1. It was a politicol move to jump infront of the dems reform plans. Now he can go against it saying he already did something while actually not changing anything

    1. And the order doesnt define what is an acceptable “risk” under which a chokehold can be used. In other words, it is useless.

    2. @James Peter Facts!!! I’ve as a black man who has been pulled over and stopped while jogging cuz I fit the description of a criminal that was in the neighbor this order means nothing tbh we were suppose to be treated fairly and equally in the 1960’s and u see how that went. An officer can say that they’re lives are in danger and still get away with cold blooded murder. So we’ll see what happens next as for me I’m still scared to leave my home.

    3. I think a lot of people forget that he actually endorsed police brutality. He said cops should slam suspect’s heads into squad cars. Funny, but when Trump is credibly accused of something, he starts whining about how suspects are innocent until proven guilty, (as if even the guilty forfeit their civil right to not get beaten down by the cops).

    4. @Mr. Getreal As a Black man Sir.. I Pray that you know that Billions of us Globally are with you on this..Enough is enough..Nobody should be afraid to leave their own home..Nothing great will happen under Trump but “If” Biden gets in he can show the world that he has meant every word he has said and make it a huge priority to start putting radical change in place. Stay Safe Sir..

  1. Imagine thinking your winning when really you never had a chance because the games been rigged from the start

    1. Imagine you think you are better than other Humans. Even though you make less than the 1%, Hell, you are in fact earning as much as the bottom 10%. You were still white, and that was better than being…..
      That is the mindset. That is taught. they have no idea they can punch up. The only thing they know is to kick down.
      Most don’t understand equality, as they have never seen it. The game was rigged in their favor from birth. They never knew.
      Imagine moving the goal post now. If the Administration can move them, so can the people.

    2. @Don Hardcastle DESTROY ZEBRA APARTHEID.
      The discriminatory practice of blacks and whites including themselves in all forms of media (to the exclusion of Hispanics Asians people from the Middle East Native Americans). Movies television shows game shows commercials etc.
      This zebra apartheid programming elevates the status and importance of blacks and whites to the exclusion of every other minority.

      Hispanics have also died at the hands of police but there is not this obsessive sick chronic attention.
      We die it’s a boring side story and who cares.

      there is not just White privilege there is also black privilege.

      Destroy zebra apartheid

      The lives of Hispanic Americans are just as important and precious as the lives of blacks or whites.

    3. @Don Hardcastle this obama demon is on his way to hell as we speak God reserves a place for evil pedafiles and all evil demon democrats will soon be there in the name of Jesus Amen

    1. We have to pay our politicians to do anything. (Pacs, super pacs, lobbying).

      We have to give tax breaks to drive hybrid cars and build “green” buildings. Money makes moves. Stop criticizing everything

    2. @Andres Cruz Maybe if there were actual penalties for carbon emissions and not just ‘incentives’ then we’d actually affect climate change. And maybe if there were actual legal penalties for cops breaking the law, we wouldn’t need to pay them off to not assault and kill people.

    1. unfortunately video evidence rarely matters to the department and almost never matters to the unions

    2. @jessi again You should see the body cam and dash cam footage of the police shooting in Atlanta.

    3. Agreed, there shouldn’t be an option on the body camera to even turn it off at all ever, it shall remain on throughout their shift. Technology, is more than capable of accomplishing this.

    1. @Nathan Logan … PS, Camden is still a high crime rate city. So defunding didn’t do what you think it did.

    2. Jerry Marasco – WTF are you even talking about? Did you take the short bus to school? I simply stated a couple of facts.

  2. All an officer has to do is say he felt his life was in danger and choke someone out again. Nothing changes. I’m tired of van.

    1. You can say that about any self defense case in America. One thing you don’t understand is that he is simply protecting a citizen’s right to self defend when in danger.

    2. The White House position is the “bad apples” argument that denies that systemic police brutality exists. Trump actually told cops to ram suspects’ heads into squad cars.

    3. Interesting, that’s all women or black people have to say to validate their ‘sexist or racist’ allegations.

    4. You’re tired of him because he praised the president for something ? You people are pathetic and really need to get help from hating trump so much…you look like a lunatic

  3. I don’t know why but when trump said “these standards will be as high and as strong as there is on Earth” i got chills thru my whole body

    1. Defund Congress and the Senate – First off, the Senate is part of Congress, so your name is redundant. Second, Trump is the president and he inserts himself into everything, so yeah, the news is going to cover him.

    1. Number of people shot to death by the police in the United States from , by race 2019 white 370, Black 235.

    1. @Kathleen Martin u are one dumb Karen arent you. When a citizen gets arrested with their child, the child gets taken away. But when an illegal breaks the law, they get to have their kids come to jail too? U dumb Karen. U are just an angry Karen

    2. @Rick Sanchez do you want reservations like the natives? Do you want your own TV network like BET? What exactly do you want from whitey? What can my privileged white self do for your tortilla baking asz

  4. Empty promises. But at least there is federal acknowledgment that the law enforcement system is f@cked up!

  5. I’m tired of all this winning in the Trump administration. I think I’m ready for some losing with Joe Biden….

    1. I’m on the fence of Joe Biden, first of all I absolutely hate Donald Trump, I have never liked this guy, never I never liked him back in the early 90s when he would pop up here and there I definitely did not like him when he had that stupid show, I’ve always disliked this orange baboon, with Joe Biden isn’t much better both are showing mental decline, Joe Biden has been a corrupt politician for 50 years, Joe Biden has made no difference in America, all he’s going to be is a puppet for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and others, we need someone who is not going to be controlled by anyone, who truly has the best interest of the American people at heart we needed someone like Bernie Sanders, so I’m hoping when AOC is old enough to run for president that she does, because I believe she will be the one to make a positive difference in the world

    2. not very smart. Why didn’t Obama do this? this problem existed for decades. Biden us putting on a clown show.

  6. Just forget about signing executive orders if you really want to do something good for you country, trump.
    Sign your resignation instead!

  7. “Unless there lifs is in danger”so what rights do the citzens that are being killed have🤔sounds like a foolish plan to just shut people up

    1. Who Signed off on this But Wait Not To Worry 1st Covid 19,he didnt Listen 2nd Protest/riots/looters,Didnt Listen 3rd Just wait!The Universe will Always give Warnings Nothing just up And Happen,Until you Recieve The Lesson.

    1. When Trump is retired and Biden is in…we have to hold them to the fire and see real reform started.. This is crap.

    2. @Kathleen Martin EXACTLY…..this was just ANOTHER ” coloring book” session for the Baby and Chief” !!!

    3. apparently many cops feel at risk all the time since they are terrified of people’s backsides… & sandwiches & pockets, & skin tone and nighttime and strangers and other cops..& people who know the law better than they do…

    4. Exactly. All the police have ever had to do is say that THEY felt their life was in danger.
      We need WAY more than this.

    5. @Terry Hawkins Everything is a frigging Photo Op for Mr Trump and his cronies… However this time…I sure hope things will start to seriously change.. The entire World is watching and enough must be enough.. Surely after all that our “Un esteemed Divider In Chief” has done over these past 4 years in regards to Racial Issues… Mr Biden and the Dems will get things in motion for serious change.. A few Hundred Years late but we all have to demand it..

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