'We Are Still In Search And Recovery,' Says Miami-Dade County Mayor 1

‘We Are Still In Search And Recovery,’ Says Miami-Dade County Mayor


Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava joins Morning Joe to discuss the latest in the search and recovery efforts underway following last week's building collapse.

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'We Are Still In Search And Recovery,' Says Miami-Dade County Mayor


  1. Unfortunately the way the building fell, it basically pancaked everyone between floors of concrete. It’s very unlikely they will find anyone still alive at this point.

    1. @lorain If you had crumbling sidewalk in front of your house, the city would harass/fine you until it was repaired. They receive a copy of the 2018 inspection report and they fail to even follow up and make sure structural issues are repaired. Insane.

    2. @Dittzxthat’s unknown, but a possibility. Until they’re able to do a full investigation, we won’t know the actual cause. I’ve done investigations in the construction industry, and I’ve learned to not assume anything because that brings bias to the investigation and makes the results flawed. And now, I’m studying to be an engineer, that same basis is taught to us in school.

    3. Did you see the report of the person getting calls from Grand parents landline? 16 over the last few days and when they answered…. it is just static…..sadly someone is still alive and pinned !

    4. it surely doesn’t look good at this point but the Lord moves in strange ways. we have to be patient and help the rescue workers as best we can

    5. @Murray Flewelling Basically you’re right. It’s well known that Miami Beach has been sinking for some time by now.. Ocean water constantly overflowing the city drainages and nowhere to go but up, salt water and cement a bad cocktail.

  2. “We want to be sure the buildings are inspected adequately.

    It was inspected….it’s public record.

    The knew. They knew and did nothing.

    1. Lots of places are inspected and need repairs, it is not the city’s fault that the Condo owners were not told how serious it was……I saw a woman interviewed and if you tell an average person there are cracks that will need a repair……they do not think the building will collapse LOL……This is not the city, it is a clear example of capitalist greed that did not want to spend 9 million !

    2. @Murray Flewelling The greatest problem America faces is not know the difference between public and private issues and which is causing them. Spoilers; its almost always private.

    3. @Murray Flewelling Those who inspect should have to check back (within a reasonably time period) and make sure repairs were made. If none were made, the building owners should be jailed and fined until they make the repairs. That would be how it is except for the fact that the politicians, law enforcement officials, and others are corrupt and being paid off to look the other way. So, yeah. Greed did lead to this… corruption and greed.

  3. Google earth shows there was a brand new building (a 16 story hotel) put up right next door in 2018 (use Google timeline). Did the construction of that building have any effect on this collapsed building?

    1. That’s secondary. Once the lethal code violations were reported the building probably should have been condemned. But we’re talking about corrupt Florida…

  4. The questions I want to see asked…

    Why have the politicians and other authorities been lying to the families and the public?

    Why, for several hours, did Miami authorities prevent the Israeli search and rescue team from leaving Miami Airport so they could go to the scene and start helping?

    Who are all of those people always seen standing behind the politicians and other officials at briefings for the public? You know, the ones who never speak and are never asked questions. Are they family and friends of the politicians and other officials? Why are they there if them being there serves no purpose?

    Why is it that 99% of what the public gets to see is politicians, other officials, newspeople, news tents, and emergency vehicles, instead of getting to see the work going on to find survivors and bodies? You know, the very thing we all really want to watch. Don’t bother mentioning the very small amount of video which is being repeatedly played as if it is new video of it.

    Why is it that the politicians and other officials keep using briefings as praise and back-patting sessions, instead of actually briefing anyone? To constantly repeat a very small amount of old information does not constitute updates and spending 99% of the time at briefings just praising and back-patting is not what briefings are about.

    1. @Mitch Pynn Nothing could worsen their suffering if a loved one is now deceased. No one is asking for cameras to zoom into the faces, or remains, of those pulled from the rubble. People want to watch the effort, not look at politicians, news people, news tents, and emergency vehicles.

      The families (everyone, in fact) do not have the choice to see more or not. That is because those in control prefer to give themselves time on television and to self-glorify themselves instead of showing what the public really wants to see.

    2. @NO BS The last 10 years have seen deaths from bridge collapse, botched demolition, collapse of a building under construction + many non-fatal incidents, bungled “report” system, poor support for people affected. We’ll just have to disagree on the public showing of film.

    3. @NO BS The families have visited the site – if they want to make their videos public they can. The point I was trying to add, in as brief a form as possible, was that the problem of concrete decay was known but no action taken on filed reports.

    4. @Mitch Pynn No one said anything about the families making their videos of the site public or not. Have the families said they made videos of the site? I didn’t say that. I am talking about the videos from the news media. Please, try to comprehend what you read before making replies to it.

  5. There’s no hope for survival. They might find a mouse or two, but they won’t find living human beings.

    1. It does speak volumes. She let it slip that this is a search and body recovery effort, not a search and rescue effort. The fact is, ever since the second morning they had switched from search and rescue to search and body recovery, but they keep lying to everyone that it is still search and rescue.

  6. Biden acted immediately to do the right and helpful thing. trump would have blamed, criticized, whined about how much Florida is costing and tossed paper towels.

    1. Biden was wondering where the city of Florida was. When he found out it wasn’t a city it reminded him of the wet blonde hair being rubbed on his leg.

    2. @Stone Men Well no one could be as confused as Trump, he still thinks massive fraud will show up any day now, and even more hilarious….that he can be reinstated as President…LMAO !!!!!!!!!!

  7. no surprise the great builder left his own country’s infrastructure in shambles all this talk about wall and can’t even keep buildings inspected properly sad what happened to the lives lost but if u live in a country with mostly religious people you should be used to it by now

  8. Stop letting those slumlords get away with this kind of behavior someone or ppl need to go to jail for letting this happen

    1. My son was in construction in CA for over 30 years until he was injured on the job and then “thrown under the bus” by the company for which he had worked over 15 years. He told me he was actually glad to be unable to work in construction anymore because there is so much graft and corruption in the building industry all over the country. It sickened him that they short-cutted, used inferior materials and got away with payoffs that could endanger the lives of the people that would occupy the structures.

  9. The condo association needs to be partly responsible because they collect fees every month but don’t want to do the work I know because I’m experiencing the same thing I’m fighting with a condo Corporation I have to take them to court to court order them to do the work that I pay for every month they want the monthly fees but they don’t want to do the work and now people are dead because of it

  10. Does the “voluntary” evacuation also include that their rent will be covered by the owner of the building? I saw an interview with one young woman who said she had to stay because she couldn’t afford to go elsewhere. She was frightened to stay in the building.

  11. Chances of 161 deaths at the hands of corporate greed. Sounds like the UK Grenfell Tower tragedy…..😥😥😥

  12. It is the most pathetic rescue, it’s infuriating listening to these officials. move some of those large pieces off the pile, folks if there is an earthquake and you and your loved ones are under it, this is going to be the response from those unaffected. Epic Tragedy

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  14. Search and recovery I thought it was search and rescue? Guess they made a boo boo during there live stream

  15. You need bucket brigades to get that rubble cleared out… You’re moving too slow…Falling debris can be controlled by hanging rubber tarps/sheeting. So slow. Not enough manpower…😔🇺🇸

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