‘We Can’t Let Our Guard Down’ On Virus, Says Dr. Gottlieb | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the coronavirus epidemic is still spreading but at a slower rate. Dr. Gottlieb also predicts the country will see infections coming from recent protests and that the fight against the virus will be a long haul. Aired on 06/11/2020.
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'We Can't Let Our Guard Down' On Virus, Says Dr. Gottlieb | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Trump supporters disapprove when people take a knee to protest police brutality, yet allow Confederate flags to fly instead of the American flag! Tell me again who is disrespecting the American flag and this country?

    1. Cindy Pomerleau …Definitely. And don’t forget to mark your calendar, Democrats vote on November 3 this year; Republicans on November 4.

    2. KZ ….It really doesn’t matter who you vote for as an individual. At the end of the day, the electoral college selects the president.

    3. @David Jimenez that’s right the constitution warns us about AOC the marxist moron and tyranny that these radical marxist dictators on the left are pushing

  2. The media and whomever else, needs to cover how those hit with more severe cases of COVID-19 suffer, whether in hospitals or at home. With few exceptions, we hear about statistics and symptoms, but not enough about how devastating it can be to those directly affected. It’s easy for a lot of people just ignore this pandemic unless it comes to their front door.

    1. GoGreen1977 what no one is talking about is the people who have survived the virus. What health issues care they are left with You can’t be that sick and bounce back too 100% no one talks about these people and we really need to know

    2. I am from Malaysia, you are right on point. Seems like there is nobody from CDC or any other health experts who specialize in virology are giving briefings to explain guidelines or create awareness among the US citizens. I might be wrong but I feel that there is too much political influence and interference that is limiting the necessary information.

    3. @Ruthanne Perry I hear talk about this all the time,Ruthanne…Just read about a hairstylists who had the virus and attended to over 140 people None of them contacted it…The iracle case that it may be,we musn’t treat it like it’s “over” #Staysafe

  3. Trump doesn’t care , we are all expendable. What ever the boy genius says you can bet the opposite will happen.

    1. So him signing a $250m bill of funding to black colleges was because he doesn’t care? 🤔 Okay Einstein, sounds like you’re the resident in opposite land

    2. @15k DOW 2022 Yadda Yadda. Anything less than a $14 Trillion (& counting) check specifically paid to ADOS then we speaka no Ingles

    3. Trump didn’t organize the protests. The media glorified it… Sorry but get ready for a MASSIVE wave..


    5. Well said Steven Farina! My theory is whatever genius says I do the

      He opposed mail in voting. He says its fraudulent. There has been
      0 facts that this is true.

      I’m voting by mail to OUST the LOUSE!

  4. People when you go vote take a lawn chair and food drinks snacks ipad your phone. Anything you need to make your wait pleasant. Dont let these idiots okey doke you.

    1. Donny Dumpster is TRYING HIS BEST to stop voting for Democrats!!! He is hiding in his bunker rage tweeting with “Missy Graham” wink wink….all who need to step up their game to get him elected. Oh yea, he has a “hot line” to VLAD of course!!!!!

    2. @Debbie H you sound like the white liberal. The real racist. The slave masters of old. The destroyer of what it means to be a democrat.

    1. Totally agree Mary Booth! This other incompetent, immoral has done
      little to pass laws dealing with semi- auto. weapons!

      We know he & the most lawless prez. is in the pocket of the NRA! Rest
      assure that if either of their family members succumbed because of
      gun violence, strict gun laws would be on the books!

  5. How timely; two weeks after Memorial Day. We all saw those videos of people gathering. No masks, no distancing. No wonder.
    And the states that never took it serious and never shut down…. well there you go!

    1. Yup…..and I don’t CARE ABOUT THEM…..but who knows where they “come home to and associate with without our knowledge”……THAT is the problem!!!! ):

    2. I ask myself WHY the American people have such difficulty in accepting the fact that the Pandemic is real and isn’t going to stop for a memorial day celebration or a hairdresser’s appointment or a shopping spree at Walmart. There has never really been a real lockdown! I am writing from Italy where we were literally closed in our houses for almost three months and we still have some cases even if it has almost gone. The worst is not behind us!!

  6. How would a person know if they are asymptomatic ??
    There is a lot still happening in this mystery virus?…

    1. You see crowds of people, it’s not in the news, you have been doing this long enough and you change how you have been behaving. And individually there is probably low risk, but you take 100 households changing behavior and there is certainty about some of the households getting infected.

