New Texas Abortion Law 'Turns Every Anti-Abortion Zealot Into A Bounty Hunter' 1

New Texas Abortion Law ‘Turns Every Anti-Abortion Zealot Into A Bounty Hunter’


Rachel Maddow explains the bizarre rules of the new Texas anti-abortion law that, with the blessing of the Supreme Court, will become the new template for Republican legislatures to effectively ban abortion in the United States by delegating vigilantes to hunt down women to target with lawsuits. 
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  1. Can I sue every gas station owner in Texas for not asking everyone who buys gas if they’re driving to a clinic to get an abortion? Every phone company that provides the phone number of a clinic is fair game, right? And every guy who accidentally gets someone pregnant is facilitating an abortion. The courts in Texas deserve to drown in a backlog of cases for letting a bill this open ended pass into law.

    1. Don’t forget to sue Google for providing you with the information of the clinic. And if you drive your own car might as well sue the car manufacturer as well. And if u gotta use GPS sue them too because they gave u the directions. Oh don’t forget the engineers who built the highways that allowed you drive to the clinic. Lol.

    2. @john Sprague Nobody gets “late term” abortions, a term dreamed up by misogynistic a-holes, unless the fetus is a monster and the mother’s life is at risk. No woman waits until her third trimester to get an abortion. Those cases are all because, if the pregnancy were to continue, the woman would die. Her life is the paramount concern.

    3. @Courtney June and if they pay for parking is the parking lot liable for allowing the person to park to go to the clinic.

    4. john Sprague
      At the 24th week the fetus has a 50 % chance of survival outside the womb. Only around that time the air sacs are developed. Before that the fetus at 23 weeks of gestation can maybe survive if it weighs 1.1 pounds (0.50 kg). And that only with intensive neonatal care.

  2. So shocking. Why would anyone want to live in Texas? With no voting rights and now this maybe people should leave Texas on droves.

    1. I watch house flips and how they fix it! I wouldn’t buy a house there! Give me a double brick house with strong Foundation and I am amazed how they still have log cabins and barn-wood ! Texas is prehistoric in my opinion ! 😂😂

    1. It’s like the hospital ships that used to visit Ireland before that Catholic nation just made abortion LEGAL again. The American Taliban continue to turn America backward even after their Supreme Leader was deposed.

    2. @D.A. Oh Weren’t they flying Plan B in on quadcopters as well a few years ago? I heard several years ago they let a woman die because they would not remove the fetus until it died but it ended up killing the host, as parasites will do sometimes.

    3. @James Faulkner II Exactly. These new laws here are religious laws and based on emotion. It is very disconcerting, and it is largely the result of Mitch McConnell setting up Trump and allowing him to “pack the courts” with anti-first-amendment judges.
      Please VOTE in every election, everybody.

    1. @fide laetantem alleluiaYOU WILL NEVER STOP ABORTIONS!! Only make them safer. But you don’t çare about actual living, breathing babies, on oxygen because antimaskers & Antivaxxers infected them!!

  3. So gun shops??? Say if Massachusetts passed a law saying If you live in Massachusetts you can civilly sue any gun shop owner who has sold a gun that was used in a crime? This is not going to be good.

    1. so can we sue Biden admin. when the taliban start killing Americans? Will the Biden admin. take our AR15’s and give them to taliban?

    2. @B B still blaming Trump for everything? Laws to protect the child have been in place for literally thousands of years right around the world and remain in hundreds of countries. Anti-abortion laws were only repealed in the US in the 70s

    3. @B Conscious LOL “thousands of years” 🤣 I suppose you mean to say the laws that allowed children to work in coal mines and marry adults?? Or we could go back into ancient Greece when the parents and the state could select which child they could keep and which one to abandon, usually leading to the murder of girls because boys were considered more useful, better “helpers” (slaves)…🙈I could go on, but you get the point by now, yes? Oh and isn’t it funny how the people that are anti abortion are usually silent about the 46 states where child marriage is still legal… makes you think why they want all those babies. 🤔

    1. Instead of trying to control the female body they should control their own and keep it in their pants, legislate that.

    2. no their mission is to destroy democracy. Anti-abortion is only to please the extreme right wing nutters. Time to act because we are losing and fast.

    3. The GOP’s true goal actually is to make everyone’s life miserable. Especially if you’re a woman, non-white, LGBTQ, or not a Christian.

    1. @ChrisJ Free country, for now, so you can believe what you like. I live here, and I’m telling you as a TRUE Texan, you are dead wrong!
      You should check out Texit.

    1. Not that easy. Not only do people have jobs and families to take care of, but anyone who helps a pregnant woman cross the state line could be arrested, be forced to pay the lawyer fees of the bounty hunter who turned her in, and also pay the bounty hunter a $10,000 bonus.

    1. @topgrain there’s a ton like that. The Catholic Church is anti birth control.
      I figure it all stems from the bible being written in a time where a bigger population was necessary.
      I have no doubt God has pulled me out of some things. Organized religion is a different story.
      As for the bible, written by Jewish people,who just happen to be the ones called God’s chosen one’s , that’s a bit hard to swallow.
      I don’t see God saying it’s ok to steal homes and land from Palestinians like happens in Israel now.
      There’s very little difference between radical islamic terrorist and right-wing talibangelical terrorists.

    1. @Canillo Canillo Trump is relevant because he used to tweet mean & hurtful things that left so many of his innocent victims with permanent emotional scars.

    2. I don’t know the particulars of the law, but regardless I support this law purely out of spite. Anything that upsets the left is ok in my book. They want to mandate vaccines then they deserve this law

    3. @Rita Fergusen Ummm, lemme guess…you devoutly worship at Church of The Crimson Fetus and pride yourself on being an unquestioningly obedient member in The Cult of The Perpetually Masked?


  5. …and vigilante law is ok by the Supreme Court?
    How long is it going to take for mob law to be OK on as wide a swath as creative lynch mobs can figure?

    1. Mob rule was made ok in 2020 when the leftist democrats allowed CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle. Allowed it, facilitated it, promoted it and withdrew police from it and never prosecuted it. Turned out well didn’t it?

    1. Yes and 85 billion dollars worth of modern weapons. Soon to be returned to the streets of America. At least I hope not .

  6. Republicans say “it’s my body my choice” when having to do with putting on a mask and getting vaccinated. You can’t pick and choose. It’s my body my choice !

    1. It is your body and your choice. But at 6 weeks this is now About the child’s body and protecting the child’s choice. The mother is not more important than the child.

    1. Are you intimating that protecting life is evil or that making women accountable for decisions is evil? This is certainly moral dilemma but I wouldn’t attribute it to evil. In any case, generally, our society considers the taking of a life the pinnacle of evil

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