Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: March 17 | MSNBC 1

Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: March 17 | MSNBC


Watch as Joy Reid conducts one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers while addressing provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway. Watch The Reidout weekdays at 7 p.m. ET on MSNBC
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Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: March 17 | MSNBC


    1. As someone who used to be a landlord, I can attest without hesitation that section 8 people have no respect for and destroy property *far* more often than not.

    2. @Terry Spak
      Section 8 people can lose their voucher for certain violations. Destruction of property is one of them and you have to document this with photos. Normal wear and tear is allowed by any tenant.
      As a Property Manager, I can attest that I’ve had very few problems with Section 8 tenants anymore than non Section 8 tenants.
      Most tenants on Section 8 are grateful to live on your property and follow their required rules/guidelines and the properties Community Rules that they must sign at the time of the lease signing, and must be enforced by the PM if broken, which can include eviction.
      I’ve also worked with HUD owned properties and the biggest problem they have is weak/poor management.
      Make sure the lease includes only a 24 hour notice for inspection. Owners, PMs have a right to inspect.
      A strong and fair manager makes a difference in rental properties.
      I’m sorry you’ve had such bad luck.

    3. @Selah I’m fully aware of all of that. What difference does any of your alleged remedy make when the inspectors are biased to begin with. And what constitutes “normal wear and tear?” I’ll tell you: low-level destruction. We’ve had success going against abusive Sec 8-ers. But all landlords know to stay away from them…for obvious reasons.

    4. @Terry Spak
      The people I know who have bad attitudes generally have bad luck because of being defeatist. They don’t investigate, don’t seek education/self education and healthy guidance nor have healthy critical thinking skills. But are good at complaining and throwing responsibility of their mistakes on others.

    1. Ever heard of Edom, Iduma. Problem solved. The garment has been dipped. And their nothing anyone can do about it. It’s not in their power. So let the weak say I am stong.

    2. Check yourself, OP. Racism sucks no matter who’s doing it. Black bigots (or whatever ethnicity) are no better than white ones.


    2. @David Jackson My military friends from the greatest and boomer generation that spent 40 years defending our freedoms IN HARM’S WAYl ook at the GOP and to a trooper say THEY WASTED THEIR *^*%&%&% TIME! WHY waste it further on whining into an empty sky begging dead air for guidance from the ether? Put some soup into a homeless person’s mouth and shut yours, it’ll do more good than all your BS. By the way have you sent a letter to the SS administration denying all your future benefits? That’s a Socialist program, according to the GOP going back to 1935. Otherwise STFU.

    3. @David Jackson America 1st is best defended with the first of five battlefield multipliers, MASS. Which means bring friends, a lot of them. To bring friends, you first have to have some, so whizzing on NATO is counterproductive. Tell that to the ex Bonespur in chief.

  1. So, what are they going to do about it. It’s not as if anyone can’t see? Time is passing. We remember Texas! Well? Is grandma being throw out? What’s the wait?

  2. White violence in particular White male violence is very rarely seen as what it is weather domestic terrorism mass murders or hate crimes if the victims are minorities excuses are made victims are blamed

  3. I watch this and it is sickening to see Jim Crow Republicans I also know public housing is nesasary. There are slot of problems to be addressed..
    But do it fairly for all.

  4. check out Isabel Wilkerson’s book “Caste” but especially Richard Rothstein’s “The Color of Law” which outlines in detail the way the law has been used to discriminate against African Americans, particularly in lending and housing.

  5. Well I think the investigation should play out before we label the motive of the murders.

  6. Six out of the eight people murdered were women of Asian ancestry. That’s 75%. — What percentage of Georgia residents are women of Asian ancestry? Not 75%. — Clearly, they were targeted.

  7. An intelligent and compassionate hud secretary at last who speaks her mind. History is not done yet.

  8. EXACTLY, saying that he was doing this to ‘fight his temptation’s is to say that this was a CHRISTIAN PURIFYING MISSION.

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