‘We’re living in unprecedented times’: Economist reacts to Bank of Canada’s rate hike

'We're living in unprecedented times': Economist reacts to Bank of Canada's rate hike 1


  1. “You’ll forgive me if I don’t think about monetary policy” JT
    “Decisions have consequences” JT

  2. While housing sales and price go down…. And interested rates go up…. The payment made by the home owner is still paying the same monthly cost… the bank gets more money and the home owner is getting less equity.

    1. House always wins mate. That’s why fractional reserve private central banking is our planets uniting enemy.

  3. Print money, spend money, tax increases, inflation high, 100 basis points increase, default debt, foreclosures, repossessions, poverty… bite down and strap in folks

  4. “We’re living in unprecedented times.”

    Only if you pretend the 1930s never happened, the 1970s never happened, the early 1980s never happened . . .

    1. Pretty sure the wars in those times were alot different. I think you’re pretending that there’s a equal justification between then and now. There isn’t.

    2. @The Middleman exactly. Also PANDEMIC. Last puppy at this scale was 100-ish years ago. 😆

    3. @The Middleman war? This has little to nothing to do with war. We were seeing inflation long before any war broke out.

    1. Housing prices were also 75k and you could say the wages weren’t all that different than they are now.

  5. Unprecedented times in TD Bank senior economist James Marple’s life.
    Anyone over 40 has seen this before after the last Trudeau government.

  6. We’re living in unprecedented times and we have absolutely the worst government in power to lead the way.

  7. Can we talk about lockdowns and whether or not they were worth it now that we’re looking at a recession? .. or do we just keep ignoring the elephant in the room !

  8. The Bank of Canada waited too long to begin to raise interest rates. They are now playing catch up and the consumer’s are going to suffer. Do they know what’s going on?

  9. How do you solve a supply chain problem by increasing cost of Borrowing. The rental market will go wacky and this inturn will cause more inflation. The problem is always trying to solve one thing and aggravating other issues. When we have inflation as a problem we will solve it by pushing the economy to the brinks of recession and then we have a problem unemployment problems. We have to have a wholistic approach to problem and start long term stability rather than this.

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