‘We Might Have Looked At Our Last Free And Fair Election’

Cornell Belcher and A.B. Stoddard detail the true risk to voting rights in America and underscore the need for bit action from Democrats to fight GOP efforts to block the vote.
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    1. @Paul Kern Socialism is a bridge between capitalism and communism. We have been teetering on the bridge for a year. Example: Restaurants there is no evidence that people can get COVID-19 from eating food. But there is a risk with servers etc. So we understood closing them down. Then we notice the (socialism). Fancy restaurants with important friends. Like the “French Laundry” were discretely open. After a few months people were demanding when can WE open up. So the government provided guild-lines. Out door eating. So restaurants spent thousands of dollars setting up areas. Only to be told no, sorry. A good example was a CA woman. She spent thousands and was told no. But 50ft across the parking lot a movie company set up tents for food service. That double standard was fine no explanation. Another (Socialist Selection). If your a (WHITE) Restaurants owner you need not apply for a pandemic loan. The Restaurants are having to sue for there rights. THANK YOU BIDEN

    2. @Romance with the Past – I don’t need some ignorant SFB like you explaining anything to me. Go polish up your jackboots, you’re gonna need ’em. PS – is that the royal “we”?

    3. @Paul Kern I tried talking to you. In return you threaten me. “Go polish up your jackboots, you’re gonna need ’em” Pretty sorry on your part.

    4. @Romance with the Past – You post nonsense and expect to be treated with respect? And that’s not a threat, it’s a prediction of where your mindset leads.

    5. @Paul Kern Everything I said was facts and can be proven. You just offer insults and dribble don’t bother me.

  1. Stop talking about focusing and start working. The power is with the people, so far it seems as if we don’t count, yet the working class pays their salaries to keep them in office and all we get is a big fu__ you from these politicians. WTH!!!

    1. After the industrial age I never really believe we matter, all the politicians just wants money and their voice to be heard as if they are speaking for America working class!

    2. We are a failing democracy because of 1) the electoral college 2) plurality voting 3) the Senate 4) gerrymandering 5) voter suppression 6) money in politics, lobbyists, Citizens United

      The USA is like a robot punching itself in the face. You want to give it new programming, for a system upgrade…but, it’s too busy punching itself in the face.

    3. About voting…your vote is the only weapon you have. And even if it is a weak one (depending what state you live in), Republicans are doing their best from you wanting to use it. For me, that is why I vote…because Democrats work on a playing field tilted against us, and only voting en masse, can overcome it.

    4. @Bat Boy ya there are a good % more liberal people in the us than conservative…if people actually voted wed be fine

  2. Voter Nullification, which will affect everyone, passed in GA and TX, should scare suburban voters to Vote Blue in ’22.

    1. The Bill is (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) Under both the Elections Clause of Article I of the Constitution
      and the Electors Clause of Article II, States have principal—and with presidential elections, exclusive—
      Responsibility to safeguard the manner of holding elections. The Bill will be shut down in the SUPREME COURT

    2. The Bill is (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) Under both the Elections Clause of Article I of the Constitution
      and the Electors Clause of Article II, States have principal—and with presidential elections, exclusive—
      Responsibility to safeguard the manner of holding elections. The Bill will be shut down in the SUPREME COURT

    3. @Dach Well said. These people don’t read the bills or know the constitution. They are useful idjits and that’s a majority of Democrats and even some Republicans. They are damaging our Republic.

    4. The bill have not passed in Texas yet. Good news. The bill has been weakened to not include the right of nullification of the popular vote by a judge based on speculation of fraud. Also the bill changed from 1pm to 11am for early vote times…Smh🙄

  3. Joseph Stalin said he was not interested in who voted, he was only interested in who counted the votes.

    1. @Matt aka Xenon
      China’s got over a billion people. They have no other choice, but to embrace pure Capitalism. They can’t afford to pay a livable wage. Difference between them and us is their cost of living is way low. If they lose import/export deals, their economy collapses. They need other countries more them we need them. But because they focus alot on cheap labor and manufacturing electronics, their exports become Capitalist gains as we get alot of junk at high price. Bottom line is they get screwed, we get screwed and Capitalists laugh all the way to the bank.

    2. @Dizzy Duke the leaders of this country redefined socialism. Go by the 1980’s definition because definitions dont change. You are mislead, and thus delusional

    3. @Matt aka Xenon
      I’m not mad at all. In fact, for the first time in my life, I’m enjoying it. I feel clearly I made valid points. You just refuse to see it from a logical perspective. Debating with you is like scolding an unruly child. You want a cookie? The answer is no. Supper is almost done and if you want to pout about it, you can stand in the corner, till you realize you can’t have your way. So stop trying.

    1. @Stewart MacLean ?? He’s right, so what’s your malfunction? You call him stupid for a correct statement, perhaps it is you who are the dumb one? Yeah, I think so.

    2. @Lex Ruptor he’s not right. You’re just missing a few things. Like if we Push Manchin too far, he switches parties, then what, we lose the senate majority and can’t confirm ANYBODY let alone a justice, forget about passing anything, and then lose the house in the midterm…

      Okay let’s say he doesn’t flip, votes with us, gets a primary in WV, basically Trumplandia, and then lose the only chance of having a 50/50 dem senator from WV. It’s lose, lose. Which is why nothing is being done, and also why you shouldn’t be in charge lol.

