We Need More Shots In Arms Of Those Who Aren't Vaccinated, Says Doctor | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

We Need More Shots In Arms Of Those Who Aren’t Vaccinated, Says Doctor | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel joins Morning Joe to discuss Michigan's coronavirus crisis and the efforts to vaccinate the country. Aired on 04/12/2021.
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We Need More Shots In Arms Of Those Who Aren't Vaccinated, Says Doctor | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Good to hear that. We got our first shot (Moderna) last Thursday with no side effects. Hope it works that way for you. Stay safe friend.

    1. @DAVID “chance of an immune system”? Your level of stupidity is so mind-boggling low, you’re not even able to express a clear thought.

    2. @aka_just_matt The virus has a 1.8% death rate now but it is going up with the variants. Still 15 to 20% are long haulers, some who may have permanent disabilities and others who die from their post infection maladies but don’t count as COVID deaths. 600,000 dead Americans and 3 million dead humans. The BS is all in your head and spewing out your fingers.

    3. @Kelley Bryant I had side effects from the Pfizer, but they weren’t severe, and they quickly passed.

    4. @DAVID You clearly don’t know anything about the immune system or virology. Vaccines are just educating the immune system, to recognize a dangerous antigen.

    5. Great news. Always good to hear good news. We just got our first shot last Thursday. Looking forward to getting the 2nd shot. Stay safe friend.

  1. Michigan & Florida should SUT DOWN… Everytime the Virus goes down all they do is OPEN STORES WIDE OPEN and we just get another WAVE TWICE it was before!!!

    1. @Lonnie McVaigh truth hurts? You call that BS nonsense the truth? You’ve been played by the covid nazis (Demonrats) Y’all don’t research anything y’all just regurgitate and do whatever fake news tells you

    2. Because of the pressure from the stupid ppl in the state who use political reason to pressure her. They don’t care about anyone who didn’t look like them.

    3. @Lonnie McVaigh it’s never going to. Best get use to taking your chances. You have a 99.8% chance of surviving. I’m not going to stop driving even though the odds of dying are even worse.

  2. Your wants for me,trample my rights. Don’t know my name ,until you want something from me. Using ,the title of American against me,if not your way.

    1. In 1905, the Supreme Court decided that nobody has the right to avoid vaccination, any state has the right to require vaccination.

  3. I took my two shots in both arms. I’m really very relieved I’m vaccinated. I don’t want to get sick. Stay safe and warm everyone

    1. @aka_just_matt Whether someone chooses to get vaccinated doesn’t affect you and frankly, it’s none of your business. Don’t know why you anti-vaxxers need constant attention and approval from the public of your decision to forego vaccination.

    2. @aka_just_matt Well, moron, if cloth masks and lockdowns don’t work, how do you explain the low number of flu cases? Obviously, they work even better against the flu than covid. How many Americans were you hoping to see die? Millions? Because that is how many would have died without masks and lockdowns. Why are you so stupid that you can’t believe what you can see with your own eyes?

    3. Glad to hear that you got both shots. I just took the first shot last Thursday and am looking forward to the 2nd shot. I had no side effects from the 1st shot and hope for the same with the 2nd dose. Congrats to you and stay safe.

    4. @K Jennings Don’t be surprised if you feel bad the day after your second shot—headache and general malaise. It passes, however and it’s a giant relief to get that second shot.

    1. @Deborah Freedman I am not pushing anything but you obviously do not know that Ivermectin is a steroidal and antiviral medicine that studies have
      show positive results in
      research papers published in the European Medical Journal If Ivermectin was administered to trump when he was hospitalized with Covid. Perhaps , because it costs $2.00 a dose may have been a factor when Billions can be made with
      patented medicine I am pushing logic and common sense.

  4. I live in a large metropolitan suburb and drove 2.5 hours to a less densely populated area of my state and was immediately able to get the vaccine. Not everyone can do so, but more folks should be encouraged to travel a bit to get vaccinated if they can. It could also help save doses for those who cannot.

    1. (I’m not from the US, disclaimer) I read in some other place that it would be a good idea to just search for the more Republican areas and try to get shots there, since they’re still under the influence of propaganda and are much more reluctant to get a vaccine or simply don’t believe in vaccines. (No idea how you can’t believe in facts, but oh well…)

    2. My older daughter did the same, drove out to the sticks, where there are plenty of vaccines. It’s a shame that more supply wasn’t brought to the cities.

    3. We live in the DFW area and drove about 18 miles to get our shot (via drive-through) and was happy that we were able to get our shots that close to home. We got the shot last week and will get the 2nd dose by the first week of May. Stay safe friend.

  5. If you ever study epidemiology, you know that you can’t take slated vaccines from other areas to send more to Michigan. All you do is create another epi-center, it is how these things work. But it sounds like she doesn’t need MORE vaccines to be sent to Michigan – SHE needs to get more of her people into to get the vaccine.

    1. It’s a bad idea to reward bad behavior. Sending more vaccines to Michigan is rewarding that state for being so selfish.

  6. Many rural communities have people that simply do not drive and very seldom leave their own town and are left with non name brand pharmacies that do not have massive blast freezers for the first two vaccines and are simply waiting for the j&j vaccine so unless there are going to be mobile units going to these rural communities we are just stuck without vaccines.

    1. @K Jennings thank God for my decent sized yards and projects otherwise I think I’d go stir crazy . And yes I do wear a mask and have ever since last April whenever I’m in contact with anyone that I don’t live with which means everyone since the only person I live with is not a person but her name is Tatiana

    1. @aka_just_matt being educated and listening to professionals doesn’t make one brainwashed. But, if that’s what your right-wing Facebook memes are telling you, go off, I guess.

    2. @Make Racists Afraid Again: Glad for you, wishing here in the EU it would be much faster. On a sidenote, can you put a little Colbert-style trickery on your avatar and censor that highly offensive image a bit? 😛

    3. Good to hear it. My wife and I got our 1st shot last Thursday. No side effects and are looking forward to the 2nd shot. Stay safe friend.

  7. I still don’t get how Michigan doesn’t hv enough supply of vaccine. They started shipping from Kalamazoo! HOW?

  8. Michael Blank
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  9. We need to stop sending so many vaccines to places like Mississippi. Give the vaccines to people who actually want them

  10. Meki ask The Governor about why she sent infected to the nursing homes, or ask her if her husband got the boat in . Or ask her why her top aid I’d on vacation in Florida . You wouldn’t because she is a hack

  11. *FDA Feb. 26, 2021:* “No vaccine or other medical product is FDA approved for prevention of COVID-19.” The vax is NOT fully tested. You are a guinea pig.

  12. She lifted The Mask mandate and opened up her state, what did she think was going to happen?!!!…smh

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