1. @Austin Smith Okay, which oath? What specific line in that oath backs up what the claim that was made. I never list wapo, CNN, MSNBC as sources.

    2. Reminds me of November 3rd 2020: “stop counting the votes!”, then
      “keep counting the votes!”
      Whatever he thinks is going to benefit him in the moment.

  1. Gee, I wonder what would happen to a poor common person like me if I was caught with just 1 page of a Top Secret document on Nuclear weapons in my basement let alone 12 boxes full?!🤔

    1. @Rafa Romo she did testify for hours in a hearing and was eventually cleared of wrongdoing.

      Your cult leader is going down.

    1. @HG Services the only people 45 “played like a fiddle” are his cult followers. A fool and his money are soon parted!

  2. Why are some whistleblowers praised and labeled a hero, but others get called a traitor and are actively pursued or totally ignored with the cover of them being conspiracy theorists

    1. Bc some whistleblowers do it for the public interest and others do it for personal gain. Which of the two should be lauded or vilified?

    2. @Man James government works for the best interest of the people, not employed by the people. Sometimes they make hard decisions that pays off down the line, it might not be popular at the time but everyone benefits in the end. Taxpayers do not pay gov employees salaries either. They pay because that is what is right. Gov employees provide a service and is compensated for it, but a taxpayer is not their boss.

    1. @HG Services Lincoln still spotted around the White House many years after his death especially at night. 😬😬

    1. The only time I recall Trump telling the truth . Good job Donny telling America that you are as guilty
      as the Mob .

  3. If he really had nuclear weapons documents after hosting a golf event for the Saudis then Trump is fucked. This is grounds for treason, wtf.

  4. “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives. A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy or perhaps both”
    ― James Madison

  5. What did he intend to do with those top secret documents?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to auction it all off to the highest bidder.

    1. @Marks Video Channel I’m not. I’m bloody serious! If this is nuclear arms info, this is precisely why he has them.

    2. @B M If he were to do that, he would be in prison for the rest of his life with no chance of parole or have any other country that would swap him out for one of theirs. Even Putin wouldn’t go near that.

  6. Never would i have assumed that the people of this country could put self preservation above our systems of government….All for a guy who would throw ANYONE under the bus the moment it benefited him. Hard to believe that everything this country has gone through would bring us to such an ugly chapter. It really is tragic!

    1. @Chuck Rambo then you must be asking the wrong people. YES… I would support Joe Biden and vote for him again. I would vote for Mickey Mouse over a republican ANY day.

    2. @Chuck Rambo He IS getting it done despite being blocked at every turn by Mitch McConnell and his senate.. and the reason why he is getting things done is because the senate is HIS home… he knows how to talk with senators to get things done and, unlike the barking yam, he actually gives a crap about this country and the people in it.

  7. No matter what was in the “Gov`t property” documents,that aside,how does he escape the theft charge ?

    They were not n his to have

    Theft og Gov`t property/documents itself is a serious charge

    He will get a trial,but theft is self evident

  8. I wonder if he tried to make copies of some of the top secret papers, and passed them along to someone who would hold them for him? I mean, he had these things in his possession for a long time.

    1. Jennifer anything is possible. Thats wh u U S. WANTS those papers classified documents back in archives

  9. Wow a love this guy they are interviewing. So sharp and well spoken, and love that he is fine for calling Trump pathetic for making all those Watergate comparisons with no knowledge of what actually happened in Watergate,

  10. The possibility of suggesting a 2nd term is beyond comprehension. What would the average citizen think the dire consequences of that would be? You cannot imagine..

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