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    1. Big difference; Omar had a code that he lived by. Republicants have no code. Because they have no honor. The Gov. Of my state just mandated Vaccines for all school employees. Masks for kids too young for Vaccines. There was a school board meeting over a week ago. It had to be stopped after 2 minutes because of anti- mask parents rants and foul language. We were also at the point where businesses posted notices; if fully Vaccinated, masks are optional. Now We’re back to masks are mandatory. Good luck Florida. Trump said he would drain the swamp. Too bad your state got another gator.

    2. @Lynda Koers I am so grateful that I live in a community where there are merely a handful of parents, who go screeching and riling themselves up, embarrassing their children and sticking their signs up ~in their own yards~ that say unmask our children. But like I said there’s only about eight of them and I think they’re all related so they don’t dare cause any trouble as maybe they suspect they’d either be challenged with the science, asked hard questions about concern for their children (and if it even exists), or theyd just be laughed off the corner, or even ignored, while being eyed like they’re some sort of as yet undiscovered and unidentified marine life form (we are a beach community). Actually, I don’t know why I put that in parentheses, yes we are an ocean community and I think that makes most of us pretty mellow especially those of us who grew up on this beautiful Sound which gives us so much if we just know how to take it in and appreciate and respect it. I guess I’m one of those people who very deliberately chooses not to borrow trouble and perhaps I’m just smart enough to recognize that I am not the professional here about things like vaccines and masks even though I can educate myself about such things, I do so by listening to from reading the words of the professionals in this field. So since I’m not, I’m going to do what the medical and health professionals who follow the actual data and the evidence say is best. I don’t believe.that they have some nefarious hidden secret harmful ‘agenda’~or any agenda whatsoever, other than to do their own jobs and live their own lives, taking their own advisement and protecting their own families and loved ones. And I’d like these conspiracy paranoiacs to tell me exactly why they would do anything else. After all, they’re only human, also, and if some paranoid, fantasy believing nutter actually believe they are not actually human then I invite them to prove it.

      The fact is that Covid-19 is a great leveler, a complete equalizer, because it doesn’t care whether we have money or what we do for a living who our parents were or where we were born. It truly could care less what language we speak whether we’re male or female or how old we are… or anything else. And because that is the case, I will do everything we know to do to keep the people I love, myself and the innocent people in my community, who are also just trying to keep doing the next right thing, and doing the same things I’m trying to do….safe. I don’t patronize fantasy fear websites, so I do not have a knee-jerk reaction to immediately believe that somebody has got some secret agenda to harm me, and I cannot believe anybody would choose to live that sort of ‘reality’. Life presents us with very REAL challenges and problems just about every day potentially, so I don’t tend to go looking for them, especially those I can’t see, hear, touch taste~or experience in any way shape or form!. I have no interest in the Boogeyman and I fully believe he has no interest in me. He certainly never has up till now. So I believe I will stay Boogeyman Free for Life (sounds like the birth of a t-shirt!),and continue follow the guidelines from the CDC, and other trusted, respected health entities, like the World Health Organization and PCRM, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and hopefully my fully vaccinated family (with the exception of the one who is too little) will also stay well for the foreseeable future.

    3. Look what he did to Rebecca Jones supposedly she returned to Florida and is going to be running for mayor gets his seat but it is a very very very red district she needs to go on record and do a deposition just to keep in case of a pending impeachment in Florida

  1. It is the old ” You have such a lovely Company, it would be a shame if something happened to it ” Rico the Cheeto. Indict for Treason.

    1. If their is nothing to hide why worry about what is found. Why the threat. I wish voters would remember what these politicians have done when time to vote I know it is hard to be honest for the right but self interest out ways having a good government.

  2. Fl governor need to be replace now with someone.whose care for human . this Covid19 is a killer pandemic.

  3. Desantis is a gangster. Just the manner in which he speaks. He threatens and bullys anyone who doesn’t agree with him and never backs down. Remind us of anyone? Chump!

    1. the majority of this party has been behaving this way , they think in their warped brains that the law doesn’t apply to them , because they are REPUBLICAN’S , maybe when a large number of them end up in prison cells for committing treasonous acts against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , they will finally realize they were wrong. if this was the eighteen hundreds , they would never have made it to prison , they would have been hung for being traitors.

    2. The coordinated reason behind the republicans being against masks and vaccinations: They all believe the economy is what keeps people in power and if the covid virus remains to hurt Biden’s economy republicans have a better chance in the midterms and 2024. This is the whole ball of wax why a medical issue is so partisan. Republicans do not care if people get sick as long as they can advance the Koch John birch agenda with republicans in power. Ron DeSantis is the poster child of a republican governor trying to keep covid around to hurt the economy and help republicans in the midterms while not caring how many people die from the virus.

  4. Desanto has blood on his hands.
    He is despicable for making it into a Political issue.
    Agree it is good for the Democratic Party.

  5. What are they worried about? What’s in those phone records? Must be something pretty bad to go all thug about it.

    1. Timing and frequency and adds to the credibility that they believed talking with dickhead In person only personifies he was definitely involved in cou

  6. DeSantis is counting on the peeps who can’t interpret a graph, who don’t understand cause and effect, and who won’t think critically or even read a peer-reviewed paper.
    Also, every time Ari inserts lyrics into his conversation, I feel delighted.

    1. Desantis must be stopped somehow it always comes down to the money because money breeds power and rich Republicans will back him for their self interest. Greed!!!! Sad but true.

  7. They are scared and now they want to intimidate and threaten the people getting answers. Honest people don’t need to block information.

  8. Then the large companies being threatened by McCarthy would be well-advised to fund Dems rubbing for Congress, and remove funding entirely from the republican party, In self-defense.

  9. If anyone saw Ari in a rap place would call him a poser, that man knows the history and lines like a library ! Respect.

  10. With all of his ivy league savy ‘ desantis knows nothing about governing. Nor doe’s the majority of other governors.

    1. And that is the most important thing…DeSantis doesn’t know how to govern…even if you are not a supporter of Democrats, you have to admit that DeSantis has not proven that he has objective skills to actually govern….and that is his only job: as Governor!

    2. Completely logically, “the way to stick it to someone who doesn’t like you, is don’t give then your money..”

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