Abortion Rights Activists Rally To Help Texas Women Get Access Out-Of-State 1

Abortion Rights Activists Rally To Help Texas Women Get Access Out-Of-State

Anna Rupani, co-executive director of Fund Texas Choice, talks with Rachel Maddow about the threat to women's right to an abortion posed by the new Texas anti-abortion law, and the outpouring of support to her organization that helps women access their right to have an abortion beyond the reach of Texas restrictions. 
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  1. Texas should be a country .
    Free to be Unfree .
    Keep the Lone Star for one thought , one prayer
    and one miserable place to live .

    1. I agree, they should have let them succeed, let the decent people out, and just cut em loose, no help from the feds, see how they fare with their grids and retrogressive laws.

  2. Texas has officially changed its name to “Texastan.” It’s very fitting.

    You would think that Texas Republicans would be focused on fixing the electric and water grids in their state after what happened last winter, but nope. Instead they’re laser focused on treading on the rights of women, and turning Texas into Texastan.

    I wonder what new sharia laws Mullah Abbott will sign into law next in Texastan.

    1. No worries.. TX will take the rest of the red states and secede.. hopefully liberals will finally be happy

    2. @YouTube LOVES Soft Leftists Guess what happens when 2/3 of the women in Texas stop voting for Republicans, kiddo.

    1. @YouTube LOVES Soft Leftists why should the woman pay if the guy doesn’t want the baby either? Surely it should be 50/50? Men need to take responsibility too.

    2. Re: abortion bounty hunters… Tex Reps AHoles can call themselves the US/Texas Taliban! (BTW TexTal not mine.. From other Commentor–, Chonq Monk might’ve spelled that wrong)

  3. Republicans want full control over their own bodies when it comes to Covid-19 with masks and vaccinations, but they want full control over other womens bodies when it comes to abortion. Totally, totally inconsistent….

    1. @YouTube LOVES Soft Leftists The baby still must be supported, the woman may not have sufficient income on her own.

    2. @Gabriel Lawson forcing a woman to birth a child is no different than raping her. But Republicans thinks that’s ok too.

  4. Thank goodness for people like these groups who will help these women get the services they need. Women with financial resources or rich families will always be able to get an abortion. They can afford to travel anywhere. It’s the rest of us that need to stand up to this. These politicians seem to want to target those that need these services most. Shouldn’t be surprised though. They clearly have no respect for women and would prefer we go back in time when there were obstacles in our way to have autonomy over our bodies.

    1. The woman that can’t afford abortions usually can’t afford to feed themselves either, your right. They uses government resources to raise the ones they have and themselves, let the abortions happen and make it a mandate that you must be gainfully employed or have a partner willing to lay for the children

    2. Ok Lesley, your argument might seem logic.. Can you help me understand why do women want abortion taking into consideration that
      “ Plan B one pill “ is available OTC in Walmart without a doctor Rx for $35 only .. and it is effective up to 4 or 5 days after the encounter?

  5. I really hope these women find pills on the Internet to end the pregnancy. The back alley is no longer needed since we have the Internet. Upper middle-class and wealthy women will just fly to Colorado.

  6. The new American Taliban is enacting it’s facist agenda on a state-by-state basis. Rolling back women’s rights, I think women should start wearing head scarfs in Texas.

    1. @Adam Taylor No worries.. TX will take the rest of the red states and secede.. hopefully liberals will finally be happy

    2. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe They’d never secede. The red states are wholly dependent on blue states to survive. If they tried to secede they would crumble within a month. Red states are nothing but a drain on the federal reserve. The reserve that blue states constantly contribute to. Republicans are leeches who rely on socialism to survive.

    1. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe And who is going to pay every time a hurricane comes in and wipes everything out? lol

  7. The fact that a new underground railroad is needed to protect women shows you how horrific this unconstitutional and inhumane law is.

  8. i taught everyone in america had rights. how can women be demoted to breeding mares in america. its scary and inhumane

  9. Isn’t it incredulous, that the same people who are Pro-Life are anti-mask and anti-vaccine? We’re going to take away YOUR freedom to make a decision about your body and future, but how dare you take away MY freedom to determine what I put in or on my body even if it means savings lives. Crazy town!!

  10. This is the GeStaPo and the Blockwart principle of the 3rd Reich. Not love but betray thy neighbour. Good luck with that.

  11. How can private citizens be allowed to intervene in the doctor – patient relationship? HIPPA laws prevent it. Citizens would be practicing medicine without a license. It would be the same as citizens suing an attorney because they represented their clients. Can citizens sue physicians for administering blood transfusion or vaccines because the citizens are against either? There’s been a dummying down of the Supreme Court.

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