1. Who would take an experimental genetic therapy that is killing thousands already for a 99.97%survival rate virus, knowing that the manufacturers have ZERO LIABILITY in case of injury or death caused by them
      Not to mention giving this to your kids

    2. @cc 1k why don’t you? I’m gonna continue to go out with my family unvaccinated and if you have a problem that’s too bad…

    1. So true. .02% death rate. This thing is real!

      The asteroid last month that went by earth had a better chance of killing you, but let’s ignore facts.

    2. @Donald Ducko no you can ignore the facts, because you can careless. You keep that mindset, let see far it’ll get you. Smh

    1. It isn’t really like that. There will be many variants in circulation at any time, but they won’t all have a huge advantage that allows them to overtake the others. Delta did have a significant propagation advantage, so it has become the dominant strain.

      But variants are happening constantly, the question isn’t “when is the next variant” but rather, what are we doing to increase the rate at which new variants emerge, and will we be lucky? Because it’s just statistical. We might in the long term be able to say that a significant variant under certain circumstances emerges every ‘x’ months, but in practice, there could be a major one tomorrow, yesterday, or never. It comes down to whether the virus accumulates an advantage that helps it thrive under selective pressure.

    1. You do know that this has nothing to do with illness and everything to do with the election don’t you? They can’t have mail-in voting if there’s no more virus. But people are too stubborn to listen

    2. @hershal ballard stop being afraid and live your life. You could die in a car accident even if you take your booster.

  1. It takes 2 months for people to wake up and mitigate, they’ll slack off again, probably when the Lambda variant is around – middle of winter.

  2. Thee world’s population should be thinned out pretty good…according to the science… your neighborhood looking a little more empty?

    1. Nope, housing is still coming at a premium and hard to find so there must not be that many people kicking it.

  3. “The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe.
    If they don’t, then the country is safe.”
    —Monika Wisniewska

    1. @Jew chikd My natural instinct tells me this is a joke or a wind up, no-one could be that dumb,but seeing what’s going on these day’s I’m not so sure.

  4. Look at the UK cases dropped to half and then started rising again- it will keep spreading until it finds everyone not vaccinated.

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