‘We are turning the corner on inflation’: Bank of Canada key rate decision

Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem explains the latest interest rate decision.

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  1. These rate hikes are an admission they were asleep at the wheel, no one should have confidence in these insitutions. So called “experts” that haven’t learned basic monetary policy anyone can find on youtube. Stuffing their own pockets.

    1. Uhm, you should study your history. Without these types of measures we’d be heading towards hyper inflation… we’d be in a mass unemployment situation and huge crash

  2. Collectively as Canadians, what can we do to help accelerate the development of our inflation come down to normal levels?

    1. Get rid of the current Liberal-NDP federal government, and put in place a government committed to fiscal prudence.

  3. We need to get the best fiscal minds together right now. That doesn’t include the ones that drove the bus off the cliff. House in Niagara Falls New York 100,000 dollars. House in Niagara Falls Canada 600,000. Something isn’t right and we know how it got there. We need new leadership is banking

    1. The population of Niagara Falls, ON is double that of Niagara Falls, NY. The market is working as it should.

  4. If economic developments fall broadly in line with what is published today, Pierre Poilievre is going to end this man’s career. Tiff will have plenty of time to pause and assess whether his monetary policy was sufficiently restrictive enough to starve your average Canadian into defaulting on their overpriced igloos and food banks run out of poutine and maple syrup.

    1. @Jono Of course it makes a difference. Every, single, vote matters when added to all the other single votes. That’s how democracy works. If you think it doesn’t, I suggest North Korea might be the right place for you.

  5. Can somebody explain where all that extra money that ordinary Canadians are paying on added interest rates is going to, for example , credit loans ( not secured ) went up 150% , from 3.9% to 10.9% , mortgage rates from 3.0% to 5.5 + % – 6.0 % +and private lenders beyond 7% +.
    Who created crisis , a War situation , Pandemic , ordinary citizens or something or somebody else for specific reason!

  6. excellent strategy. let’s raise the interest rates to 10% and make everyone homeless. At least bananas are not too expensive.

  7. This piece of garbage gets to see the Emergecy Act verdict for 2 weeks before the public can see it..the defendant gets early access to the verdict.. thats integrity and honesty right there.

  8. And counting. Rates will increase to 6 percent before they pause. Too much excess demand due to labor shortages in the economy thanks to the pandemic.

  9. This guy is the epitome of incompetence,,,,,,he should have been gone long ago….corruption at its best.

  10. Your are a lier Sir. When the carbon tax goes up on April fool’s day.
    You Sir will be forced to raise rates again to deal with higher justinflation aka the carbon tax.

  11. Hit 200k today. Thank you for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over the last months. Started with 14k in June 2022

    1. @Toddy Murphy He’s on What’s Apk, 👇 but you have to tell him I refered you, so he can get to your message fast

    2. Thanks guys! I already have 2 income streams but I want more so that I can retire soon. I will get in touch with him right away, at least I’ll be doing this together with my partner.

    3. I can sincerely say he’s one of the best Traders I have ever seen in the state in the past few years, now cutting losses and ensuring profits..

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