What You Need To Know About The COVID-19 Delta Variant

As the UK extends Covid restrictions due to the Delta variant, how concerned should Americans be about the new variant? We discuss that with MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Vin Gupta.
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    1. @Chris Selvam The right time HAS to be the right time. He is acting right now to find a venue and inviting everyone with an interest to see the fraud based on 2010 census figures determining algorithmic applications by Dominion, forensically proven IP addresses in real time changing votes (19 in China alone) and also the P-cap data packets ( the DNA of data flow) which are not able to be changed or altered after the fact. Stone cold proof headed your way, soon. Since you’re not beholden to any side, good, it may come of interest to a person such as yourself. I come in peace only to inform as I have been doing years to wake my brothers and sisters to what is happening. Peace! Happy digging!

    2. @Shawn Corbin I will be the first to chant “Lock them up” if anything actually comes of this, unlike the other 60 cases. Will you course correct if you are proven wrong?

    3. @Chris Selvam Of course I will, brother. A guy like me isn’t about political parties (a scam), I have HAD IT with the two-party system, central banksters lie. I ask, “What is the truth?” So yeah, if Biden won legitimately, I will go with it because he’s what the majority of voters favored in America. But as it stands now, I have absolutely zero faith in our election system. Peace!

  1. To all the people who want to take the vaccine but cant for legitimate reasons, my heart goes out to you – please try tot stay safe

    1. @Alex Less effective only means instead of like 90% effective it’s now 87% or so. Still even if the vaccine would only be like 10% effective you’re still better off than with no vaccine which means 0%.

  2. The end result?
    Fewer anti-vax, pro-Q, pro trump supporters due to covid death.
    Is this a bad thing?
    “I don’t really care, do you?”, Melania trump.

    1. I voted for Biden… making a joke about people dying because they chose a different candidate then you is not a good look

    2. @Hi Li To be fair, it’s a bit more than a different candidate. It’s people supporting a literal traitor who caused more damage to the country than anyone in history, who repeatedly abused the power of office to commit crimes and harm the country while supporting dictators who have long been America’s enemies. Who pushed racism, sexism, bigotry and hatred to new levels. Who lied constantly and got over 500,000 Americans killed through lies and inaction.

      Someone who supports someone like that… not someone who gets a lot of slack from most people.

    3. @Adam Taylor spreading more hate on top of hate is not the answer. You will not be able to change someone’s mind with hate, instead offer words of encouragement to change in a positive manner

    1. @dustigenes If it was a real pandemic, we’d listen. Also, I guess you missed the part about where a majority of deaths were from severe respiratory infections caused by dirty masks, and not even the spanish flu itself.

    2. I didn’t lock down at all. I went on serval vacations. Never wore a mask unless one of you harassed me to. No one I know got it,no one I knew died. I made a lot of money of covid. Lol thanks to you alllll ahahahah

    3. @h h , Poetic Justice…. Vaccinated libs are now able to infect brainwashed Trump nazis all day long.

    4. Could anyone please point me to the video of people in hospital that are from 2020-2021 instead of 103 years ago?

    1. @scarosone14 We’d see a lot more if CDC Vaers data wasn’t being censored and doctors weren’t being threatened to not report vax related deaths.

    1. @David Oh look here’s another “Free Thinker” liberated by his “Right Way of Thinking”
      You’re one of those who never showers and never changes their panties.
      You should google how the immune system works and then come back and tell us all about it. Good luck!

    2. @tv mo You got a degree in Psychiatry or you just hear the term and thought you would throw it out to seem like you have something in your braincase?
      Stop drinking you’ll feel better and you won’t be homeless.

    3. Slovenian Embassy this week…yes, indeed. God bless those who lost their lives to this SEE and had their cause of death censored.

    4. @J N-A American medicine is a joke. We spend more money than anyone yet our outcomes are terrible.

  3. As sad as it is those that continue to believe harm will come to them if they get vaccinated, will be much more likely for harm to come to them if they don’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. @Simone Schultz lol, 34 years nurse and you dont understand how viruses vs vaccine work?? Maybe u should go over basic bio class again. Btw, you have proof of your claim? no? so stop lying “nurse”. At least u didnt say you were a veteran doctor.

  4. Since the start of 2021, China has sent vaccines to over 100 countries.
    Six months into 2021, the US is thinking about sending vaccines to other countries in another 2 months.
    “Thank you to all the Antivaxxers in America. The people of the world would not have these vaccines if it wasn’t
    for your commitment to believing what the dumbest guy in medical school had written on Facebook.” – T.Noah.

  5. I still think it is way too early to open up completely… And now they want parades. Anyone with a high school science education should understand this is a new level of stupidity. If you want to reward frontline workers, give them bonuses, put in laws and regulations that protect them from abusive customers, patients, employers, being overworked and underpaid, and give healthcare to those workers who can’t afford it… Not a fking parade.

  6. John Wayne was right….“Life is tough, but it’s a whole lot tougher if you’re stupid.”
    Upside is weeding out the stupid. Pray for them but they are asking for it.

  7. Hey, wear mask. You’ll be fine and everyone single person needs to get vaccinated. What’s going on is new forms of covid delta variant and even new variant

  8. What you need to know about the covid-19 delta variant.

    “You must fear it.”
    Charlie Chester, Technical Director, CNN

    1. Jaime, are you aware though? Charlie Chester told you all you need to know about CNN. Were you listening? Or do you depend on CNN for what you believe to be the news?

      Tom Waits summed up the increasing paranoia decades ago in his song What’s He Building In There? It perfectly describes America right now, the fear that has been sowed. You’re all afraid of your neighbours. I live overseas, we don’t live in this perpetually wary and fearful state of mind. Take a look at the comments on this channel if you don’t believe me.

    2. You must be unique, judging by the comments on these channels. You all seem to be completely divided and living in fear. It’s just my observation.

  9. Anyone preaching want to reply to this comment with an opinion of what happened at the Slovenian Embassy this week?

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