Watch the moment hackers take over a nightly news program

Iran’s state broadcaster IRINN (Islamic Republic of Iran News Network) was allegedly hacked during its nightly news program, according to the pro-reform IranWire outlet, which shared a clip of the hacking. CNN reporter Nada Bashir has more. #CNN #News


    1. @Loredana Tagliaferri if you cant explain it than you don’t know what your talking about also rights are not rights if they can be taken away by your government

  1. Iranian authorities should expect more disasters to come. This will happen until they humbly come down to the citizens

    1. Well, by their own standards then they would face torture and death penalty for the atrocities they did to Iranians.

  2. when talking about protests, it’s important you get your wording right.
    don’t say “violent protests” unless the protesters are instigating the violence. it’s almost ALWAYS more accurate to say “violently suppressed protests.”

    1. @Sour “NAFO” Vodka We Iranians are not breaking into stores, or stealing . You’re getting things mixed up. This is a revolution, No thugs are involved. We. are fighting for freedom.

    2. @Bunny Larese That woman with Hijab is NOT Iranian. She’s an Arab. Her name is Bashir. No Iranian woman would wear a Hijab in the west and come on TV. Specially with what we Iranians are fighting for. Keep in mind Iranians and Arabs are two different people. Most Iranians don’t care for Islam and been forced to follow Islam, where as Arabs are for the most part loyal to Islam. Islam was forced on Iranians by Arab Muslims.

    3. @Sam Jam That lady with a Hijab is NOT Iranian. She’s an Arab. I’m an Iranian and i could tell you No iranian woman in west would come on TV and wear a Hijab specially of what’s been going on. We are Iranians , NOT Arabs .

  3. Iranian whomen and girls you are heroes. I send you my hart and thought and I do hope you dont give up on stopping the regime that kills and rapes you. maybe Easy to say from a safe invironment but you all deserve freedom, safety without being supressed. Love from sweden 🧡🧡🧡🧡

    1. @Amanda so do you all and you have something more to.. you have courage, an enormous courage.. will be watching and so will the world, with a closed internet you are remarcably good at getting the info on what is happening out for the world to se. love from sweden 🧡🧡🧡🧡

    2. Isn’t Sweden putting people in jail for not using the correct pronoun?? And we should be like you ?? Get bent

    3. They are also very beautiful. I understand why their men want them to cover and hide their beauty. Us American men may want them for ourselves.

    1. @Pyladin I do not believe that – that is very much dependent on the regime, its attitude and policies towards the rest of the world…as usual!

    2. @Tugzz Council Sadly, as usual….although religions tends to be ‘hijacked’ and used as a weapon in conflicts – to further cement power and cohesion, even though the conflicts themselves are really, usually all about power and money!

    1. Not to minimise what’s going on in Iran, and I hope the people of Iran (women) prevail, but ‘crazy stuff’ is a very real and global problem right now. We need a global reset on multiple fronts.

    2. @KristianTV1974 A full “global” reset is gonna be very hard. I am just wishing Iranians the best. Nothing wrong with that, right? Things have never been peaceful in the world when you think about it though… Not saying it can’t be fixed, but the Middle East and other parts of the world has always been unstable.

  4. The Iranian people are learning the hard lesson of what happens when you legitimize religion and allow it into government and into laws.

  5. I love it when citizens realize that they are more powerful than the government. This is the Irianian version of Les Miserables. Love you Iran from the Philippines. You guys will have your freedom.

    1. @Gonza2323 So has the American and France Revolution flip the government or authoritarian regime upside down but not without a cost and blood being spilled.

  6. The fact that hackers did it to him must have been beyond humiliating and also making the regime very scared how out of control they are of the situation.

  7. 👍 awesome! Morality Police. How disgusting and I’m so happy people are fighting back against such horrific abuse and murders!

    1. ​@Gamer Jon1990 I think he’s referring to the degradation of traditional values in unique cultures resulting into people acting degenerate like speedos Infront of kids kinda and the push for materialistic societies.

    2. If Trump had managed to stay in power, then I am pretty sure all school children would have to pledge their love for him on a daily basis. 🙂

  8. I support the women of Iran 🇮🇷 and all who want to be free to choose your leaders of Iran!! Please stay strong 💪!!

  9. This is something out of Mr. Robot but in a real-life situation that’s damaging the world right now.

  10. THe brave people of Iran who are protesting against the evil that is their leaders need to be supported more. I hope they know that so many of us are standing with them. “Woman, LIfe, Liberty”. We stand with you!

  11. The fact that the hackers got those cross hairs right between his eyes💥was refreshing. Great job, hackers!👍😉🇺🇸

    1. Hackers are cowards,

      they only work from behind a keyboard and probably couldn’t fire a gun if someone paid them to.

  12. Iranian women are so brave, true warriors. I don’t understand why international help is not being given, so sad to see humanity divided up into countries, rules, and mf laws

  13. My heart goes out to the deceased sending prayers and condolence but we need to worry about fixing our country because we worry about fixing others it’s a lot of Injustice that goes on right here in America a failed justice system a biased justice system a constitution dat benefit one group of people creating different classes of people 🙄😓

    1. @Kyle I can appreciate your focus on issues in the US, but some of your comment doesn’t track.

      This video was less than 4 minutes on a 24-hour news channel. Secondly, most people are capable of learning & caring about multiple issues.

      Tl;dr : Your comment is the equivalent of saying “Why are they mentioning brain cancer? We should focus on skin cancer _exclusively._

    2. @Tupelo 1 thing I learned in life dat everybody is entitled to der own opinion you don’t have to agree with it hell you don’t even have to like it but at da end of the day it’s mines and wat I choose to focus on I mean it’s not like they stopping da world for wat we’re going through in my “opinion” you take care of wats in front of you your issues in your country then you can think about helping others cause how you help others and you messing over ya own country dats crazy but dats America fa you 😓

  14. If hackers can interrupt live news feeds like this. To force government/ politicians / law makers to bring Justice where it is greatly needed. Can you imagine what other issues we could bring to light and Justice too, But often people get greedy and use it for ill-gotten purposes which does not make it okay.

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