‘We need to respect unions’: Trudeau on PSAC strike and negotiations

PM Trudeau speaks to reporters about the PSAC strike and says 'constructive progress' is being made.

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  1. On todays episode of “When the federal government is one of your countries largest employers.”

    1. It makes sence that the government would be the largest employer. Would you rather it be Walmart?

    2. Lol, you think your rights at a fare wage are better protected when you work in the private sector?! 😂

    1. @Lorne Myers. His statement wasn’t a typical Karen statement, your on the other hand…. You going to ask for my manager now?

    1. @Stan Dalone They aren’t. Government workers are the worst for this country, they complain the most, go on strike the most and they tend to not do much when they are working.

    2. @ohnoa_1 Is that right? Can you prove that or are you just spouting the 99% of the time number as hyperbole?

  2. Oh, you know he’s moving even more into survival mode when he accuses Conservatives of not caring about official languages. What a piece of work this guy is (and by work, I mean bowel work).

  3. “Not negotiating in public”?! What do you call the release of the proposals as an “open letter” immediately after Fortier said the same?! Why is that not a pressure tactic?! Journos – just be ready with follow-ups, seriously – why do you have to be on the PM-beat if you can’t ask sensible follow-ups?!

  4. We need to respect Canadians and Taxpayers. Time is long overdue to publicly audit the Trudeau Foundation.

    1. The foundation is not an arm of government. As a charity they must file a return with the CRA every year, by what right would you enforce an audit?

    2. @Evan Young it would be an RCMP investigation as to why the leader of Canada is accepting so much funding from a hostile foreign government.

    1. You can. I filed for my taxes electronically. Didn’t have any issues. I’m not sure when it’ll be processed, though.

    2. @Zam1Fear Reading skills! They REQUIRE you still file and pay on time, HOWEVER if you’re entitled to a refund they can make you wait and blame the strike. They want their $$$ NOW but make you wait for yours

    3. You don’t have to do taxes every yr, just wait 2 -3 yrs then do taxes. You’ll still get your back pay on get if you qualify.

  5. You should just employ the Emergencies Act again lol or legislate them back to work like you do with healthcare staff and other ‘essential workers’. Everyone wondering why there’s a healthcare crisis haha workers have no leverage anymore and will accept working for pennies and poverty. The wealth gap continues to get bigger.

    1. Historically, unions represent that leverage as well as the collective voice and political clout that created the middle class. The slow decline of unions follows the slow decline of the dollar over the last 40-50 years – remember single income families? Like a systemic demolition of the middle class.

  6. My friend works with the government and was saying how he does 1 hour of real work and 7 hours of discord…

    1. My friend works for the government and says they do 10 hours of real work and get paid for 7.5. It does sounds like your friend should be fired though.

    1. aga khan probably has a penthouse worth 50 million dollars for him to crash at for a few weeks while this all subsides

  7. Pm is saying all the right things regarding this strike, for now. Too bad he couldn’t have acted in a similar fashion, like a grown up, in previous public demonstrations. There must finally be a mature and sensible voice at the cabinet table, gotta wonder who that might be, certainly not his inner circle, maybe it’s one of the interns.

  8. what he really means is that proper Canadians need to respect unions primarily headed by Kebekers, and giving 4 billion to Revise the OLA AGAIN proves it.

  9. My MP said they can’t shut this protest down because it abides by local laws….. Isn’t that funny!

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