 1 in 20 can experience a breakthrough infection after vaccination. But the supercharged level of antibodies produced in response to the mRNA vaccines reduces the mortality of those occasional breakthrough infections to almost zero (again, remarkably effective).
    It is a given that the more total infections there are worldwide, the more various mutations will be produced. Almost all such mutations do not provide the virus an advantage, and so die off and fade from the data. From a virus’s perspective, a quicker and more efficient transmission is a great advantage. The original Covid-19 strain already has this going for it. It is readily transmitted via respiration with an asymptomatic beginning stage that favors broad exposure through everyday activities. If a virus causes rapid onset, rapid decline in the victim, and especially rapid death, transmission is severely limited and it will likely burn itself out quickly. (obviously tragic for the victims, but of limited scope and only localized impact)
    Data from the Delta variant show it possesses all of Covid’s natural advantages, plus being considerably more transmissible (and perhaps more lethal). It’s breakthrough rate among the vaccinated is also worse than the original strain. But luckily, the incidence of hospitalization and/or death for such vaccinated people who contract Delta is still low. Delta is outpacing the original strain and accounts for about ninety percent of all new cases in the US. This trend will almost certainly continue if unchecked.
    The only realistic solution that minimizes deaths is for there to be enough dead ends that the virus burns itself out. That’s what herd immunity amounts to, enough vaccinated pretty immune carriers that the virus has fewer and fewer paths to repeatedly escape into the general population. And as you are reading this, it is very likely that somewhere in the world even more dangerous variants are brewing in some of those billions of unvaccinated human incubators. That probability should prompt its own existential dread and a call for concerted worldwide action. We all know our track record on global cooperation is not great. In fact, it’s really pretty pitiful (think climate change).
    Well folks, there is no zero risk scenario in all this. That’s not how biological systems work. But the known risks of the vaccine are mostly minuscule and very rare compared to the well known risks from Covid itself, and especially its Delta variant and ultimately Omega. Please consider getting vaccinated for your own sake, as well as for your loved ones and society at large. The world’s scientists and health care workers are not lying to you, friends – they are trying to preserve life. We are, quite literally, all in this together!
    So God bless us all, and may God help us learn to love and trust one another.

    1. @Jose Escoria i cut and paste such things all the time – feel free to Control C / Control V into whatever you like – (I’m not worried about credit; but thanks for the acknowledgement)

    2. @MJL ty. I use iOS devices maybe that’s the problem. I’ll try from a computer. Thank you.

    3. @Crazy D brevity is not the only mark of clarity – some things actually are complex – sorry if was too LONG WIDED for you – sleep well

    4. @Linda Lauer I appreciate your response and being respectful. My understanding is that RNA has been around for decades and tested. Is this inaccurate? Thanks again

  4. What treatment protocols are in place for the EXTREMELY RARE vaccine breakthrough cases? Are the vaccines contraindicated in any demographical group?

  5. Thank you for getting mobile vaccinations unites into minority communities. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽

    1. Media: These people don’t believe this!
      Viewers: HAH! What morons!
      Media: These people believe that!
      Viewers: HAH! What hypocrites!

  6. I’ll believe it’s worth worrying about when we stop letting who knows how many people swarm in from the southern border.

    1. Over 100,000 for nationals have crossed illegally enter the United States at the southern border and data collected by the border patrol indicates that 30% of these have COVID-19. A large percentage of refuse vaccinations. These foreign nationals have now been released into the United States.

  7. My wish is that the loving mob that stormed the capital show Donny their love & go to mar a lago

  8. If Something Was Safe… Why Would You Need To Sign A Waiver? If Something Was Effective… Why Would You Need A Booster? If It’s So Great Why Are They Bribing & Demanding People Take It? Why Are The Manufacturers Protected By The Gov From Liability?

  9. Please keep it up and we will be “LIVING IN A GHOST TOWN” Rolling Stones. We are headed in that direction once again.

  10. Well, at least the rise in COVID cases are in states no one really cares about: Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas…. let them be…

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