'We Inherited An Absolute Mess' Says DHS Head On Immigration | All In | MSNBC 1

‘We Inherited An Absolute Mess’ Says DHS Head On Immigration | All In | MSNBC


“We will restore humanity, order, and safety to our country’s immigration system,” Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas tells Chris Hayes.
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  1. “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.” – Pope Francis 2016

    1. @Xcris crosX . Don’t you think if this “home grown reich terrorists” that is so dangerous wanted to overthrow the Government on Jan 6th they would of actually brought guns? Not one of the “insurrectionists” had a gun with them

    2. @David Gray 1.they flew the confederate flag in the capital.
      2.They murdered a officer on duty.
      3. They chanted “hang Mike Pence” with a gallow.

  2. Trump leaves an “absolute mess” everywhere. From his draft dodging to his adulteries to his bankruptcies to his “university” to his “charity” to his birtherism to his hush money payments to his collusion with russian agents to his botching the pandemic defense to his incitement of insurrection, etc. Immigration is one of a long list of his messes.

    1. @Stan Leeger dems are satanic out in open. Working with cartels. Sending in 100 times more children.without parents. Ask any sheriff on borders.

    2. @Kevin Offutt gave his daughter to trump, who gave her to one of his lawyers… as payment

    3. Bask any sheriff just look at any. Border state because of Biden child trafficking has shot up over 100 times.

    4. You are nuts. Every single sheriff out in open has said Biden open borders had made it 100 times worse. Go look at any news channel on border all the pro Biden channels. That are local even show it. Pathetic. Thousand of kids are getting pushed over border no parent for child trafficking

    5. Don’t forget: He said they were drug runners. Looking at the pictures believe your eyes not the lies.

    1. Hahaha. no Mexicans stormed the capital. Unfortunately it was White supremacists. And trump followers just as crazy as Trump.

    2. But they will be there to clean it up and rebuild it! They Really know how Blessed we are to live in the USA! (I an in NO WAY implying anything derogatory when i say they will clean it. They clean and take care of the country cus they Love it)

    3. @Martha Martha Exactly.. The Immigrantsand Asylum Seekers were busy working..Not Stampeding Our Nations’ Capital.

    4. @scott mclendon Absolutely Sir.. The majority of these folks are simply families who want a fair chance at providing a better life for themselves and their children and they are willing to work their butts off for a chance at attaining their Citizenship down the road.. They appreciate what so many US born Folks just take for granted..

  3. And the Trump administration vandalized mountain ranges along the border.
    The scars on the land are irreversible n human time frames.

  4. Awesome! So they’re reunited as a family again. Those children hugged their”MOM”, as though they never expected to see her again!

    1. @guadalupe torres What ah’ CRUEL and TERRIFYING experience this has been for all those children separated from their parents.

  5. This is so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. So unnecessary, creating all this stress. So glad a human being is in charge now

  6. Can you imagine the feeling for both mother and children, only those who truly love their family and humans themselves are the only ones capable of knowing the importance of that moment just there,it should NEVER of happened EVER

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