Supreme Court Looks Away As Texas Effectively Bans Abortion 1

Supreme Court Looks Away As Texas Effectively Bans Abortion


Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder and CEO of Whole Woman's Health, talks with Rachel Maddow about what the new Texas anti-abortion law means to patients at her clinic and what alternatives Texas women will be facing as a result of the Supreme Court allowing the unconstitutional law to go into effect.
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    1. @baba yaga ganoush “Someone” who gets pregnant? There are two sexes one of which can “get pregnant.”

    2. @baba yaga ganoush just because you say something doesn’t make it true lmao. Science and biology say non binary is fake

    3. Maddow has the oldest viewership on cable news. A dinosaur through and through. This is a fact. Check the 25-54 demo compared to total viewers. They old. Old angry dopers who blame others for their unhappy existence. Don’t be like them.

    1. @Tiger Because that woman’s decision ends up determining whether her child lives or dies. The child’s life takes precedence over “muh freedom/autonomy”.

    2. @KesselRunner606 You aren’t sure to get COVID if you, or anyone else around you, don’t wear a mask, and even if you get it, death isn’t certain. If a woman aborts a child, that child’s death is certain. So yes, the situations do indeed present a false equivalence when compared.

  1. 1)_ the supreme court hasn’t ruled the law unconstitutional yet so until a court rules otherwise, its an opinion not a fact.

    2)_ describing the court as sitting idle while this “unconstitutional” law comes into effect really is misleading. How can a court overturn a law that has not yet come into effect?

    1. For one many laws are stopped in their tracks before they actually ever become laws. I really don’t know where you got that one from.

      Usually, the Supreme Court doesn’t rule on anything until lower courts have ruled on said laws. Far as I know no Federal court has even ruled on this yet.

    1. @Hector Cotto I’m not trying to justify anything tbh I’m a teenager who hates politics I’m just genuinely curious if a woman finds out she’s pregnant and the obgyn tells her she could die from the pregnancy is she still allowed to abort?

    2. @Hector Cotto – that is certainly not an extreme example. Happens to thousands of people everyday. It happened to me, but I decided to take that risk. Me and my child survived, but she does have heart complications.

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