1. Try the ziploc marking the adresses with a sharpie one at the time. If you find anything you will know exactly what house did it and then you go back with the police

  2. If I were a fame obsessed nitwit sticking a sewing needle in my kids chocolate bar and then calling the police about the horror would be a great way to make the national news. Hope they DNA check the needle to see if there is skin cells from the parents who found it 🤣

  3. The only way to know for sure who that person is is to have each piece of candy labeled where it came from with a label maker and put the address.

  4. You gotta be kidding me‼️ This was an urban myth forever. Back In the 80s we were told stories this happened then to find out as an adult the only kid ever hurt on Halloween from treats was from a family member. It doesn’t get much darker than this. Real monsters out there.

  5. Parents are normally the ones to do it for attention, and make up the story to influence their child away from candy

  6. Have second look? how your throw them out. I dress up my we go out but I throw out the Candy and replace it with Candy I buy. Problem solved.

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