Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: June 22nd | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: June 22nd | MSNBC


Watch the top news stories and highlights from Tuesday's The Beat with Ari Melber when Ari reacts to Senate Republicans unanimously voted to block the “For The People Act." Plus, former Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization Barbara Res and former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance join Ari to discuss the criminal probe into the company. 'The Beat' airs weeknights at 6 p.m. on MSNBC.

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    1. @Ebaneezer Scourge NO! You are a Troll and an Enemy of America! Use the Nuclear Option Shummer, it is time!!!

  1. Since the GQP has revealed itself to be against Democracy, this outcome was as expected.
    But it will hit them like a ton of bricks, because they did not hear the shots in 2018 and 2020.

    1. Republicans trying so hard to ruin our Democracy.They are now dead players. The.dont come much dummer nor dimmer.


  2. Our Enemies foreign and domestic (republicans) won’t stop until they destroy democracy and rewrite the Constitution to turn America into a theocracy ruled over by rump

    1. America’s foreign enemies don’t need to do a damned thing: America is destroying itself very
      efficiently. Foreign adversaries simply need to sit back and enjoy!

    2. @Janet Barkwith The Oath I took is the same Oath they took, republicans have completely dishonored that Oath. They are treasonous and should be treated as such.

    3. @Glenette Brooks I didn’t speak of oaths either yours or theirs – just the way that USA is currently and tragically ripping itself apart, your foreign adversaries need do nothing, unless you guys can get it together.

  3. The filibuster must end. The GOP don’t want anything to help Americans; they just want power and money. Disgraceful.

    1. @Michele Duggan love doing it, especially when one of them is using Google Translate to pretend they’re American, or even a real person! Hahaha!

    2. @Sam Harris u don’t make sense but you sound like your ashamed of the Trump impeachment same as me.. very good

  4. Lord I pray you will let the rebulican party fail their efforts to win any election that’s coming up, put a stumbling block in their way, they can,t remove. In Jesus name and will. And thank you Lord.

    1. Using the lord’s name in vain? did you ever feel like you’re chatting with someone who can’t legally vote in America? I feel like that right now?

  5. Those who have violated their oaths of office MUST be prosecuted or America’s future is in peril.

    1. @Doretha Fay Riddle Sadly, Trump supporters are fundamentally bad people and should be kept away from children.

    2. @Ebaneezer Scourge its funny how your youtube account was made on jan 5. Id bet money that you created it in hopes of posting videos of you storming the capital but decided against it when people started getting arrested.

    1. There’s an easy answer to this. Destroy the Republicans in 2022 and 2024 and put them in the political wilderness where they belong.

    2. A dictatorship is _always_ a minority in power by its very own definition.
      Google ‘Nicolae Ceaușescu’ or ‘Romanian Revolution 1989’

    3. you can shorten that to one word – monopolism – a society the exists for the benefit of a few at the cost of the rest.

  6. For a party that “Guards” against cancel culture….
    Republicans sure love cancelling voting rights for the minority!

    1. Yes!! When twits like Holley or Green say “don’t suppress, muzzle or cancel me” and THEY are voting against voter rights, the hypocrisy is mind boggling!

    2. @Ebaneezer Scourge The voter frauds that have come to light, were voter frauds committed by Republican voters!

      Including one, where the voter killed his wife, to cast her ballot for trump!

  7. America how far you’ve fallen! Thank God for the Democrats they are fighting to save your and Democracy but come on people stand up and be counted show them your support. The Republicans are a disgrace, what they are doing is disgusting and I hope they all lose their seats. They should all move to Russia with Trump as that is what they are trying to do to the USA. Angela UK

  8. Thank u Sen.Schumer for showing the true colors once again of the corrupt cowafs of the republican party. They go with the big lie & when presented a chance make America great again they fail

    1. @Ebaneezer Scourge and yet you just did make it up. They found nothing. Nothing.
      To be honest, both Democrats and Republicans are doing nothing for the country.
      They are playing games with our lives and livelihoods.
      I’m sick of all of them.

    2. @Ebaneezer Scourge drinking the cool aid again Ebaneezer? This was ALL debunked months ago by the republican Secy. of state after doing 3 – THREE recounts. Now you need to put away childish things and move on

    3. @grannypantsification
      Dems’ intent is to do good FOR our country;. ReThugs mean to do harms TO our country.
      That’s the essential difference.

  9. Now I firmly believe that the Republican party is full of ‘craps’ and scared members who couldn’t debate the issue of voting rights…

  10. We know the GOP are ridiculous and awful. I would add treasonous in their attacks on the constitution.

  11. let’s not forget that even the Senators that are considered “friendly” (romney, murkowski, portman, collins, et al) did not vote in favor of this. Representing 34 million less Americans, yet hold the rest of the country hostage.

    1. Exactly. This demonstrates why the supposed moderate Republicans you mention deserve absolutely ZERO credit for their stance against Trump himself. Make no mistake, these senators are every bit as bad as the Gaetzes and Boeberts of the party. They just use their tepid criticisms of Trump as cover for their blind obedience to party over country.

    1. Actions speak louder than words Schumer’s voice is like a broken record of victim compliance.

    2. Asking from a stander-by position outside USA – can’t people who support democracy protest what’s happening?? Has there been any pushback from the people supporting democrats and democracy? I haven’t seen or heard anything like that going on.

    3. @Dave Greene that is a great question. My first thought is they cancel their summer reading time to work on it. My knee jerk response is to get rid of the filibuster but that could have implications that I cannot speak to but I would like to explore more. I would encourage them to not proceed as though Republicans are actually going to have a thoughtful conversation about it and just go off the assumption that they’re not, which would prevent time from being wasted in general. I know that’s not a tangible list of solutions but it’s a place to start. It just seems like they’re doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result which is not the definition of insanity but it is unproductive. And I think that there’s many intelligent Democrats including Schumer out there which to me means this is just another way to sustain power among an elite few that really work for the same cause. I would also suggest they stop extending so much time for bipartisan agreements on issues where one party’s behavior is demonstrative of breaking down the issue they’re trying to work on and historically there’s been no productive movement. I would encourage Schumer take McConnell at his word, and all other Republicans, when they say they are not willing to work on this bill. So much time is wasted and trying to get them to do something they have made clear up front they will not participate in.

      At the end of the day it’s not a short-term fix but our country has become so divided by a two-party system that seem to serve the same purpose.
      I would invite more schools of thought into the Democratic party and the Republican party.
      And trust me I am as far from a republican as I am a Democrat but at the end of the day so many important bills are getting lost in Congress because of these bipartisan lines where the argument happens before the conversation has begun in a time when pur political loyalty suddenly defines every aspect of who we are and has become so divisive that we can’t have an honest conversation it’s turned us each into these little miniature sith Lords. And it’s not governing in what’s in the best interest of the people but governing to maintain power on the hands of the elite few.

      We need more options and we need politicians who are going to take our best interest at heart and actually act on it and I guess I’m not really sure what exactly that means but I don’t even see the discussion being had.

      You posed a really good and productive question and I’m grateful for that I don’t have all the solutions but we’ve got to think about doing something different and hearing Schumer up there with the same rhetorical response just placing blame I’m just tired of the non-productive hamster wheel we’re on.

  12. We sent Martha Stewart to prison for insider trading, we sent Leona Helmsly to prison for tax evasion. Why on earth is Trump not in prison?

  13. They should have to give a statement as to why they are voting against it. And the American people need to demand a response.

  14. President Biden is trying to help all middle and pore Americans, please contact your Representatives and tell them you need help.

  15. Republicans don’t understand just how much it’s going to hurt them to alienate what little minority support they have.

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