1. This is why we need a better system of checks and balances and also limit the number of government officials that have access to classified documents!

    1. The needs for checks and balances are always important however it is waste of time if the checks and balances aren’t enforced and they don’t have teeth. The US government since the financial crisis of 2008 has turned a blind eye to a lot of corporate criminality this of course has likely created a big opportunity for America’s enemies countries that enemies of the US at the same time have diplomatic relations with the United States some of those countries are the traditional enemies of the US others though will be African South American and Asian countries that pretend to be neutral but in reality are allies with America’s traditional enemies so what opportunities has the financial crisis of 2008 going on fifteen years now created for countries that are enemies of the US well the US government might turn a blind eye to corrupt American’s but America’s traditional enemies and their allies obviously have taken notice of such corrupt American’s namely those countries intelligence agencies operating out of their countries embassies and consulates have been gathering dirt on such corrupt American’s to blackmail them.and force them to work for America’s enemies this is the sort of tricks that have been used by the kgb now the FSB in the past they done it to the British and the US how many other corporate crooks may have been turned in the west who are likely spying for the enemies of the western alliance probably a lot.So what’s to be done well time to get the US government to let the FBI counter intelligence do its job and start digging the same will have to be done by every NATO country plus other allies of the US will also need to get their counter intelligence agencies to work to uncover as many of these moles as possible to undermine their espionage activities as much as possible.That means no one in the military industrial complex the military’s of allies of the US bureaucrats of Western countries politicians and so the list would go on until proven otherwise and such counter intelligence work and investigations would take long time however once some moles are exposed the others will be looking over their shoulder and some will try to flee undermining that activities of these moles in a big way.The thing is America’s traditional enemies ain’t completely stupid the Russian military has failed in a lot of ways but the FSB once called the KGB has probably had a significant amount of success that means the US needs to clean house starting now and so will countries allied to the US that means our politicians bureaucrats etc will have to smarten up stop protecting corporate crooks and tighten up stop trying to protect a status quo that no longer works for the rest of us it ain’t good enough.

    2. @Mystic Cove It doesn’t matter what school you claimed to have attended. That’s not an intelligent remark.

      You’re either 1) a open Trump supporter; or 2) a closeted Trump supporter making a fake attempt at desperately trying to sound like a centrist.

      You might not be the most informed in geopolitics, but if you’re trying to make a serious argument, you need substance.

      The Presidency is largely a head of state role and ceremonial role, so if you have a specific example of a geriatric condition or cognitive condition affecting administration of government.

      Roles overseeing the judiciary, execution of law, or being a political executive requires doesn’t require an age restriction. I don’t always agree with Mitch McConnell, but I’m sure he knows a hell of a lot more than you will at Senate procedures.

      I’m barely old enough to run for president, but you wouldn’t catch me ever making dumb ageist comment about the most important job on Earth.

    3. Withe everything going electronic, both storage, copies and posted on websites its rather easy for good hackers.

    4. Actually there should be a better system so documents doesn’t need to be classified. Such as, operate transparently and ethically. And make leaking mandatory and immune to prosecution if the public interest is in jeopardy.

  2. I love President Joe Biden!! 💙 I despise enemies of the United States. I hope karma comes for our foreign and domestic enemies sooner than later. I am grateful that Biden’s in charge during these times of chaos.

  3. If this is real and not a false flag operation. It would be like a tornado through relationships and possibly lives. Everybody in the Pentagon should have to be reivestigated. This is why intelligence committees should have more power to revoke clearances for any violation.

  4. Who was it who recently was caught hiding a lot of classified documents, demanded to be able to keep them and more than like made copies?
    oh ya…

    1. ​@Czarcastic 145fun fact. He still had to declare them declassifoed AND IT STILL HAD TO BE PROPERLY APPROVED.

  5. Why don’t they allow only selected ppl access to these docs..? It’ll be way way way easier to catch the leakers… And, why are they not keeping such docs in servers and computers that are not connected to the Inter or Intranet lines..?

  6. This reminds me of that Friends episode when they say ‘They don’t know that we know that they know that we know that they know’. It’s intelligence in a nutshell. This story is just a big US/Ukrainian intelligence operation before the Ukrainian offensive.

  7. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.

  8. I believe the world watches each other. It’s a must. People want to live peacefully. But we all know that it isn’t always possible. So we must always have eyes open. Sad to say.

  9. As an Arizonan who voted for Sinema when she first got elected, I felt early on that I was duped and, hating being manipulated, she has shot to the bottom of my list of trustworthy individuals. She’s a liar, a cheater, and a con artist. Just what the Republicans love! I would never ever vote for her again and I will be darn sure to do ample background research on anyone and everyone before I cast my vote next time.

  10. At least one of Arizona’s Representatives in US Congress gets what the real national security threat is, and why officials mishandling classified documents always makes us look bad, even if the content of the documents don’t carry real national security implications.

  11. Rep. Gallego’s support of Taiwan is based and much appreciated by liberty lovers everywhere

  12. There’s only one way to compensate for the damage done by the leaks: send a lot more weapons to Ukraine.

  13. How do these document get leaked? And who do we execute over it? If it’s within the US, that is high treason as far as I’m concerned

  14. Sinema will always be looked upon as a traitor to Arizona. All she ever did was raise money for herself.

    She needs to be investigated.

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