Weisselberg's Attorney Releases Statement Saying He Will Plead Not Guilty 1

Weisselberg’s Attorney Releases Statement Saying He Will Plead Not Guilty

The attorney for Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg has released a statement that he will plead not guilty to charges brought against him by the Manhattan district attorney. NBC's Tom Winter and Joyce Vance have details.

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Weisselberg's Attorney Releases Statement Saying He Will Plead Not Guilty


  1. At this point it just becomes a matter of who will do time with 45, or who will cut a deal if offered one…

    1. You’ve been told this is not about Trump personally he’s not going to jail try to stay on track

    2. @Suckass Dems Yes, it’s about HIS corporation, which makes it about him…Too bad you don’t understand how the criminal justice system works..First they will go after traitor boy’s lackeys, then they will come for him..

    3. @INCARNATE oh since you’re an attorney why don’t you tell me a little bit more about this oh that’s right you don’t know anything else about this but you do know how to run your trap about s*** you know nothing about

  2. Ofcourse he will plead not guilty and buy time. But in the end, the truth will come out like in so many Trump’s criminal associates’ court cases.

    1. I’m still confused how Trump, who’s committed crimes since the 70s (lost court cases paid millions in reparations), was able to become president… I learned that there’s no regulations on criminal activity for POTUS as long as they win the elections.

    2. @Leonardo daVinci … As long they PAID their mistakes means is alright. The presidential pardon was given to Nixon. Bill Clinton pardoned many from tax evasion Rich, Fyfe Symington (Az Governor)…The same thing with Trump, he can pay back what they are claiming he did wrong.

    3. @Leonardo daVinci I have no idea how Trump and his family were able to get security clearance; an investigation process required by all public and contracted personnel that access classified information.

    1. @Mr Smith I guarantee we won’t be the ones who start it but we will see it finished, we already have locked up 500 of you people and we still have more room for you…

    2. @Jeffrey Hagelin This is just a history lesson: Stalin’s justice department practice was to present an indictment to all family members of the so called socialist motherland traitors. When someone is calling to “get them all of them, children included” the first thing comes to my mind that eventually it will be applied to everyone who disagree with certain ruling party main police line. Therefore when you fall into “get them all, children included” trap it’s pure logic to include Hunter Biden too. There is absolutely zero confusion.

    3. @Dustin Caso The Mueller report was ended before the investigations were concluded.. Now, with the new administration, many of those redactions can be revisited…
      Obstruction was already proven by about 10 counts

  3. Once the New York DA and AG show Weisselberg’s attorney the evidence they have against him, it’s GAME OVER. He will sing like he’s auditioning for America’s Got Talent.

    1. His two sons also worked for Trump ORGANIZATION one of them will flip
      and i think the father will flip if they have
      Any evidence on his sons which according to his daughter-in-law they do

    2. @Stefan Frankel Weaselburger is no dummy, though & he has been with trump long enough to know the guy is not loyal & will throw him under the bus without a thought to save himself; trump ALWAYS has. He has known all along the things he is doing for trump are illegal & he will have put safeguards in place & carefully documented trump’s involvement to protect himself. trump always thinks he can pin the blame on others because he can claim ignorance of what they were doing on his behalf. Poor trumpy, lies are not going to save him this time. If only he hadn’t tried to do a job he was obviously not qualified for, he wouldn’t be in so much trouble now. He would still be grifting in NYC & FL, avoiding paying taxes, “borrowing” money from his“Charity”, fleecing his “University” students, not paying contractors, groping young women while his wife who hates to touch him isn’t looking & putting his name on inferior products & telling fools they are “the best”.

    1. I would say get the popcorn(but learned a recipe to deep fry Thai noodles & they turn into crisps like the shrimp chips…and no husks or seeds getting getting stuck or hurting your teeth!). So get your snacks ready…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride until they can clear up the smoke + mirrors to reveal the 3rd +4th generations of Drumpf/Trump years of misinformation + lies!

    2. One might say this about these Democrats. Why isn’t Biden and family investigsted? That goes for the Clinton’s and Polosi’s.

  4. Of course he won’t plead guilty, until he negotiates a full immunity deal for him and his family.

    1. ​@Anthony Bha Yeah, how did THAT whole thing work out? Who went to jail, and who didn’t? You realize the lawyer tells the client what is legal and illegal, not the the client telling the lawyer “Don’t do that, it’s illegal”. You know literally nothing about the case, but keep suckling at the teat of a false media narrative!
      Do you believe that Donald Trump only paid $750 in taxes?
      Do you believe that Donald Trump colluded with Russians to win the election?
      Do you believe that Donald Trump mocked a reporter for his disability?
      Do you believe that Donald Trump said there were White Supremacists that were “Very fine people”?
      Do you believe that Donald Trump disparaged our military?
      Do you believe Donald Trump threatened to withhold aid if he didn’t get a favor from the President of Ukraine?
      Do you believe that Donald Trump initiated the policy of family separation at the border?
      Then you are a spoon fed moron, absent of any fact whatsoever.

