Water Needed in Black Hill – A Crying Shame | Dictatorship in Accompong? – Nov 12 2021

Water Needed in Black Hill - A Crying Shame | Dictatorship in Accompong? - Nov 12 2021 1


  1. Yes this man your talking truth it’s hard you want water light, road, money yes you really need it. But they don’t care and will never care till God come. Police they name too late, they never on time yet so the criminals study them and do crimes cause them know them na come fi now. Jamaica polices, governments, and worldwide no justice in mankind no justice never and ever. So I only seek my God Lord almighty for help. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  2. What is sooo disgraceful about this water situation us that SWIFT RIVER runs close by RIO Grande is about 6 miles away these are two major rivers in Portland and the rain fall very often in Portland so tell me how the relevant authorities miss this ?πŸ€”

  3. Keep the pressure up on your MP. Demand something is done about the water supply. He is being paid for doing NOTHING. Get him fired if he cannot do the job.

  4. Big woman thing Portland need everything,and the people of this parish is so willing to towards politics. One exampl can someone tell me when is the last time even a simple housing scheme come about so people can live a nice life in this parish ?not to mention anything towards employment for young people.

  5. In Orange Bay Leyton valley there is not even a pipe line run in the community over 30 had years it’s a shame here in Portland

  6. while i sympathize with the people of portland i am not surprised at this, tell me what has changed for the past 30yrs leave the politics and hold the MPs accountable to every word, but we forget so easily. and is too emotional about politics/politicians

  7. You should see the road in Leyton valley from 1985 this road don’t fix they are doing absolutely nothing for Leyton valley

  8. Tufton’s claims of cost of covid testing in US are not true. I travel and have tests regularly and they are free without insurance in many places. I have never paid in the US and the US reimburses me for the test I need in Jamaica to return to the US by air.

  9. MORE PAY FOR JAMAICA’S TEACHERS…we know the work hard, but if you don’t see what your working for why bother? Why stay? Come on.. health, education and security personnel are expected to give of their/our best…Mister Finance Minister that could never be regarded as your best..wheel and come again sir.

    1. Please say where you live in America. All my COVID tests are paid for by the insurance. And the ones to travel I pay for them out of my pocket.

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