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Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: July 21 | MSNBC


  1. Someone needs to ask Donald Trump and the CDC Director if they would comfortably mind or play with the kids after school. Schools and playgrounds are breeding grounds for colds and flu.

    1. @Karen Lee-Benjamin * * * Your comment is an intellectual embarrassment to successful, highly educated, Republicans of polite society. Not one of us would have voted for that vile, bankrupt 6X bombastic, over eating, philandering, incompetent, racist-bigot. Intelligent people knew better. Trump has completely devastated our Republican party.
      Obviously you are as intellectually deprived as 🐷 Donny J. Trumputinixon. 🐼
      Perhaps you should clean your trailer house or anything other than displaying your inbreeding and total lack of intellect by attempting a “feeble stab” at typing a sensible, comment. Sweet Jesus the Trumpies are cerebrally deficient.
      As grandpa used to declare “you cannot polish turds.”
      Only complete failures in life and
      This is common knowledge !
      I bet your mommy and daddy are real proud of you.
      Oi vey !
      Dr. E.W.Gray
      A very disillusioned Lincoln Respecting, Trump Loathing, REPUBLICAN Methodist.
      Western Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

    2. @fsf dsfa It is obvious that you Don’t watch real news, if you want real news try watching BBC or CBC, neither of them are based in the United States, non-biased reporting on what’s happening in America!

    3. @Earl Gray I am a Pennsylvanian and have fortunately not found many people in our Commonwealth to be as mean and nasty as you are. I will vote for Joe Biden and hope all my friends in both parties will join me in doing so, this time, but it is wrong to insult people who might have been gullible or made an honest, wish-oriented mistake. This is as wrong as Hillary calling those against her, deplorables; that is putting yourself above another out of pride and feelings of superiority. That is really not where our hearts or minds need to be positioned. We need to care for one another and heal the rifts that have been created or made worse in these Trump years. I grew up in the Methodist Church, too. We have a lot in common.

  2. comrade trump has done what russia couldn’t CAUSE TOTAL CHAOS AN DISTRUST IN GOV.,MEDIA,HEALTH,JUSTICE SYS., AND ALLIES

    1. @veteran of truth we know putin is hardcore KGB agent,when he checked out drump he laughed an said this is no challenge,this is going to be fun

    2. @fsf dsfa get a bowl of popcorn and turn on the riot Burn baby burn,an eye for an eye,so shutup.

  3. trump ordered all hospitals to give number of cases and deaths to Him. Not to the CDC anymore so he can manipulate data.

    1. T. Clements the people that live in the 9000 Opportunity Zones that were CREATED by this Administration respectfully disagree with you.

  4. WHO IN AMERICA, AFTER THREE AND HALF YEARS OF THIS, IS UNDECIDED!?! only the fools baby, only the fools!!

    1. @Rafael EYES-WIDE OPEN 2 These were the same Germans who were afraid to speak freely in front of their own children!

    2. Undecided are the weak ho can’t take responsibility fr themselves. The need a Dictator to become the “victims” of their fate.

  5. Peacefully people don’t want to admit: “one bullet on the right time, on the right place, will solve the problem”.

  6. I don’t want to hear of the clown. The news is doing the advertisement for free. I want to hear what Biden have to offer.

  7. Get rid of the republican party’s power, and all your problems will go away.
    Republican is just another name for psychopath…


  8. t’rump said he won’t accept the election results unless he wins.
    We all need to vote this clown out of office. We don’t have dictators here in the US.

  9. He is clearly a wise man who votes with his conscience and not with his party! Kudos to him!!!

  10. We’ve come to a point where, having seen the evidence of this failed businessman’s style of management and leadership is no longer tenable.

  11. As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 3.9 million Americans had tested positive for the coronavirus. More than 142,000 have died from it, including more than 1,000 on Tuesday alone. TRUMP/PENCE OUT NOW!

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