Tory leadership team "owed a chance" to lead caucus: Michelle Rempel 1

Tory leadership team “owed a chance” to lead caucus: Michelle Rempel


MP Michelle Rempel answers questions from the media about missteps the Conservative Party made during the federal election, and discusses how the party should move forward.

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  1. Wow can we all take month off each election. I mean nothing gets done while they are eating living and relaxing on our dime.

  2. Michelle… Albertan here. You were great. I love your courage & conviction! You are 10 times the leader that Scheer is BUT… It’s become obvious that conservatives will never form a majority government again & the east is only too happy to bleed Alberta to buy Quebec’s loyalty. It’s time for western separation. All I can really say is WEXIT….ASAP.

    1. Ontarian here, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I love how you idiots base 1/3 of your provincial spending on natural resources and then when the oil price drops you blame Canada for your own provincial shortcomings. Your province still DEPENDS on oil profits, even right now about a quarter of your provincial spending is completely dependent on oil prices….please.

      Alberta stubbed it’s toe on its own coffee table so it’s gonna just cut the leg off cause that’ll make sure it never stubs its toe ever again…..

    2. @Mr Object you make me ashamed of growing up in ontario.

      i hope they split.. you realize that if they didnt have to send money east to (mainly quebec) and ontario they would have more than the cost of the transit overhaul for toronto in additional funds for just themselves, every year right?

    3. @Mr Object When YOU say Alberta today and in the recent past keep in mind this funny little season called DRILLING season in Alberta.

      A season where in oil camps I have personally witnessed workers from Republic of Ireland, Guatemala, Mexico, South Africa, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Yes Ontario too. They call here swamping, pipe fitting, rig hands and Left here with fat checks from Clean Harbors, G-Force, KLM trucking to finance and heat Eastern homes.

      Now things are slower and it’s a shoe fight from eastern bums such as yourself.

    4. A Conservative majority is a definite possibility. The problem is the last leadership choice. Does anyone doubt Jason Kenney or Peter Mackay could have sealed the deal? Another opportunity lost was Erin O’Toole. Sorry, but usually I cringe each time Andrew Scheer opens his mouth and yet I held my nose and came out for the Tories on election night. It would literally take bringing back a Mulroney for me to sit election night out.

    5. @Mr Object Don’t worry it won’t and try not to be jealous of our future prosperity. It’s quite obvious you understand nothing.

  3. No they are not owed a chance. Trudeau, by his own stupidity, handed the Conservatives a majority on a silver platter and they blew it. Plain and simple. Canada is in great peril right now and we are talking about Pride Parades. We need action to unscrew what Trudeau screwed up, and we need it yesterday.

    1. snarky Mc snarkface absolutely. The nudity at some of these parades is disgusting. And to think children are taken to these parades.

  4. Michelle is going for a run for leadership. When MPs speak like lemmings they support the leader. When they share their personal thoughts they want to be leader.

  5. Isn’t this country supposed to be about freedom? Not forcing others to personally accept or participate in a minorities event which often exhibits displays if disgusting and immoral behaviours?
    I think we need now a seperation of state and church of whatever constantly shifting alphabet named group.

    1. Agreed, this community sure gets a lot of attention and “kit glove treatment” for being less that 2% of the population?

    2. This is entirely Scheer’s fault. He doesn’t want to separate HIS church from his job. If you can’t do that, you don’t deserve to be prime minister.

    3. Random Comment
      No… it is not entirely Scheer’s fault. This has become an stupid issue because of the unhinged brainwashed low IQ far leftists in Canada, supported and aided by Trudeau and the MSM (and worldwide for that matter). Andrew Scheer is not to be blamed for all of this BS.
      Don’t make such blanket accusations that are obviously not true.

  6. Conservatives took 6,154,085 of Canada’s nearly 18 million ballots cast, claiming 34.4 per cent of the popular vote compared to the Liberals’ 33.1 per cent — a difference of more than 230,000 votes.

    1. Dave Gray what’s your point . the popular vote doesn’t mean anything …. no relevance but peoples feelings … feelings dont matter. they never should

    2. Perhaps Conservatives should start backing proportionate representative voting system then since they have issues with the popular vote. lol

    1. Conservatives would have floundered on this as well even if they got in, they are globalism light. Separatism is the only way to we’re going to get anything close to a fair deal in confederation.

    2. @walt charamba Don’t you worry, we will leave Trudeau’s post nation. I can’t get out fast enough. We’ll leave you all to your utopia of mass immigration and socialism that will no longer be funded by the prairie provinces.

  7. You seem preoccupied with talk, talk, talk and talk about RIGHTS of minority groups.
    Have you forgotten about the right of Albertans to JOBS?
    Without the billions of dollars, Alberta is now unable to contribute because of rediculous anti-oil policies and attitudes, LGBTQ2SXYZ will have something really important to complain about such as a lack of hospitals, schools, infrastructure, and many other things.
    Are they going to pay the bills?
    No. Time to focus on something real.

    1. @5zazen Why a provincial sales tax? Tax is theft. The government already thieves enough of our money. You give them more in taxes and then next year they will want even more. Alberta doesn’t have a revenue problem, they have a spending problem. Socialist Rachel Notley hired over 40 thousand public sector workers in her first year as premier. My quality of life did not improve. She hired voters. All now will receive a golden pension upon retirement on the backs of the taxpayer. Our public sector is the highest paid in the country. Kenney is trying to fix the mess he was left.

    1. Your post is a bit ambiguous, are you saying that he does or does not view the LGBTQ community as equal? (Because he has demonstrated multiple times in the past that he does not.)

    1. @Kurt von Universe but she would be the first elected female prime minister…..Kim won leadership while her party was still in power…and then lost her seat in the next election

  8. The federal conservatives of Alberta will be out of a job soon. They blew it and will not be required soon.

  9. Where is your change it didn’t come we need real Canadian she says in this case your Real Canadian here still PM of Canada by the way, the real Canadian was Justin Trudeau, he is a real Canadian, I guess you was looking at that too yes****** now She is a lying once again let she leave in AB out

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