    2. Thank you for your questions Nicole Rice! Don’t believe that u are aware if you r asymptomatic.
      There is much that we still don’t know about this deadly virus!

  7. My partner is in an area of Galicia in Spain that was a hot spot but they totally closed. Totally shut down and you could not even leave your house apart from getting food ver locally and put plenty of police out to enforce it. It worked. Now Galicia is completely open again including bars. The USA has a poor leader that didn’t take it seriously didn’t even wear a mak himself and mocked those that did. And now instead of opening with no cases and a full track and trace system in place, the USA is opening with cases going up.
    This is American arrogance at its worst. Even this network constantly talks about ‘American exceptionalism,’ as if Americans are magical when they actually fall far down education, health and other charts of developed nations.

    1. Yeah. We just want to be proud of what we’re trying to do here. Our original intent that lives on in the hearts of those seeking liberty and justice for all, are still trying to form a more perfect union. Humbly.
      Acknowledging our mistakes.
      Trying again.
      We are the real Americans.
      Exceptionalism has no place here. Only to do our part here and in the world, to make the world a better place for humans to live.
      We care.
      That’s our battle cry.
      We fight tyrants.
      That’s our battle cry.
      That’s who we are and who we aspire to be.
      It looked like we were down, but look what we did?
      We the people took to the streets and said NO MORE!!
      Suffering tear gas, beatings, threats, yet they still march on, seeking justice and love for the very least of these, George Floyd, and for all.
      And they march on.
      That’s America.
      It’s exceptional only in that we aspire to do better and be as exceptional as we can in that.
      Certainly, we don’t claim to be better than any good hearted human across the globe. That’s the whole point.
      But as we all know, goodness always has badness chasing close on it’s heels to stop it.
      Dunno why.

    2. Mine is in Israel. I was supposed have joined him already, but travel is too dangerous at present. Israel shut down early, required the wearing of masks, did temperature checks, and did quite well (other than in Haredi and Arab neighborhoods). But, they opened too quickly, and are seeing a rise in cases again.

    3. I agree with Robert.
      Its not political. Proof of failure is against the US handling of the virus. Just look at other countries who have succeeded.
      Sorry … I watch from another nation and you guys reallly drink the cool aide

    4. I agree completely with you..I am writing from Italy where we were literally closed in our houses for three months. Like Spain we have been devastated physically and psychologically by this experience…now we are undergoing the economic turmoil it has caused. It is real and must be faced with a national, symptomatic approach otherwise it is your death call.Take care

  8. Covid is Covid. Doesn’t care who has what agenda, opinions, theories. It’s going to run its truck through human beings until it’s run its course.

    1. Covid-19 doesn’t care what we think, but it matters what we do. Herd immunity is a result, not a strategy. There are different ways to get to it, or to avoid it to buy time. I prefer getting my little piece of herd immunity with a vaccine, or by surviving infection with treatment drugs/regimens. Others may prefer getting hit by the Covid truck.

  9. It’s all Trump’s fault for ignoring early intelligence and getting rid of the pandemic team in 2018. This administration needs to be held accountable.

    1. Perfectly stated DRSmetal! It is my fervent prayer & hope is that when he is booted out of office, he is “held accountable!”

      You and I would be jailed DRS metal! Let’s see what are legal system
      has in store for this MOST LAWLESS prez!

  10. Yet at the same time we need this Black Lives Matter momentum not wasted… This is the time to enlighten people… So those protesting please be safe..

  11. Reported : National Guard Members Responding To D.C. Protests Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus .

    1. Way to go criminal 45! More blood on your hands! You can’t be thrown out soon enough!

      Thank you Mika, Joe and Dr. Gottlieb!

  12. health care professionals: try to stay 1.5-2 meters away from each other.
    People: oke
    Me: looking at an intersection more packed with people then ants in an ants nest…

  13. And yet…President BoneSpurs is going to hold a Rally in Tulsa next week? Such a stable genius…🤪

  14. I don’t trust him. He sucked at the FDA and sold his soul there. We’ll see. But… He’s shown who he is when he abandoned pain patients. We begged him. He couldn’t care less.

    1. FDA is a joke! How much money is paid to them not to evaluate the statements made on bottles of vitamins and other supplements?

  15. Too late. It was more important to empower the rioters. Just shows virus really was a plandemic.

  16. Had your stimulus party, protesting and rioting… get ready for a Tsunami of the silent killer.

  17. I’ve been Quarantined for months and because people couldn’t sacrifice, stay home and not be selfish, for all our benefit, its stronger than ever!!!! This society, these selfish people, haven’t sacrificed ever….

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