    2. @Dean Foyle Or because there is nothing to flip over. Trump couldn’t Epstein anyone, that’s Clinton’s superpower.

    3. @Sooth Sayer
      It’s funny how you blame Clinton’s for infiltrating Dolt 45s hand picked DOJ loyalists when HE was POTUS.
      Truly laughable.
      I suppose that’s why Dolt 45 loves the poorly educated.

    4. @Dean Foyle Bless your little heart junior. They all pre-dated Trump. Comey. McCabe. Rosenstein. Stzrok, Page, Brennan, Clapper, Clinton in fact employed Fusion GPS through her law firm Perkins Couey, and paid for the “dossier”. By the way, the quote is actually:
      “I won with the well educated. I won with the poorly educated. And I love the poorly educated, we’re the smartest people”.
      And every time one of you simpletons quote that, you prove him right. You also prove you are spoon fed and unable to research, completely unaware that was only part of the quote. So you probably also think he mocked a reporter for his disability, or said there were White Supremacists who were “very fine people”. Neither of which ever happened.

    1. @David Ferris omg, lol paranoid much? you said “people are believing stupid people so they themselves become stupid people”.

      Think about that for a minute how stupid that comment is. but yet! how accurate it describes David. Have a great evening Dave

    2. @René Olguín why ? Because you can’t believe that someone is capable of thinking for themselves?

  5. Sounds like Trump is at least toxic. Everyone around him ends up indicted, in jail, or fired.

    1. @terry harker lol. You’re funny. I imagine in a past life you might’ve been Japanese and trolling that the USA mUsTbeSosCarEd of Japan to be dropping all those bombs on every inch of it’s smoking ruins.

    2. @MrLobo1776 l think l have a better idea, why don’t you fix Sunny a sandwich since you’re the burger flipper..? Or was that, bugger nose picker ?

  6. Big Allen will be singing like a canary the moment the Feds show him a photo of the gates of the prison he will be going to. Ask Michael Cohen.

    1. True, look what happened to the tough consigliere Mr. Cohen, months after indictments, he suddenly changed his attitude. Now he hates Trump.

  7. I hope this guy doesn’t Trust in Trump, as soon as he can Trump will throw him under the bus, no honor among thieves

    1. @rapunzel eh? he couldn’t pardon even if he were President. Can’t pardon state crimes. Only federal.

    2. @Alex V should add a law that you can’t pardon someone that conspired with you to commit a crime.

    3. @MilkCow even if they DID charge him rent, what are the chances he would actually pay the bill… he stiffed most of the places he had 2016 campaign events in – not the trump ones of course.

    4. @joseph ressa why don’t you ask the people that pressed the charges. clearly we are not privvy to the details. ironic that you seem to need proof of his guilt, but you DON’T need proof that there was voter fraud.

  8. This will crush the Trump Organization financially.

    Companies under indictment tend to have all their debts called in.

  9. No one EVER pleads guilty, question is how much evidence do they have and when can they charge the Dumpster

  10. Of course he’ll maintain his innocence. Then end up in a dingy prison cell infested with rats and cockroaches in general population. He’ll crack faster than Ghislaine Maxwell.

  11. The question is once criminal charges are leveled against Trump and his children, who will throw who under the bus? DJT or his children?

    1. Back to the original question, if we’re lucky they’ll throw each other under the bus at the same time and all get run over.

    2. @JKB3 we believe he 45 had help from Russia and other sources since he know how he won he believe everybody does. the same thing very shameful’.he dont care about America

    1. @Suckass Dems . Jennifer Weisselberg, the ex-wife of Allen Weisselberg’s son Barry, told the New York Times Trump and Weisselberg “are like Batman and Robin”.

  12. Someone needs to tell Weisselberg that CRIMINAL grift is not the cushy nonsense that civil grift is.

    1. Yeah, Trump’s “Dream Team” of lawyers that manage to fall in legal jeopardy and even get convicted themselves.

    2. @Tim Dolan Something was leaking from the cracks. Poor Rudy, He gave up his good reputation for absolutely nothing in return.

  13. “I barely know Mr. Weissleberg, but what I do know is he’s a total loser” ~ Donald J. Trump

    1. @T. R. Campbell Yet here you are, offering critique for something you’re not willing to accomplish yourself. I heard there are all sorts of degrees you can order by mail, maybe a few more wouldn’t hurt.

  14. Like all trump people, he is guilty and should be treated with no respect. This monster attempted to overthrow America!

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