1. May she & her crew rest in peace, family now know where their loved ones rest, it’s a war grave, leave it alone, Rj in Oz

  2. My soul belongs to God, My heart belongs to my nation, and my body belongs to the sea.
    “Semper Fortis”

    1. Red skies at night, sailors delight. Red skies at morning, sailors take warning. 🙂

  3. It’s so trippy for me. As a history buff, this is great. But as a guy who was born and raised just a few kilometers from where this ship fought and sank, it’s so surreal.

    That piece of the Pacific a few miles from the islands of Leyte and Samar is a historical treasure trove.

  4. No way they found the Johnston? That was taffy 3the biggest David vs Goliath fight of world war II naval battles.I’m surprised the ship didn’t crush more but I guess that it equalized pressure by the time it got deep

    1. @joevic meneses good answer I like that. It’s too bad how many people don’t know the story of that ship one of the most hardcore battles ever the bridge got blown out in the skipper went to the back deck outside and was commanding the steering from there amazing. It was either the Samuel b Roberts or this ship one of the sailors had been on a previous destroyer that had been sunk and rescued and they never got off their torpedoes and one of them screamed at their skipper don’t let us go down without firing our torpedoes

  5. The ocean is terrifying, where all the evolutionary carnage began. Shipwrecks have always terrified me.

  6. Hello dear everyone
    I wish all of you from all over the world safe from covid 19
    Please stay safe and take care of your health.
    God bless all of you 😊❤

  7. Wow what an amazing story, I had no idea of this ship of the story of its commander. The bravery of the entire crew is admirable, true heros!

  8. RIP USS Johnston and her task force collectively known as taffy 3. For those who don’t know in the late April of 1945 the USS Johnston along side the rest of taffy 3( group of small destroyers light crusiers and a escort carrier.) where patrolling the sea around the Philippine island when they encountered the Japanese “ center force”. Which included the LARGEST BATTLESHIPS OF ALL TIME, The IJN yamato and Musahsii as well as these monsters the task force also included a bunch of heavy cruisers. Realizing that if he let the enemy pass the enemy would heavily disrupt the landing in the Philippines the Captian of the USS Johnston ordered his small ship to attack the much larger Japanies force. This battle late turned into the battle of Lety Gulf( the largest naval battle ever fought.) sadly the USS Johnston was his
    many times by torpedoes and I think once by a 18 inch shell from one of Yamato’s 9 18 inch gunns ( biggest ever put to see.) due to the weight of his ball sacks the captain of the USS Johnston went down with the ship but was rewarded with the Medal of Honor after his death. RIP THE DAVID OF THE SEVEN SEAS( David vs Goliath,) largest battleship ever built vs small
    Us destroyer fleetz

    1. Love and admiration to your Uncle and all his fellow WW2 heroes. A very fine generation they were

  9. The bravery and dedication to duty of this legendary Captain, crew and ship, are you worthy of respect of freedom lovers everywhere.

  10. One more point about Ernest Evans, the captain of the USS Johnson. After he gave the order to abandon ship he was seen slipping into the water but that was the last that anyone saw of him. RIP Captain Evans.

  11. “Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, Take it from me…” -Sebastian the Crab.

  12. “The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors” is truly one of the most remarkable stories of against-the-odds heroism. Capt. Evans took his ship up against a Japanese fleet containing the Yamato, the largest battleship afloat … one turret was heavier than his ship! The charge he and his fellow destroyer and destroyer-escort captains led forced a fleet of battleships and cruisers to retreat and saved the lives of over 100,000 soldiers and sailors in the landing zone in the Philippines! Finding that ship is simply incredible (and it appeared to be in incredible condition).

  13. That ship and it’s commander , Ernest Evans, saved my father’s life, before I was born. A story of incredible bravery.

  14. This ship and others literally saved over 200,000 soldiers at Leyte from the defeat and disaster.

  15. It would have been nice if they could have retrieve the bell, and show it to the family of those heroes.

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