Were the brutal Mexico murders a case of mistaken identity?

Were the brutal Mexico murders a case of mistaken identity? 1


Questions are being raised about the motive behind the murders of nine U.S. citizens in Mexico. The Washington Post's Mary Beth Sheridan has more.

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17 Comments on "Were the brutal Mexico murders a case of mistaken identity?"

  1. lol the guy with the ammo and kidnapped person isnt the suspect.

  2. How many more kids were they going to have

  3. Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws……hows that working ?

    • My Channel you’re confusing two different things. This is a matter of cartel wars that have been plaguing this particular region for a while now. Gun laws have nothing to do, these are paramilitary groups not civilians. Now back to your premise, statistically all over the world it has been proven that, all other things being equal, countries with stricter gun laws have less criminality. This is a fact not an opinion.

    • @C. XO lol meanwhile in the uk.. they had to ban certain knives after guns… keep drinking that coolaid.

    • C. XO No, it isn’t a fact at all. 😂

    • @C. XO Can you provide a link to these stats?

  4. Marylee Macpherson | November 6, 2019 at 5:42 PM | Reply

    Drug territory wrong place.

  5. how can you mistaken a toddler for a gang member?

  6. Yeah… on its way to Canada.

  7. This was a targeted hit

  8. That sound and it has a smell coming out real bad stink >>>who takes their kids for a drive around in the area where the cartels rule everyday and shoot to kill on their own land it pushes towards were in the web of smuggling but they talk on tv and try to hide the real reason like its a kidnapping but not a totally random but for that reason they had cash and it looks like family got pushed out of the deliveries connections with in the organization, kids did not help in a psychological shield for not this to happen.

  9. Mistaking the dangerous violent LaBarons would be like confusing Donald for Hillary. Everyone knows the LaBarons and other sexual psychopaths of the multiple FLDS cults in the area.

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