'We already have vaccine certificates': Reporter questions Christine Elliott | COVID-19 in Ontario 1

‘We already have vaccine certificates’: Reporter questions Christine Elliott | COVID-19 in Ontario


Ont. Health Minister Christine Elliott was questioned over why the province won't implement a vaccine passport as cases continue to rise.

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    1. @T W I don’t trust her I’ve been a huge thorn in her side the last 18 mths. She is my MPP and I know how corrupt she is. I just like to clear things up, we don’t need any misinformation at this point.

  1. Does this now mean that businesses are now financially liable if they’re employees fall I’ll?I smell many lawsuits.

  2. “Up to the businesses” pretty much means we can’t be held liable for the backlash to be expected with discriminatory practices, anyone with two eyes saw this coming

    1. It’s only discrimination if it’s related to something that you can’t very easily change. Restaurants aren’t ‘discriminating’ against patrons who refuse to wear socks and shoes; they’re following reasonable health guidelines. Vaccines are no different.

  3. Say if Walmart or big box stores force this somehow, will just give more money to amazon. Any business that steps out of line to force customers is going to lose a ton of business and customers will not forget about it either.

  4. Vaccines have never been mandated in Canada in ANY province. Ontario and New Brunswick only require an affidavit for medical, religious or philosophical exemption. Easy enough to get. I wish these reporters would get their facts straight.

    1. @jennyo82 How is a requirement not a mandate if you live in Ontario you probably still have your little yellow booklet

    2. @skeets saer parents can still send their kids to school unvaccinated with a legal affidavit. Look up the laws. The little yellow booklet is optional

  5. In the UK where my family lives, the government have said the same thing. We will leave it up to Individual businesses, but if you don’t implement it we will fine you !!!

    1. I don’t know what to believe after listening to them for a year and a half. Seems like they don’t know what the heck they are doing.

    2. @incipidsigninsetup al capone worked with the government, why else do you think he went so long without getting caught? The Canadian government paid the NS shooter $475,000 three days prior to the shooting, and you think this is an exaggeration? CIA = cocaine import agency

  6. Soon we won’t be able to travel from town to town without hearing papers please. Sound familiar ? If you don’t see what’s coming yer an igit.

    1. @Dapper Canuck Did you see what happened to the couple on Ontario who came back from vacation unjabbed? $25,000 in fines is what happened.

  7. Oh sure, it’s up to businesses just like in Quebec and France, where there’s fines for admitting unvaccinated customers.

  8. Bottom line, it’s your choice what you put in your body, and it’s nobody’s business what you’ve put or not put in your body. We’re forced as infants to be injected with vaccines.

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