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Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: March 22 | MSNBC


  1. Speaking of the ACA, whatever happened to that “big beautiful replacement” we were all promised in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020? 🤔😅😂

    1. I don’t know about 2015 and 2016, but as far 2017 to 2020, that’s a question for the Trump administration, who had no answers.

    2. @Rick Martinez -Trumpty started making fake promises about healthcare before he was elected in 2015.

    3. Part of the ‘big beautiful replacement’ that his orangeness wanted was put to the supreme court, to strip pre-existing conditions from the Act (at the same time as he was lying to the people that it would stay in place). Why do tr**pists still believe in this POS?

  2. Who’s the Law and Order president? The one who talked about it, or the one who does something about it? We all know Trump was a windbag, but our police should be respected and they should respect us. It’s a hard job sometimes.

  3. When my sister’s health insurance gave out due to a divorce in 2014 there was no place she could turn to because of a prior health condition (diabetes). She was not eligible for medicare and had never been employed. After several months, she got some advise from her congressman and was able to get reinstated on her old insurance. My point is ACA is a lifesaver for those with preexisting conditions period.

  4. It’s no mystery why Republicans will not pass comprehensive, up-to-date gun legislation, either. Their constituents and donors don’t want them to, no matter what the human cost might be. And after the dystopian nightmare that was the Trump White House, we know that today’s breed of GOP members of Congress will do anything to stay in power, including denying reality.

  5. This voting process I saw in the south , look like voters suppression to me. Those poor people were made to stand in lines for 11 hrs. How can that be fair. I saw mailboxes being hauled in a pick truck. Being removed. What kind of crap were they trying to pull on those voters that day!!! I’d like to know. They were having storms & bad weather also at that time. Please make it Better for them. It’s not right to see this. Shame on thee republicans.SHAME !!!!!!!

  6. Thank you former Congressman your bravery voting to insure millions has saved a lot of lives.

  7. The ACA saves lives.. mine is one of them.. I thank president Obama everyday for the ACA🙋🏽‍♀️🙏🏽…

    1. Unfortunately my late wife died due to existing conditions even though we spent $3,000 a month for doctors, in hospital care including treatments besides diabetes kidney problems leukemia and other mayor health problems I never gave up I stayed with her until she died now I have health problems , HEART PROBLEMS A STROKE, ACA IS SAVING LIVES NOW SAVING YOUR HOMES I LOST EVERYTHING MY WIFE MY HOME AND MY DIGNITY, I’m still living thank God I must have done something right

    2. @Jose Meza

      So sorry to hear all you’ve gone through..🙏🏽.. I can certainly relate to what you and your wife had gone through… I myself suffered a brain aneurism.. along with already being a diabetic heart patient with CHF… as I say if it weren’t for the ACA I know I wouldn’t be here today.. still able to receive and afford the ongoing treatment.. and not be a burden to my children… I know illness is rough on anyone.. death is even harder.. I pray the Lord gives you peace and comfort to endure.. I’m not an overly religious person but I do feel there is a higher power over all we experience in this life🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  8. “Judgment day is more important than election day” jesus christ what a disgusting attitude for a representative. Keep your delusions off my secular government.

  9. God Bless You for thinking about the citizens of the United States of America and doing what is right there’s not a lot of people like that nowadays thank you 🙏 thank every single one of you Democrats thank you specially the ones that are standing up for what’s right!!

  10. God Bless President Joe Biden, God Bless America and its Democracy!
    Finally leadership we can have hope and believe in!!

    1. Like everything there needs to be options & competition, not mandates for one narcissist’s self evolved disaster of a legacy. Obamacare has hurt many more than it has helped. Had this country kept Medicaid & hired more employees to weed out the fraud, and allowed a competitive marketplace then we would NOT have the working class & their employers in the most expensive era of health care EVER! This was NOT about ALL the people, just one very sick individual who needs good therapy for a very destructive case of NPD.

  11. The hurried stocking anatomically screw because beech substantively frighten vice a fantastic position. dusty, wrong fridge

  12. I guess Republicans can stop telling us how much they support “law and order”. Can you support police and be disrespectful at the same time?

  13. I’ve never witnessed ANY person given a national platform, who is more ignorant, blatantly racist, shamelessly preying on the fears of others.
    Lawrence O’Donnell is a poison like I’ve never seen.
    I grieve for those who look to this man, this network for information and truth.

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