  4. Soon as your net worth reaches a certain point, your ability to “serve the public” should end.

    1. Does this apply to Trump and ppl like him? You do know Republicans would be completely eliminated from ever being a president again with this logic? Or lack there of


  5. The US can always invite the UN to oversee the elections – similar to what they do in other third world countries.

    1. @Augie Rockero Under Trump, the US betrayed it’s “allies” in such a disgraceful and disrespectful way that trust may never be back. Your country may face credibility problems. I think you’ll lose what you call democracy within a decade or less.

    2. Good luck, USA! U will need it. Plus an awful amount of hard work to clean up the Qanon reptile poo all over!

  6. We have all these laws being broken and the solution??? “Let the People do our job with the ballot”. One won’t work without the Rule of Law to enforce moral and ethical behavior.

  7. We need to make voting compulsory so everyone who is registered to vote is held accountable. This will elevate all minority, senior citizens, disenfranchised voters.
    This will also hold the elected officials accountable to their constituents and less to their donors.

    1. It won’t matter if state legislatures can simply throw the election the way they want regardless of how the people voted.

  8. Last chance Democrats if you don’t vote and vote hard you’re gonna lose this country forever don’t be apathetic do you have to continue voting get a voter ID whatever it takes to take the day off work

  9. We live during an era wherein our “elected representatives” feel perfectly comfortable with _ignoring_ the wishes of the majority of their constituents. This must end now.

    1. @Mike W Our Founding Fathers would have thought that your wife, daughter, sister or mother going out to work was scandalous and amoral. Agree with them? Our Founding Fathers never imagined the Second Amendment would protect semi-automatic weapons that weren’t dreamed of in 1787, some of which are more formidable than anything police have at their disposal. Agree with them that AR-15’s are not protected by the Second Amendment? Our Founding Fathers thought that owning people was fine and dandy and conjured up reasons to justify it. Agree with them? However, our Founding Fathers set up a system in which they thought that when their ideas on the details became anachronistic, the system would adapt. Until recently, it has. And for that reason, we haven’t gone through the same number of constitutions as France (17 of them since ours was adopted) or Russia (8 since 1905) or Thailand (20 since 1932) or numerous nations in Africa. The point is that our Founding Fathers are not alive in 2021. If they were, they would need other people to keep them alive because they would have no idea how to do so on their own in our society. Farmers who used 18th century farming methods? Lawyers who didn’t know any of the law created after 1800? Homeowners who didn’t know what a light bulb (power-saving or otherwise) was? For all their useful skills in 1787, they knew nothing about living in the USA in the 21st century, and of course they didn’t and couldn’t. They were smart enough to craft a constitution that took that into account. We need to be just as smart as they were. And nif you want to live like in 1787, fine. No electricity, no running water, no motor vehicles or motorized ships, much less planes, no appliances, and most people die by the age of 50 or 55 because there’s very little medical science around. Is that the USA you yearn for?

    2. Tessmage Tessera: If you’re talking the majority of the nation, that’s one thing. But someone like MTG isn’t elected by the whole nation, but 300,000-400,000 voters in GA. She very effectively expresses the feelings of the majority of her constituents, as does AOC, to pick a multi-initialed rep on the other side. The problem is not that the reps don’t represent, it’s that gerrymandering (done most egregiously by Republicans these days, but also sometimes by Dems — look at the congressional map of Maryland), lets the reps choose their constituents. If AOC ran in Eastern Oregon or MTG in a Chicago district, they’d either have to change their tunes 180 degrees or they’d lose in a massive landslide because those positions wouldn’t be representing their new constituents.

    3. @Gnirol Namlerf “Founding Fathers never imagined the Second Amendment would protect semi-automatic weapons”
      lol and yet they had fully automatic weapons as well as cannons
      u blueanons tho haha

    4. @Gnirol Namlerf “For all their useful skills in 1787, they knew nothing about living in the USA in the 21st century”
      except they could live in the woods and u cant haha
      more like u couldnt survive in the 1700s but im sure they would be fine

    5. @Gnirol Namlerf Nope, they don’t represent. They simply take money and then do as they’re told.

    1. @Willow Moon Well us Independent conservatives still haven’t seen proof of claims. People keep acting like they’ve read these bills or laws and they have not. Also where in the constitution does it mention the federal government running state elections?

  10. Republican pathetic Party attempts to destroy democracy. They can’t win, so change the rules. We won’t let them.

    1. @herrconstable They aren’t true Democrats. They aren’t for people. They’d rather follow Koch Brothers’ money.

  11. Use a Sports related analogy and I think you’ll get more people’s attention.
    Nobody loves a cheater!

  12. “Last” free and fair election? We never had a free and fair election, and never will until we abolish the electoral college.

    1. We combine popular vote with the electoral college. The electoral college helps to represent the states and their populations better. California should not have the same number of votes as Wyoming

  13. Thank you AB and Cornel.Democrats are too lazy in their messaging and needs to start campainging around this issue.The America they know can become another an apartied state.This reality is already happening else where.

  14. All I know is that when I went to bed Trump had won when I woke up democrats stuffed the ballots and stole the election 🙄

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